Posted January 2nd, 2007 by Matt
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Hopefully last night most of you caught one of the better endings ever in a college football bowl game. Boise St had played it pretty straight laced throughout the whole game, until the last play of regulation and in overtime where they looked like they just emptied the playbook. In case you didn’t see the last play, here it is, the ole “Statue of Liberty” to win the game. Amazing.

All I can say is it couldn’t have happened to a more arrogant coach and team in Stoops and [tag]Oklahoma[/tag]. Poor Sooners. Have fun thinking about this one in the off-season.

Now the question will be, “Should Boise St get a shot at the National Championship?” Me personally, I would say no. Let them work their way into a BCS conference and see how they do then. I don’t think there is any way Boise St would have gone undefeated in any of the major conferences. Just my opinion.


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    Boise State barely beat a team that was pasted by the Longhorns who were pasted by the Buckeyes. I think they’re getting just the right amount of pub and they’re ranked just where they need to be. They wouldn’t even be in a 4-team playoff in my book, and they’d just squeak into an 8-team bracket.

    If they want to be a title contender they need to play teams like Oklahoma or Georgia in the regular season, and not get their asses handed to them. OU was a decent but not great football team this year, beating them is not the huge accomplishment the national media is making it out to be.

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    I am not going to get into the whole debate about whether or not Boise St. belongs in the BCS title game. As a Longhorns fan I am going to enjoy the fact that the Sooners pretty much got embarrassed.

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    I AM ONE OF THE MOST DIE HARD HORNS FANS YOU WILL EVER MEET, AND I THOUGHT THIS GAME WAS THE GREATEST GAME OF FOOTBALL IVE EVER SEEN! I mean, sure Boise State is undefeated and would prolly get killed by OSU, but they DO deserve a title shot…. they won 13 straight games! I dont care what team you are.. thats awesome!

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    I hate to bring in politics when deciding who deserves a shot at the national championship, but honestly when you look at Boise States schedule this season it was pitiful. They should have lost to Wyoming and San Jose State, the only respectable victory was against OU… Personally I do not think they deserve a shot at OSU.

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