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Oklahoma's favorite veggie: the watermelonOklahoma has declared the watermelon their official state vegetable. In case you weren’t sure, the watermelon isn’t a vegetable. It’s a fruit and it has always been a fruit. Oklahoma lawmakers disagree with science:

Sen. Don Barrington, R-Lawton, sponsored the bill in the Senate. “The controversy on whether watermelon is a fruit or vegetable has been officially decided by the Oklahoma Legislature,” Barrington said. He said watermelon comes from the cucumber and gourd families, which are classified as vegetables.

I hate to break it to Senator Barrington but the cucumber is a fruit too.

Webster’s dictionary vaguely describes a vegetable as “anything made or obtained from plants.” Of course using that definition sugar, rubber, and marijuana could all be considered vegetables. Maybe they could have named a cotton t-shirt the state vegetable. People from [tag]Oklahoma[/tag] are stupid.

Next week: Oklahoma declares the dolphin the official state fish.


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  1. reply to  #1


    “People from Oklahoma are stupid.” lol I love it. You cant argue scientific fact!

  2. reply to  #2


    Not everyone from Oklahoma is stupid, idiot.

  3. reply to  #3


    YEAH ANDY! Not everyone from Oklahoma is stupid! Just most of them. The smart ones are jealous of Texas.

  4. reply to  #4

    OU Fan

    All people from Oklahoma are stupid huh? But yet you’re the moron that to me seems to dedicate all of his time to downtalking Oklahoma. A little background info about me, I am huge OU fan and I am from the state of Oklahoma. And Chris, whats to be jealous of Texas?? Do you think that I’m jealous of too much traffic, overcrowded cities, towns, etc? I got news for you, I’m not jealous. And since you like to call most people from Oklahoma stupid, do you really think that there are more “stupid” people in Oklahoma than there are in Texas?? I don’t think so buddy. Texas has I believe to be and plus I do not feel like looking it up, around 22.4 million people, and Oklahoma has maybe 3.5. Sorry UT alumni, fans, and whoever HATES Oklahoma over a game of football, but the state of Texas has more idiots Oh and most importantly, TEXAS sucsk! GO SOONERS!

  5. reply to  #5

    OU Fan

    One more thing, I had to look this one up. I went to and looked up the watermelon, and do you know what description the website had for the watermelon?? states that the watermelon is “BOTH” a fruit and a vegetable. All of you who believe this are STUPID. GO SOONERS!! 65-13, 63-14, 12-0!!

  6. reply to  #6

    OU Fan

    Correction to my post 4, TEXAS sucks(sucsk)! GO SOONERS!

  7. reply to  #7


    Let me set you straight OU fan. “Too much traffic, over crowded cities…?” Sounds like a successful economy to me OU fan. In any event, I would take that anyday over filthy indian-owned casinos that run your state. A little background info about me, I am huge UT fan and I am from the state of Texas. There is plenty of reason to be jealous of Texas OU fan: Vince Young, Beautiful women, Free Highways, Dallas Cowboys, President George W. Bush, Mavericks, Rangers, Stars, Spurs, Longhorns, Rockets, Houston Texans, national merrit scholars, higher income, death penalty, etc. I live just south of the Red River OU fan, so I have intimate knowledge of how lame Oklahoma is and it has nothing to do with your football team. But speaking of football OU fan, you should wikipedia last season’s score or the seaon prior. I know, why dont you wikipedia search the overall UT vs OU football record then get back with me. Correction to posts 4, 5, and 6: Oklahomans are inferior to Texans. Deal with it OU fan.

  8. reply to  #8

    OU Fan

    Chris, you give a good representation of the people of Texas. I see you’re a little racist against Native Americans are you?? Shame on you. Once again good representation of Texas. Do you still believe that the watermelon is a fruit?? Dumbass. Do I believe that its wrong for Native Americans to be allowed to own Casinos on their own land? Hell no I don’t. After all the lies and 3 quarters of their entire population killed by the U.S Government in the past, I have no problem with it at all. Just remember that Darrel K. Royal played college football for yours truly, the Oklahoma Sooners under the legendary Bud Wilkinson!! And don’t forget that Mack Brown was at one time an offensive coordinator for the Sooners!! Oh, and Darrel K. Royal was born in Hollis, Oklahoma. And as to George W. Bush, all I will say is that ratings for the Republican party are at their lowest I belive to be in history, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Oh, and did you forget that Barry Switzer led the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl ring?? I didn’t think so. Dwell on that for a while you racist Texas prick. BOOMER SOONER

  9. reply to  #9


    Dude you’re a complete moron. First off he called the casinos filthy not the Indians. Secondly, as I clearly pointed out in the original post a watermelon is a freaking fruit. The only way you can claim watermelon as a vegetable (and this is the only reason the Wikipedia article classifies it as one) is if you consider everything that comes from a plant a vegetable. Clearly there’s some flaws in that logic.

