Posted January 2nd, 2007 by Matt
Filed under: Cheerleaders, Football

We should all know by now the issues the USC Song Girls have had when it comes to cheering for the right team. If you don’t know what I am talking about check it out here and here.

Thankfully they finally got it right, and this time has provided full HD proof. Click the image below to enlarge.

USC Song Girl Upskirt

At least she was wearing something right?


Posted December 3rd, 2006 by Matt
Filed under: Cheerleaders, Football

It was pretty funny last year in the Rose Bowl when a USC Song Girl cheered when Vince Young scored his two point conversion. But to do it again this year against your biggest rival (UCLA) is just classic.

You would think that they would have taken enough flack from it last year to learn their lesson. Apparently not. Thanks to The Michigan Zone for the video.


Posted August 22nd, 2006 by Brian
Filed under: Cheerleaders

We learned about the 2006-2007 Texas Pom Squad yesterday and today I give you proof that Longhorn cheerleaders are more than just good looks, they’re intelligent and amusing as well. It’s amazing the wonderful things you can spell with the letters T, E, X, A, and S:

Longhorn cheerleaders spell what we're thinking

What does it say about me that I noticed the ‘S’ was upside down? American Pie taught us about band camp, I wonder why no film has given us a peek into what I’m sure is the purely educational world of cheerleading camps. Maybe that’s in a different section of the video store.


Posted August 21st, 2006 by Matt
Filed under: Cheerleaders, Quick Hits

Not bad. Not bad at all.


Posted May 4th, 2006 by Brian
Filed under: Cheerleaders, Quick Hits

I only have one question, but I’m pretty sure her answer would be “no.”

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