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After the game, it seemed like there were no real incidents and I felt Horns fans showed some class in their loss to the Aggy. Aggy, however, is not showing much class with some of their latest posts on What can you really be thinking to post this kind of stuff…


Glad to hear you were able to walk out of the hospital on your own yesterday. Just keep rubbing on the ******* and ******* and all will be well.

While you are taking time to recover, I thought you might like some entertainment. I hope you find the following video interesting:

You see, Colt, Kellen Heard didn’t really lay in to you like he could have. Next year, I fully expect him and the rest of the team to give you the ‘Detmer Special.’

You can also use this recovery time to practice your pouty face in the mirror. I know it will come in handy this time next year.

Oh, and tell your grandmother I said hello.

Your pal,




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    Classic childhood playground stunt. If you cant beet them, slander them.

  2. reply to  #2


    So you are condoning their behavior? Nice.

    And yes, we did get beat. Dominated actually. Just weren’t physical enough throughout the whole game. But you guys are handily everything pretty poorly…

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    POOr….LOL …its the Texas folks trying to blame the refs, on every orange forum. You can take a sample of the finest church going folks, and find bad apples. Go ahead and bash the bad apples, thats all you can do at this point I guess. If you look for crap you find crap, if you look for the good you find the good. Just depends on your mission.

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    MJ Thomas

    I am a Tech grad and an avid Tech fan so there is no love loss for Texas or A&M as far as I am concerned, but I do want to say that I am so tired of hearing about the Aggie tradition and Kyle Field being some great place to play like there is sportsmanship there…I think their unacceptable and condescending behavior is evident in the horrible blogs made toward Colt McCoy. That is just classless, Aggieland. Totally classless…..

  5. reply to  #5


    MJ, your just a potted plant set by this blog. As usual up to the playgroung kids games.

    I can pull up a bunch of orange blogs and forums and quote them the dumb rude ones but unlike Mj and Matt I will just keep it cool and look for the positives and not stoop.

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    no real Aggie wants to see anyone get hurt (same for any real sip), especially Colt (seriously, watch that commercial and try to tell me you wish that small town kid any ill-will).

    can we stop scouring our respective message boards for the naturally ridiculous and absurd posts that abound.

    Props to McCoy for taking the sheer number of hits (not to mention the dirty shot from Heard) and still being able to lead his team for as long as he did

    Props to the Aggie defense for channeling the spirit of the 1990 Holiday Bowl Wrecking Crew and demolishing a highly touted offense.

    side note on Heard: IMO, i admire his tenacity and ferocious demeanor but unless he matures over the offseason, i don’t want to see him back. His personal fouls throughout the season cost us more than he’s worth (and NO ONE is worth a game, see OU game).

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    Willy Mac

    TX900s, quit being a mouth breathing retard.

  8. reply to  #8

    Willy Mac

    you can’t say r.etard???

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    f*ck this html..

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    oh yeah..the link: here

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    Thank You Colt McCoy and The Texas Longhorns! Us Sooners up north would just like to thank everyone on the team and staff for choking off their last two games! Thanks again!

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    Atha, you might want to check out this link:


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    Listen, It’s REALLY easy to find THREE stupid posts on a message board that make one school look bad. I have seen plenty of Longhorn message board posts over the past week that would make any real Texas fan cringe.

    I know you are disappointed you lost, but when you have to resort to reposting moronic comments on message boards it just proves your point must be very weak.

    By the way, after watching the overhead shot on the coaches film, Heard hit McCoy right AS Dodge was being tackled. Tell good ‘ol Colt not to take his helmet off until the play is actually OVER.

  17. reply to  #17


    That was THREE stupid posts within 24 hours of the game. I am sure there are quite a few more on TexAgs now.

    As far as the Heard hit, it is funny that you guys would try to justify something like that. Bottomline, it is a classless move. Nothing more to it.

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    Check out this garbage from The Battalion (that’s kind of redundant). TC you still think it’s an isolated opinion? The classless moron at Texas A&M is hardly a rarity, of course UT has more than it’s fair share as well. I like how absolutely nothing in the article (opinion or “fact”) is actually accurate. Yahoo might want to pay closer attention to the articles they syndicate.

  19. reply to  #19


    Yes, it is still an isolated opinion, and I think it is obvious that the Battalion sports guys are absolute morons.

    They really don’t know anything about football as evidenced by several articles this season, including their ridiculous assumption that McCoy is only asked to hand off and throw quick passes. If they had actually WATCHED one Texas game this season they would know that is not true.

    One of them wrote an entire column a few weeks ago about how our offense lacked ‘creativity’, despite almost every defensive coach in the conference talk about how hard we are to stop because we are so multiple.

    Message boards are always full of idiots, but almost everyone I’ve talked to personally about the game wants Colt to get better and no one that has personally talked to me has questioned his toughness or ability out there. I think people that post on message boards and write articles only to insult other people have something wrong with them.

  20. reply to  #20


    Hey thanks for the link Matt! Pretty sure that kid’s gonna have a good time Saturday in Kansas City!

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