  10. reply to  #10

    OU Fan

    “Clearly there’s some flaws in that logic.” So are you saying the watermelon is either or?? And you can defend the whole “filthy indian-owned casinos” all you want to, but to me its prety obvious what Chris meant. I guess you could always back him up though to defend his statement. And just how are those casinos filthy? Whats makes them filthy? Have you been to that casino off of I-35 right before the Texas state line? The name is either Riverwind, Windstar, hell I can’t remember but its one of them. That casino is no where near what he calls “filthy.” What makes the casinos in Shreveport, by the way I when I have been there I have seen plenty of Texas tags parked in the parking lots of those casinos, not filthy? Like I said, you can defend “Chris” all you want and hell you can call me a moron if that makes your day, but its obvious what he meant. Have you forgot that Darrel K. Royal played for the Sooners and was born in Oklahoma?? I didn’t think so. BOOMER SOONER

  11. reply to  #11


    Thank you for the compliment OU Fan. I consider myself “a good representation of the people of Texas” as well. I dont have to qualify any comments I make to you rather you think they are racist or not. I would however like to ammend my description of the filthy indian-owned casinos in Oklahoma to inlcude: low-class, degenerate, and 2nd rate. Incidentally, I wont apologize for the actions of our Gov’t, especially the ones that took place 150 years before I was born. Question: Besides D.K. Royal, do you know who else was born in Oklahoma? Answer: Less than 20% of the Sooners recruiting class. In fact, the majority of your team are Texans!! LOL. Dont forget that President G.W. Bush has low approval ratings with terrorists also. Barry Switzer led a team built by Jimmy Johnson to a Superbowl victory. OU Fan, your mother could have led that team to a super bowl. Again OU Fan, Oklahomans are inferior to Texans in every way, and dont forget how jealous you guys are of us. Give that some thought you ignorant Okie loser.

  12. reply to  #12

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Chris, first of all the record for the OU-UT series is 57-39-5 with Texas in the lead. But as to national championships, OU has 7 and Texas has 4(3 I believe were coached by Darrel K. Royal, an Okie, and Okies are the people all you Texas fans hate with a passion.) So to me, this website contradicts itself, don’t you think?? The most famous coach for the University of Texas is an Okie, and all of you hate Okies. I love it. And like I stated earlier, Mack Brown was at one time an offensive coordinator for the Sooners. But back to the rival history. The largest margin won in the rivalry was won by Oklahoma and that score was 65-13. The only shutout in the series was by OU and that score was 12-0. Now a little extra history: The all time bowl history for Texas is 23-21-2 and the all time bowl history for Oklahoma is 24-15-1. So about 4 seasons ago, Texas had a losing bowl record. OU is tied with Bama at having the most 10+ win seasons at 28, and Texas is at No. 6 with 20. OU has 4 Heisman trophy winners, Texas has 2. That was just a little part of history and now I will move on to your statement as followed: “Question: Besides D.K. Royal, do you know who else was born in Oklahoma?”Less than 20% of the Sooners recruiting class. In fact, the majority of your team are Texans!! LOL” OK, so OU recruits a lot of players from Texas. But OU is NOT the only school who recruits from Texas. Schools from all over the nation recruit out of Texas. So if OU having players from Texas on their roster from makes your day, thats cool and all, but don’t forget who those players play for. The play for the University of Oklahoma. And I don’t give a damn where they are from. And as to recruiting, Oklahoma has like 3.5 million people compared to the overcrowded state of Texas that has 22.6 million or something like that, so of course schools out of Oklahoma among with many other schools from different states recruit out of Texas because of the population difference. “Barry Switzer led a team built by Jimmy Johnson to a Superbowl victory.” OK, but he still led them to a victory, right?? And don’t you like the Dallas Cowboys?? Did you root for them that year under Switzer?? “Dont forget that President G.W. Bush has low approval ratings with terrorists also.” OK, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the Republican party is at their lowest ratings in history. “I would however like to ammend my description of the filthy indian-owned casinos in Oklahoma to inlcude: low-class, degenerate, and 2nd rate.” That was a good statement to get yourself out of that hole, but you and I both know what you meant. Now the question still remains: Are Oklahoma lawmakers stupid for declaring the watermelon the state vegetable, when the watermelon can be either or?? This website is so f!cking contradicting its unreal. BOOMER SOONER!!

