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Sobbing Sooners

The NCAA has ruled that the Oklahoma Sooners must “vacate” all of their wins during the 2005 season, including their bowl win against Oregon in the Holiday Bowl. Not that it really matters all that much, they only won 8 games anyway.

The funny part about this is the fact that the NCAA thinks they actually hurt the Sooners, when all they did was extend their probation, cut their scholarships by two, and forfeit a season the Sooners didn’t even care about. Way to be tough NCAA.


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    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Brian, put aside the hatred for about 10 seconds and think about this topic from this perspective. Do you think its right for the players and coaches who followed the rules to be punished so harshly for the f#ckups of 3 players?” I mean what the f%ck, the rest of the players and coaches followed and played by the rules, so why does their wins that they worked their ass#s off for have to be vacated? Kind of sh%tty if you ask me, but you’re a Longhorn fan so I’m pretty sure you’re jumping for joy right now. I must admit, the whole picture on this blog is kind of funny, but if you decide to post of a picture of this sort in the future, post a pic of an adult man, not a kid. Have some class. Oh wait I forgot, Texas Longhorn fans have no class. BOOMER SOONER!

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    I love the University of Oklahoma

    I wonder how many people were crying when Texas got destroyed 65-13?

  3. reply to  #3


    “I wonder how many people were crying when Texas got destroyed 65-13?”

    Is this the class you speak of?

  4. reply to  #4


    LOL, the funny part is that the Oregon Ducks get to claim another victory over the Sooners! OU deserved what they got, the Ncca is punishing them for “failure to monitor” and it makes sense to me. One thing I know for sure is that the next new car, truck or van I purchase will be from Norman, OK’s Big Red Sports dealership! I love those guys!

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    I can’t stand it when people hide behind the “victim” label. Today, however, I have to cry fowl — or, specifically, DUCK! — when it comes to University of Oklahoma Sooners football.

    In my book, the NCAA Infractions Committee is a bunch of quacks, pretending to be objective arbiters of Division I football rules. I reached that conclusion after reviewing back-to-back “bad calls” made by the NCAA against the Oklahoma program.

    The first “bad call” — an officiating controversy surrounding the Sept. 16, 2006, battle between the team with the ugliest uniforms in college football (a.k.a., “the Oregon Ducks”) and the Oklahoma — went uncorrected by the NCAA despite conclusive video evidence showing the replay official at the game either blew the call on purpose or simply blew the call due to ineptness. Judge for yourself by taking a look at the video here. and then read on.

    Only the NCAA, to whom a protest was lodged by the Sooners, would stand by such a poor example of officiating.

    Now, we move on to the second “bad call” that was yesterday’s announcement by the NCAA that the Sooners will, among other things, have to erase all eight victories from their 2005 season as a result of improprieties related to three now-former players, including one-time “quarterback of the future” Rhett Bomar who set several freshman records during his single-season stint as an OU starter.

    Below is a compilation of what I know about the situation as gleaned from conversations with friends still living in the Sooner State, from news accounts and from a posting on the Oklahoma Sooners Official Athletic Site:

    *Three now-former players were overpaid thousands of dollars for work they performed — or, in some cases, didn’t perform — as employees of a Norman-area car dealership, Big Red Sports and Imports (a.k.a., a big-time booster);

    *University compliance officers found out about the allegations of impropriety and launched an investigation;

    *When the investigation turned up proof of wrongdoing, the three players were kicked off the team, never to return;

    *Despite the fact that the OU policed itself, NCAA officials weren’t satisfied and opted to force the school, among other things, to erase eight wins from their 2005 season — which ended with a thumping of the then-and-always-over-rated Oregon Ducks in the Holiday Bowl — as a result of the violations.

    After all is said and done, it should come as no surprise to any loyal Sooners fan that the NCAA levied the sanctions they did against Oklahoma football this week. After all, if it walks like a Duck and talks like a Duck, by golly, it’s a Duck. An Oregon Duck!

