Posted December 21st, 2006 by Matt
Filed under: Football, Recruiting is reporting that John Brantley has officially decommited from the University of Texas, and will now become a Florida Gator. This isn’t a huge surprise, as this rumors have been floating around lately, but it is still disappointing to lose such a highly rated recruit.

Honestly though, I really don’t understand this move by Brantley. Florida just doesn’t seem like a good fit for him. He isn’t the type of quarterback that Urban Meyer particularly likes, and with most of the fans down there on the Tim Tebow bandwagon, it may be hard for Brantley to see the field. Hopefully his girlfriend going to Florida didn’t play too much of a role in this decision, because I know for a fact that the girls at Texas are better looking.

But look on the bright side here folks, we still have Colt McCoy coming back, and we have the secret weapon in John Chiles. What to see what I am talking about with Chiles? Just check out this highlight video. Unreal! Things are looking good at the quarterback spot for Texas, and losing Brantley will soon be a distant memory.


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  1. reply to  #1


    Go to hell Brantley!

  2. reply to  #2


    I’m with Jack.

  3. reply to  #3


    It’s very good that we have Colt for 3 more years and John Chiles, our secret weapon, will be our save if Colt is unable to continue in a game!

    I agree, Matt, let’s hope Brantley’s choice isn’t for a girl… and yes, I agree, we Texas women are hot.. esp. over FL women! (Except of course, Aggie women – then FL ranks higher!!).

  4. reply to  #4


    John Chiles, huh? we shall see.

    also, let’s all be honest here. just because yall have a pom squad on the sidelines of the football games does NOT mean yall have hott girls. in fact, ALL of my Texas buddies agree that A&M has hotter women, in both quantity AND quality.

    (listeater isn’t human, thus is not included in the sample population)

  5. reply to  #5


    First off Carol was talking about the state of Texas versus the state of Florida. Secondly I’ve never met a single person who thinks A&M has better women… you need new friends.

  6. reply to  #6


    (Except of course, Aggie women – then FL ranks higher!!)

  7. reply to  #7


    Who cares about brantley. I think he realized that Chiles is overall better and he did not want to compete with that. Because lets face it he will probably be taking over for Colt once he gets a year under his belt. Brantley will sit behind Tebow for 3 years until Tebow graduates or leaves for the NFL early, but I personally think Tebow is overrated just as much as the Gators are and Urban Meyer. Florida is going to get exposed in a bad way against State. Then Brantley will probably come running back to Texas. And Texas as a state has the hottest women it does not matter if it is UT, A&M, or Tech, and etc.

  8. reply to  #8


    Tebow might be overated a litte, but you have to understand that we have not had a lot to hang our hat on in about four years. As far as the Gators as a team being overated, well, we played the toughest teams in the toughest conference and had it not been practicualy for three points, we probably would be undefeated. As for the women, it is all good.

  9. reply to  #9


    Brantly will probaly not sit out behind Tebow. They will probably both play an important part on our football team. Tebow can run the ball as a fullback and Brantly throw more. That would leave everyone guessing who would actually be taking the snap. Kind of like Arkansas and McFadden (who finally played a good defense against Florida and had less that 80 yards).

  10. reply to  #10


    J.D. do not even get me started on the whole toughest conference thing. I am not saying the Big 12 is the best because I know they are not, but the only people whoever say the SEC is the best conference are the people out of the SEC. Brantley will sit behind Tebow, the only reason the QB rotation really worked for Florida this year is because Tebow ran the ball 95% of the time when he touched it. 2 QB systems do not work, trust Texas fans with us on that one. I promise you Chris Simms will never be allowed back in Austin after what he did to Major and of course all the choking he did.

  11. reply to  #11


    Oh yeah, if it were not for that Florida defense, ya’ll would have easily lost at least 3 games this year. For all the talk about how great an offensive mind Urban Meyer is, that offense was pretty absent all season.

  12. reply to  #12


    i think once you enter SEC country, all offensive creativity is lost. Sometimes i can’t tell if SEC defenses are really that good, or if their offenses are just that atrocious.

  13. reply to  #13


    florida’s offense sucks they are overrated rated michigan should have a rematch with ohio st. and whenever tebow is in the game the defense should know he is going to run left i mean how hard is that to stop and chris leak he is just a pussy that whines all the time

  14. reply to  #14


    j.d. what kind a fucking idiot are you tebow can be the fullback and brantley can be the thrower who the fuck would run that offense you dumb florida fan

  15. reply to  #15


    Well, Jack, apparently you have an anger problem. I did not insult your inteligence, why are you insulting mine.

  16. reply to  #16


    He is probably mad USC spanked Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

  17. reply to  #17


    Brantley was a big loss for Texas, no question, but Chiles is the real deal. I played against him this season and he’s one of the fastest guys I’ve ever played against. He’s also got a rocket arm but the accuracy needs a little fine tuning. He’ll be the best back-up Texas has had since Applewhite (who is my favorite Texas player of all-time by the way)

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