  13. reply to  #13

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Correction to my post 11. If my calculations are correct, since 1901, both schools are actually tied for shutouts, at 10-10. BOOMER SOONER!

  14. reply to  #14


    Wow OU Fan, you rant like Cho Seung-Hui. Anyhow, you should change your name from “I love the University of Oklahoma” to “I love to change the subject”. You have brought up so much of our past, I am suprised you didnt count that loss we suffered to the Mexicans at the Alamo. Try to stay on subject OU Fan, there is only way to know decisively if one team is better than the other…Head to Head, overall record. If winning Heismans or having a good bowl record meant you were a good team, than UT should have lost to USC right? Think before you type OU Fan. Again, I dont “hate” the Oklahoma Sooners because the majority of them are Texans. Did I root for the Cowboys under Switzer? Sure I did, but I would root for the Cowboys under any coach including your mother remember? President G.W. Bush has had fluctuating approval ratings over the years, in fact I think it may be around 30% right now. But guess what OU Fan, he is the Commander-in-Chief over 100% of us. Deal with that percentage you left wing-nut. Perhaps instead of relying on politicians or wikipedia you should use common sense in determining whether or not a watermelon is a fruit or vegetable. You can: A) Ask your local food market if they keep their watermelons in the fruit or vegetable section or B) You could poll a series of 5 year olds. You will get the same answer either way OU Fan. In short, that is why oklahomans are stupid. Oh, and jealous of Texas too. I like your “BOOMER SOONER” sign off, lol. UT doesnt really have one like that so I will borrow from another team…BOISE BRONCO!!!

  15. reply to  #15

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    I’m going to “rant like Cho Seung-Hui” again. First of all, you keep on saying that “Oklahomans are stupid.” OK, so everyone is entitiled to their own opinion and freedom of speech, but what does that make Darrel K. Royal?? Is he stupid?? I have respect for the guy, but I’m curious about your thoughts. Once again and for the final time, I’ll state again that Darrel K. Royal is an “Okie” and he played for yours truly, the Oklahoma Sooners. To me, you keep contradicting yourself when you say that “Oklahomans are stupid.” And how is it that I keep changing the subject?? I am simpily giving responses to your pathetic statements. Does that whole history thing that I posted make you think that I am changing the subject? I was simpily responding to your post 7 and I was adding a little extra for fun. “You have brought up so much of our past, I am suprised you didnt count that loss we suffered to the Mexicans at the Alamo.” I got to give it to you, that statement was funny. And so maybe in your average grocery store, watermelons are considered fruits, ok no big deal. But science can prove that the watermelon can be either a fruit or vegetable, so the Oklahoma lawmakers changing the watermelon to a vegetable was not stupid being that it can be scientifically proven to be both. Now the watermelon being either or may seem a little strange to some people who do not know much about the watermelon and are used to things being a certain way, but thats alright. Those people are just ignorant. And whats up with the whole “Left-wing nut” thing?? And I AM NOT jealous of Texas. Theres nothing to be jealous of. I’ve seen many different parts of the U.S. and for that matter, different parts of the world, and I assure you that there are much better places to live than Texas. You can take pride in the state of Texas having professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey teams, a large population, overcrowded, dirty, and polluted cities all you want to because I gives a d!mn. I am happy with my home state of Oklahoma. And pretty soon, the Sonics will be in OKC and Kevin Durant will be another residient of the great state of Oklahoma. That will be interesting to see how all of the Oklahoma haters react. And speaking of “Boise Bronco,” how about Gig Em Aggies!! 12-7 in Austin! GO SOONERS!! BOOMER SOONER!

  16. reply to  #16


    Darrel K. Royal may have been born in Oklahoma, but he sure got his butt to Texas as quick as he could OU Fan. As far as everyone from Oklahoma being “stupid”, I suppose there are a few exceptions: Darrel K. Royal, a few of my relatives and possibly you OU Fan. I only give you credit because I find this exchange mildly entertaining. OK, so lets begin: You get off subject by quoting stats that do not specifically pertain to the subject or in your words “adding a little extra for fun”. That’s fine, I like to have fun too, this is where the watermelon comes into play. It appears that you are the one that cant take a joke. I like to tell Aggie jokes, does that means I think they are stupid too? Thats a rhetorical question by the way. I thought your cookie cutter comments about our President sounded like those of a typical leftist. I am little surprised you didnt blame him for 9/11, but like I said, you dont seem too unintelligent. I am sure there are better places to live than where you are at any given time. For example, when it is 110 degrees here I would prefer to be on the slopes in Colorado or something. In response to “Kevin Durant will be another resident of the great state of Oklahoma…” LOL, I am sure I will never hear the end of it. As long as you guys dont figure out a way to draft Vince Young I’ll be alright, lol.
    GO LONGHORNS!!! 57-39-5