  6. reply to  #6

    Texas Sux

    Oregon cant claim it a win because they got beat Ncaa cant change history and what really happened you guys just love this because your Texas fans. and whats with the picture of the crying boy that’s terrible
    it was probley the kids first red river shootout and his team was losing if it was a grown man i would under stand but a lil kid have class.
    and from what i can see from the site is all you do is criticize Oklahoma go to sooner sports and we talk only of our teams ups and downs we dont post somthing every time somthing bad happens to texas, we may hate your program but we respect it at the same time.

  7. reply to  #7

    Hook'Em Horns

    And here on the Texas website we spell everthing correctly for one. Another, it is messed up we put a little boys face up there. But the one thing everyone overlooks is the actual series record between UT and ou. Which would be Texas 57- soon to be 58 this season – and ou 38. So you can bring up the fact that ya’ll killed us and yes killed us in the past , but you dont look no further than that. If you dont believe me about the record, go to , www., then type in red river shootout. oh and in 05 we beat ya’ll 45-12 thats also a butt whooping. Hook’Em Horns, and do you sooners have anything else better to do than to see what we are doing on here. Same goes to you faggies. And for you aggies, we hold that record by far too. ( UT 73-a&m 34-5)

  8. reply to  #8


    “we talk only of our teams ups and downs we dont post somthing every time somthing bad happens to texas, we may hate your program but we respect it at the same time.”

    LOL @ the hypocrisy, you only talk of your teams ups and downs, yet your posting name is “Texas Sux” rather than a pro-Sooner name.

  9. reply to  #9

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Hey Hook’ Em Horns, I like stirring up controversy every once in awhile so I’ll post these facts just for fun.

    1. Texas does lead the series 57-39-5.
    2. Yes, OU recruits heaviliy out of the state of Texas. Texas has a huge population compared to Oklahoma. The Texas kids want to attend a school that wins championships, so they decide to attend the University of Oklahoma. Please do not get jealous.
    3. D.K. Royal, the famous Texas coach, is an Okie from Hollis, OK, and he was an All-American for the Sooners.
    4. OU has 7 National Championships, Texas has 4.
    5. OU has had 4 Heisman Trophy winners, Texas has had 2.
    6. Since the Big 12 has formed, OU has 4 Big 12 championships, Texas has 2.
    7. OU has 39 overall conference championships, Texas has 31.
    8. OU holds the record for having a 47 game winning streak, no other team has come close.
    9. OU’s overall bowl record is 24-15-1, I guess technically 23-15-1 with the bull shit vacated wins, Texas’ is 23-21-2 Note: 4 years ago, Texas had a losing bowl record.
    10. Bob Stoops is 5-3 against Mack Brown.
    11. OU has an all time ranking of 5, Texas is 6.
    12. OU’s overall record is 765-295-53, technically 757-295-53 with the bull shit vacacted wins, Texas’ overall record is 810-316-34.
    13. OU has had 142 All-Americans and 430 All Conference players.
    14. OU is ranked #1 in 10+ win seasons and is the #1 team since the end of WW2.

    Ok, I’ve typed enough. Texas sucks and I will enjoy seeing the longhorns losing to OU, OSU, and ATM. And speaking of the Pokes, the horns will lose in Stillwater this year. BOOMER SOONER!!

  10. reply to  #10

    Take your love elsewhere

    Last time i looked this is Bevo Sports, not Okla-homer Sports. I’m glad you did your research, but nobody here really cares about your stats you came up with. Find a local Sooner site and you will get many comments back stating ‘Boomer Sooner’

  11. reply to  #11


    15. OU is 0-2 against the Oregon Ducks!! Quack! Quack! Quack!

  12. reply to  #12

    Hook'Em Horns

    (i love ou) All that matters between our two teams is the fact that Texas holds the series record , not ou. So you can come up with all these facts , but all of that information also goes out to every other college, not just Texas. And the only thing you stated that stays between our two school is the series that we will forever hold. And that is 57-38. not 57-39!!! Hook’em Horns

  13. reply to  #13

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Chris, you’re an idiot. Oklahoma’s all time record is 6-1 against the Oregon Ducks, I guess technically 5-1 now with the vacated Holiday bowl win. Not 0-2. Get your facts straight man. BOOMER SOONER!

