Posted May 4th, 2006 by Brian
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I only have one question, but I’m pretty sure her answer would be “no.”


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    My daughter is an all star cheerleading and dreams of being a UT Cheerleader someday. I’ve been trying to find a place where I could buy her a Texas Chearleader T-Shirt. Can someone give me some help!

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    I like UT football a lot but I liked it more with Vince Young there. But I still watch the games when there on.

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    I like watching you cheerleaders on tv all the time.

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    Kansas Sooner

    More like HELL NO Brian.

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    i like the the Texas cheerleaders from the 70’s and 80’s!!! Cooler uniforms, prettier chicks, and guys who were in better shape!!!! Where the heel did they get those FAT guys!

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    yall are HOT

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    hey cheerleaders yall are HOT

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    can you model 4 me?

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    its getting hot in here so take off all your clothes

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    man Jake you pervert quit saying all that perverted crap.

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    Jake/Jason, stop being annoying. And stop responding to your own comments.

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    Kayley Buster

    when i get ready to go to college i want to be a U.T. cheerleader~

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    hello i luv UT football sooooo much…. my room is done in it….

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    la preciosa

    i been a dancer for about a year but i want to be more than that what should i do

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    i am a cheerleader at my middle school but i want to be like you all im from la joya tx

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    What’s this cuties name?


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    His name is Richard Young.

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    you could always go down to rooster andrews in austin and look for one, or if you live near a “Team Spirit” store they have them there i think

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