  17. reply to  #17

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    I think we’ve battled long enough about the watermelon and I’ve defended against your comments long enough about why you think Oklahomans are stupid. You have your opinion and I have mine, and I will always defend and represent my home state. And you are probably wondering why an Oklahoma fan is on a Texas website, so I will explain. About a week ago, I was searching to see if there was any new news about what would happen to OU in regards to the Bomar-Quinn money thing. OU had their hearing in front of the NCAA I believe April 14, and it was projected that the results of the hearing by the NCAA would be out 2 months or so after the hearing. And I can’t remember exactly the title of the article that I found, but the link led me to the “Rivals” part of this website. I then began to read many of the articles directed against Oklahoma, and so here I am. But lets change the subject a little. What are your thoughts about OU-Texas this year?? My opinion is that the game is too early to call. And obviously, I will have a better idea after OU faces N. Texas, Miami, and Tulsa. And Texas has a cup cake schedule this season when it comes to their out of conference opponents. Other teams that could beat the horns this season would be Oklahoma State in Stillwater, ATM in College Station, UCF in Florida, and TCU. Now back to Oklahoma. OU has 4 returning starters on the O-line. The 2 RB’s who picked up the load after Peterson got injured return, plus another by the name of DeMarco Murray who is an aboslute stud. OU is stacked at WR and TE. And the corners and safeties should be much better this season also. My concerns are the linebacker corps and the defensive line. And I am not worried about the QB position because of this: Paul Thompson, who took a couple of snaps in only one college game, played pretty good football being that he had 1 month before the season to prepare. These 3 new QB’s now will have had 5 times as the amount of time Thompson had to prepare. And the QB’s coach is Josh Heupel, the guy who put 63 points against the horns back in 2000. Everyone says that McCoy should be the real deal this season and that he’s put on 20 lbs of muscle, so we’ll see. You better hope that McCoy does not sustain another injury or Texas will be doomed early. And I do remember hearing that same type of talk about Chris Simms, but we both know how he did against Oklahoma. Texas’ strong point should be their offense, and we’ll see how they do with their partially new O-line. The Texas defense is what will make and break them, especially with all the arrests these past couple of months 🙂 Just look how the Texas defense did towards the end of last season. I can’t wait until the OU-Miami game. GO SOONERs! BOOMER SOONER

  18. reply to  #18


    If we cant agree that all Oklahomans are stupid, can we atleast agree that all Texans are geniuses…lol, dont answer that. The RRR should be a close game this year. It has slowly overtaken the Superbowl as my favorite sporting event of the season. I firmly believe the outcome will be determined by who is more prepared mentally. It is difficult right now (atleast for me) to comment on either teams strengths and weaknesses other than the obvious we know from last season. I am interested to see how our Defense reacts to a new scheme/players/coach. OU had some bruisers come in at the RB position last season. Im pretty sure Stoops saved your teams ass by doing the right thing with players caught violating Ncaa rules. It will be a sad day for the Sooner nation when Jerry Jones steals him! lol. Its ok though, we will give you Switzer back. Unfortunately, our schedule appears a little weak, but hopefully we can make up for it with an impressive victory Oct 5th.
    Hook ’em!!

  19. reply to  #19

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Chris, if Stoops went to the Cowboys, man I don’t know had I’d react. I think Stoops is the best coach for OU. He’s been at OU since 99, and hopefully he will be a Bowden or Paterno and stay there for the rest of his career. As a fan, I am happy for what he’s done for the University of Oklahoma. And I strongly believe that he would never leave his job for somewhere else unless he was fired, which I highly doubt will ever happen. He has had many offers to go to the NFL but has declined them all. He and his family are also happy in Norman(I would be to, Norman is a great place) and he makes an a$$ load of money. On top of all that, he’s the head coach for the school with the greatest college football program, the University of Oklahoma 🙂 Who wouldn’t want that job? BOOMER SOONER!