  14. reply to  #14

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Hook’Em Horns, you’re an idiot too. The series is 57-39-5, not 57-38. Look it up. You need to get your facts straight too man. BOOMER SOONER!

  15. reply to  #15


    I love hate the University of Oklahoma is right, Texas is 57-39-5 against OU all time. Check out Texas’s record all-time against any opponent.

    By the way, it’s nice to have you to argue with so feel free to stick around and use your real name. I refuse to type those words in the same sentence. Even using your real name you’re still anonymous. (You too Hook’Em Horns)

  16. reply to  #16


    Pardon me I love OU, I meant to convey that you guys have not beaten the Oregon Ducks the last 2 times you played them.

  17. reply to  #17

    Karman ( Hook'em Horns)

    Im sorry,i hate ou, your right the series is 57-39. I ad seen that on my old video game and it said 38. But we still hold the record. And UT is better than ou’s whole athletic program by far. We have 47 national championships, ya’ll have 18. 7 of which ya’ll’s are football 7 of which ya’ll’s are swimming and diving men and woman.

  18. reply to  #18


    First of all, I will say this. I enjoy arguing with you Texas fans. To me, its very interesting. So that is why I have been using this site lately. Its very interesting to see how people think towards my Sooners from the other side of the fence. Karman, I’m sorry but you’re wrong again. Thats starting to become a routine with you. OU has a total of 25 national championships, 18 multiple sport and 7 football. Out of that 18, they have 7 wrestling championships. And if Texans consider themselves inferior to us Okies, then why is there no high school or collegiate wrestling programs?? We all know the best wrestlers come from the state of Oklahoma. The state of Iowa does not even come close. And I don’t like the Pokes, but Oklahoma States’ 34 national wrestling championships is pretty impressive. And I am looking foward to this years Red River Shootout. It will be an evenly matched game. And most importantly, I am looking forward to attending future games at the Ford Center to watch Kevin Durant and the Sonics play in their future new home, Oklahoma City, OK!! Take care of yourselves. BOOMER SOONER!

  19. reply to  #19

    Hook'Em Horns

    What i meant was 18 not including football, but i know they have 25 including football. so ya’ll arent very dominate in anything other than football. I dont have a routine going. Its sad to say that you wont be seeing any stars from ou’s basketball playing in the pros. So if i were you i would support the athlete that tore every oklahoma player up too.KD. Its nice to know we have more fans outside of Texas and the east coast that support him. Ya’ll just cant get enough of him can you?And I suppose its fun arguing with ou fans too. To prove that we have a better school than ya’ll hands down. 🙂 I can prove that too if you want me too. I do respect ya’lls wrestling team and football, thats about it. I realize wrestling is a famous sport in oklahoma and Iowa ,but why do we have to have it? not every state has to be the same, plus who wants to see a bunch of guys grappling each other wearing TIGHTS? That just aint right. In my opinion Ultimate Fighting is much better than that crap.But that is Ok ‘s choice not Texas. And Texas id the best state in America, I have lived other places too. So dont assume im just saying that cause i live here, I was born elsewhere. Hook’em Horns

  20. reply to  #20

    I love my family first and the University of Oklahoma 2nd

    Hook’Em Horns, this will probably be the last time I post on this site until the season starts. When OU beats Texas, you better believe that I will be back. And I don’t support Kevin Durant. I will however support him if he comes to Oklahoma City. And its looking like the Sonics will be in OKC. Kevin Durant was phenomenal in college, so now we’ll see how he does in the NBA. So far, his summer stats are not too good, but then again it is only summer. One thing I disagree on is with Texas retiring his jersey. He played only one season. My opinion is a player should at least graduate before his jersey is considered for retirement. And I did not know this until this site, did Texas retire TJ Ford’s jersey?? TJ Ford is a scrub in the NBA. And as to wrestling, thats the big misconception everyone has towards the sport. Regardless that wrestling requires wrestlers’ to wear tights and grapple, wrestling has to be one of the toughest if not the toughest sport to compete in, Period. And if thinking that the University of Texas is better than the University of Oklahoma helps you sleep better at night, then by all means think it. I could give a !@#$ less. I am an Okie and am proud of it, and I will always support my favorite, the University of Oklahoma. And I too have lived in other places, and am currently living overseas in Germany, and to me, the only reason why someone would like Texas living the best out of all of the other 50 states is because of pride or money. Pride being that they’re a born and raised Texan, and money being that there are plenty of job opportunites available in Texas to be financially successful, which I can understand. Other than that, I don’t see whats to like about the state. The state and cities are overcrowded and the landscape to me is not very impressive. But if you’re from Texas, its understandable, its your home. I am from Oklahoma and absolutely love the state because its my home. Maybe we’ll have these discussions later on in the future sometime. All I can say is reread post #9 again. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. reply to  #21

