Posted April 2nd, 2007 by Brian
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aggie morons

Man are those guys ever going to figure out this crap is why the entire country mocks them incessantly? They held a miniature yell practice trying to convince coach Billy Gillispie to stay at Texas A&M and not move on to a better job. Only about 70 students and other morons fans showed up (the 150 number quoted in the story is BS) and Coach Gillispie was not even in the state. The rally lasted ten minutes and embarrassed all who were in attendance.

So sad, but I guess they’ll claim it worked since Gillispie will reportedly be returning to the Aggies. It couldn’t possibly be the money, it has to be that two dozen weirdos showed up outside his office and yelled things to an empty building.


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    John Smith

    You bunch loser t-sips you can’t even be mature. I bet your 5 your old kid could have writtent your queer article.

    12-7 Sept. 24 06′ SAW EM’ OFF BTHO tu

  2. reply to  #2


    Man you guys make it so easy. You’re so homophobic you think articles are homosexual.

    Oh and by the way you got the date wrong, the game was in November not September.

    Must suck being an Aggie. Instead of having little chants, Texas just beats the crap out of you every single year. If I tried to put the score of every Texas win over A&M I’d run out of room!!

    40-29 Nov. 25 2005
    26-13 Nov. 26 2004
    46-15 Nov. 28 2003
    50-20 Nov. 29 2002
    21-07 Nov. 23 2001
    43-17 Nov. 26 2000

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    12-7 Sept. 24 06′ SAW EM’ OFF BTHO tu

    With that, you’ve touched on the chief difference between your school and ours. You beat us, it defines your season. We beat you, it’s merely business as usual.

  4. reply to  #4


    That is the most backwards statement i have ever heard, ‘business as usual’ includes a&m beating us once in 7 years in football and very few times in basketball. as you can tell from your little ’12-7′ comment a&m is the one who’s season is defined by whether or not they can beat UT. with a&m usually being in the ‘not’ column

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    Sword, it’s backwards because EC was quoting an Aggie up above. EC is a Longhorn fan.

  6. reply to  #6


    faggies suck they relly rely suck.
    longhorns rule they relly relly rule

  7. reply to  #7


    ha this is really funny because it’s a picture of my boyfriend and his friend. my boyfriend is the one on the right. he thought it was funny so there aren’t any hard feelings. i go to UT so you better not make fun of me though!

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