  20. reply to  #20


    jeez, you all are idiots. if I had to listen to you two OU defenders, I’d hate OU, too. AND, if I had to listen to that Texsucks idiot, I’d probably climb up the clock tower and shoot myself. Man, that’s the worse thing about this rivalry…the freakin’ dumbasses on both sides of the river. What a bunch of lame-ass comebacks on both sides. I’m sure all of you think you’re really laying it on the other, but you aren’t. You all just sound stupid. Maybe when you three get old enough to get girlfriends, you’ll have better things to do. [Editor’s note: Please watch your language.]

  21. reply to  #21


    Bring it on then anotherOUfan! It doesnt take a lot of intelligence to come in on the back end of a discussion and criticize.

  22. reply to  #22


    Texans… hmmm. K-State 41, Texas 21.
    OU does suck, but they won 28-21. Face it Shorthorns, If ur state is so great why does all ur top talent flock to Oklahoma Schools?
    Colt McCoy vs Chase Daniels? Doesnt seem to be a comparison now a days. Vince is gone… and so are ur minds.

  23. reply to  #23


    correct myself… ur players will go to lots of schools, just not TX. And please, dont say its cuz they got turned down for better players… remember Adrian Peterson?

  24. reply to  #24


    Sorry to break it to you but it’s not us Oklahomans that are retarded, it’s just our lawmakers!

  25. reply to  #25


    Your right about Oklahoma I was born here and raised in southwest Kansas Tulsa used to be a nice place but If we could vote out the Oklahoma government and get governors from other states like Kansas or even Texas. We could get rid of the trash running the state because what you see is what you get they care more about keeping themselves fat than the people of the state. Even Business owners treat there employees like people treated slaves years ago. The streets are crumbling, bridges are collapsing the economy is falling and I’ve seen in the news recently that they are trying to get money to build more education centers. There are good people here I mean no offense when I say this but I have been to college in Kansas and I look see business professionals here that have the maturity and IQ of a middle school student in Kansas. Kansas is beautiful, and wages are much better. You actually get treated with respect, and in Kansas business owners actually reward there employees. They have company dinners for the employees that do there best. Buying them a nice dinner to show them there gratitude, and some Oklahomans would not know what to do if they were treated with that kind of respect. They must like it because they don’t even stand up for themselves. They are afraid of having a better life, and society. They look at it as a dream, but when you’ve been raised in a place like Kansas. I’m sorry Oklahomans but Tulsa has become a dump, Construction work here is crappy. They need to learn how to use re bar properly when pouring concrete. Some driveways here and other major constructions have no concrete. Why do you think there are so many felons here. I have to get out of here because of them now I have a felony because of there crooked way of running things and there ignorance. Look at Kansas streets and bridges compared to Oklahoma It’s like comparing a Dream World to a cesspool. The business owners “Real Pigs” like to roll around in the cesspools they help to create. They smile and see nothing wrong with it. These people need a real education, they like to reword everything and call it part of there accent. Apparently they look at a cesspool and think to themselves yum yum looks like pudding to me. They just keep eating it rather than getting the fuck out of here. They can’t help it if they can’t tell that they are eating sh_t and not pudding. Because they choose to blame the people that run the state. They like being slaves, they are no smarter than a dog that gets beat by it’s owner and they keep crawling back. No wait I take that back the dog has more sense that is why it crawls back. Oklahomans just walk back with there heads up in the air saying I don’t know what to do. Like the 3 stooges that is how funny they are they remind me of the old cartoons. I’ll be more than happy to get away from them. That’s why they still talk about the past, they haven’t moved on. Moving here was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made and I will be happy to get back out of here, out of the twilight zone. There style is old fashioned there barber shoppes do not ask for a new style of hair cut. They look at you strangely and ask what is that then they look at each other and say I’ve never heard of that. Be careful most of the people here are deformed not only physically but mentally as well. If they leave this state they might as well go back to school and learn things intelligence in “The Real World”. K-12 all over again, do not let them fuck up your state like they have this one. In fact do not even allow them to speak until there average 3rd grade level IQ exceeds that of a high school student in your own state. You are right Chris every other state is superior to Oklahomans intelligence. They are even Jealous of Kansans too because I really made them look like retards at Aaon Inc with a Kansans common knowledge. It was funny as hell dude, The really stupid part of the joke is that they looked at me and told me that my ideas were bad and a couple of months later they used my ideas and claimed them as there own.

  26. reply to  #26


    They might as well condemn this state like an old building force everyone to move out. Then register all there names to a list and force them to go to a real school where they can all learn how things “Actually Work Successfully Doing Things The RIGHT WAY”. Then do not let them come back because of them Oklahoma might as well be called Okla Mexico if nothing is done. They are reckless trashy people that don’t mind living with the roaches.

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