Posted May 19th, 2006 by Brian
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Part of baseball is cheating just a little so that you’ve got the edge over your opponent. Doctoring the baseball, tipping pitches, shooting up with HGH till your head is the size of a beach ball, you know that kind of stuff. Well [tag]Arkansas[/tag] Razorbacks catcher Brian Walker attempts to win the Oscar for best actor and comes away with MTV’s “Best Villian” instead when he pretends to be hit by a pitch:

Wow, low class. It’s one thing to fake being hit, it’s another completely to show up and threaten the umpire who got the call right. What kind of lunatic acts like that when you clearly weren’t hit? His elbow sure didn’t look bruised when he chunked the bat and helmet in a hissy fit. They repeatedly pulled similar stunts when they were in Austin for the Regionals last year.

I hope the Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn disciplined the kid for this, although it’s probably sanctioned behavior. Dirty play like this is why I’ve no interest in playing them anymore.

via Orangebloods.


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    This pales in comparison to the Whorns not walking out on the field to accept the runner-up trophy at the College World Series. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Don’t throw stones in glass houses. See you December 19th….

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    Not even close.

    That was a one time bit of confusion over a trophy presentation ABC/ESPN had just started doing a year or two earlier. Versus Arkansas players routinely acting like fools and pretending strikes hit them in an effort to get on base.

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    If that was a strike, then there were never any balls thrown in the game.

    And don’t act as if it was a “one time bit of confusion.” Texas has been there enough and won it a few times to know that the 2nd place team ALWAYS comes out to accept their trophy. Burrito and his Whorns were just spoiled losers and didn’t want to accept the fact that they lost.

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    Actually, no there wasn’t a second place trophy presentation until recently. Harold Reynolds even mentioned it was an ESPN creation of the last few years. Get your facts straight.

    And I wasn’t saying the pitch in the video was a strike, I was referencing last year’s Regional Tournament in Austin.

    None of you Hogs have actually commented on the video of the play, what do you guys think of Walker’s actions?

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    matt b

    OK, lets say just for a second that UT did know about the 2ND place trophy. And lets say they intentionally stood up the presentors and ESPN.

    You really want me to beleive being upset over that is the same as FAKING (and he was an idiot for trying so blatantly to fake that), and then to top it off, he acted like a child, threw a hissy fit, pointed the bat at the ump, I would assume told the ump how great of guy he was (with a few curse words mixed in) and so on.

    That is the same as not wanting to accept second place?

    Not even close. Longhorn baseball has always been arogant and cocky, but this is not the same. This is stupid Jack— type behavior.

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    You Texas guys have no right to call ANYBODY classless. You’ve had pitchers with minimal talent that thought that they were the best in the world. Mouthing off, and even following batters around the basepaths after they had been lit up for a homerun. Where are those pitchers that were so great now? That’s classless.

  7. reply to  #7


    Um Pete you just made all that up out of thin air. And strange to say we’ve got no talent with two titles and a current top ten ranking.

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