    Hook'Em Horns

    Ok in your opinion wrestling is one of the toughest sports, not mine. The whole land situation, talk to a&m about that, but im sure you have never seen the whole entire state neither.I think that oklahoma city is a nice city i have never seen anything north of that. And the whole world has to do with money , obviously that is the only way to survive, and i didnt see you mention NYC,LA,Miami,San Fran, as to do with money situations neither, so dont act like Texas is the only one. And what i say by me living in another state , im saying by far Texas is the best one i live in. Now in Football, Texas has been to more than 4 national titles, im sure you know that, we cant win them all. I do think that ou is very good and as a rival your supposed to talk trash. And I dont really see what is to like about oklahoma too. Texas is also considered the #1 football state, as in high school, college, and pros. And of course you will say ou will beat us at the red river shootout i say Texas will win, but we will have to find out. Ya’ll have DB’s on us , but everyone underestimates our DB’s ,we still have Marcus Griffin and the switched Drew Kelson. We have a better D-line, and linbacking core, in my opinion WR’s , because we have depth their, im not so sure about our offensive line, ya’lls may be better, i havent checked that out yet, and QB’s we own that position too, RB’s i know ya’ll have some pretty good ones , so i will assume that we are equal at that position, starter we have it ,but depth ya’ll have it. talk to ya’ll later. Hook’em Horns

  22. reply to  #22

    Hook'Em Horns

    oh and i dont have to say that Texas is better just to sleep at night.

  23. reply to  #23

    I love my family 1st and the University of Oklahoma 2nd

    I was wrong earlier. You keep adding fuel to my fire, so I will keep on burning. Not in a bad way though. Meaning I mentioned earlier that post 20 would be my last, but this conversation is interesting. What I meant by that “there are plenty of job opportunites available in Texas to be financially successful” is that there are many great job opportunities that are availible in the state, just like there are in the other big states like you say. Yes, an OU fan is saying this, lets please not take this out of proportion. As far as to me personally visiting and seeing the whole entire state, I have not been to the western and southwestern parts of the state, therefore I do not know what its like there, but I’m guessing nothing but flat land and desert. I’ll rephrase my comment and say that I was commenting on east, northeast, southeast, and north central Texas. And as to national titles, Oklahoma too has been to more than 7. Recently, the Sooners went back to back, however were unsuccessful in winning another. As a fan, it sucks, but I have moved on. I’ll agree with you on Texas having a better linebacker corps than the Sooners, but I think both D-line’s are pretty even. I also agree that OU has better DB’s, probably the best in the nation. We’ll just have to see. Colt McCoy should play well if he stays healthy, so Texas has the advantage at QB. As to RB’s, OU is stacked and I think has more depth. To the O-line, OU has the advantage. Remeber, Texas lost I believe to be starting 3 O-linemen. OU lost 1. As to receiver, Limas Sweed is good, but OU’s Malcolm Kelly is just as good. And receivers’ Juaqin Iglesias and Manuel Johnson are studs too. OU also has 2 great TE’s in Jermain Gresham and Joe Jon Finley. And for a 3rd staight year, OU will be breaking in a new QB. It sucks, but hopefull it should’t be that bad. The talent at the QB position is young, and those guys will be outstanding when they mature. I have to quote on Bob Stoops, and say that the talent surrounding OU’s QB should help greatly. OU has the tools to win and to win big, so we’ll just have to wait and see like you say. Right now, I am mainly looking forward to the Miami game in Norman. Then once Big 12 play hits, I’ll be hyped about OU-Texas. You as a Texas fan had better worry about those Aggies in College Station and those Pokes in Stillwater. OSU will be tough. And you watch, those Pokes will beat the Dawgs in Athens and shut those SEC fans up. I would also like to see K-State win in Auburn. BOOMER SOONER!

