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[tag]Oklahoma[/tag] recruit Donald Stephenson signed on the dotted line Wednesday like most of the nation’s top prospects, but he didn’t sign with his teammates in front of the local paper’s lone reporter and photographer. And he didn’t fax it in from the coaches’ office or get the school secretary’s help in the front office.

Instead Stephenson faxed in his letter of intent from Office Depot because he’s currently suspended from school. Apparently some “bad luck” made him break into cars and steal an iPod, a purse, and some caramel bars with his friends. He never denies he committed the crime in the article.

To top things off he accepts a favor from the Office Depot clerk because he’s an athlete, a clear violation of NCAA rules:

An Office Depot employee named Jeanne lights up when told she’s faxing copies for Oklahoma’s latest recruit. She doesn’t question why Stephenson’s at her counter at 8:58 a.m. instead of at school.

“Voila! Five pages sent,” Jeanne exclaims, then shows Stephenson the confirmation page. “And the fax is on me. You don’t have to pay for it.”

Stephenson flashes his dimpled smile.

“That’s the least I can do,” Jeanne gushes. “We’ve got a celebrity here!”

Stephenson finishes his eventful day of signing with Oklahoma and NCAA violations by flying through a school zone while driving without a license or proof of insurance. I think there’s an opening at Big Red Sports/Imports in Oklahoma City, sounds like we’ve got a top candidate here.


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    Oklahoma….you never cease to let down us Texas fans! Keep up with the good fight!

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