  24. reply to  #24

    Hook'Em Horns( Karman)

    I do know that Malcom kelly is very good, i think that Limas has a lil bit of an edge on him with age.D-line i honestly do not think we are equal close but not equal.I do wish the best for all Big XII teams as they dont play conference play , I would like to see the Big XII be the most dominate conference, but when it comes time to playing con. its every team for themselves. so Hook’Em Horns, and you have to remember we have beaten a&m plenty of times at their home so its nothing new going in their. Same goes to Stillwater.

  25. […] With the latest Oklahoma penalties coming down from the NCAA, CBS Sportsline ranked the top ten cheatingest™ programs of all time and the Big 12 is well represented. Our good friends the Sooners can’t quite top the list and fall in at number 3. […]

  26. reply to  #26


    Can you sooner losers say, TCU, BOISE STATE and oh by the way, the investigation is still underway about the big drug problem in Norman. You know, the one about how USC drug your sorry asses up and down the field. Up and Down the field, all night long!

  27. reply to  #27

    #1 MLB

    Longhorns can beat the sooners any day and any time Hook’em

  28. reply to  #28


    hey Hook Em Horns maybe you should try and spell yourself. “So you can bring up the fact that ya’ll killed us and yes killed us in the past , but you dont look no further than that”

    Thats what you said. Someone here doesn’t know how to spell check or puncuate. “but you dont look no further than that”? Where are you from? You obviously have never taken a college english class. The correct sentence would have been: “but don’t you look any further than that. With that said, your a dumbass that can’t reject others for spelling errors when he; himself doesn’t know how to write sentences properly.

    Thank you,

    have a nice day retard. 🙂

  29. reply to  #29


    Please dude, spelling smack? And if you’re going to try at least spell “punctuate” or learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  30. reply to  #30


    Haha. I love when people try to talk smack about spelling, but might even be worse spellers themselves.

  31. reply to  #31


    ahh dang I did miss the t and yeah lol no good but at least I had the general idea so I got a question for you Brian. Do you know how hard Ramonce Taylor is to cover? and how he is an idiot because he would be an amazing nfl player right now? I played free safety at Bryan High School and my sophomore year my first start was against Belton or should I say Ramonce and gang. I made one tackle on him got juked out of my shoes, ran over about 3 times, and burned deep when he wasn’t even trying. He also tormented me in the district 13-5a 100m dash finals when he ran a 10.35 and I ran a 10.65 which would have won district in half the state of texas 5a hes so fast all he did was run his mouth and then own everyone. I would say yall would have had a natl title last year if he was there.

  32. reply to  #32


    I can run the 100m dash in 18 flat.

  33. reply to  #33


    haha that sucks. track is just what I do

  34. reply to  #34


    hey Brian your officially an idiot remember how you said blah blah blah texas has only had this many players arrested in the past year whatever well according to this article by

    James Henry has just become the 6th player to be arrested since JUNE! I WIN! HAHAHA

  35. reply to  #35


    what about them mighty horns wait kansas state and oklahoma=2 losses plus players kicked off the team =texas sucks

  36. reply to  #36

    Ryan ENgland

    THeir is only one program allowed to cheat in the big 12, and that is the texas longhorns. that is why a vast majority of officials live in or around Austin, that is also why their O-line went the entire 2006 season without a single hold or clip penalty, despite the fact that all they did was clip and hold. IN fact they did it so often they even developed their own unique method of clipping which was coordinated with the refs not to call it i.e. just becasue you clip someone with your back or side does not make it any less of a clip

  37. reply to  #37


    Wow. That’s some excellent fiction right there champ.

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