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Vick 'em

As you know from reading this site, we like to talk trash just as much as the next fan. But I think Texas Tech fans might have gone a little too far with this one.

It has been reported that a student at Texas Tech has designed a t-shirt that says “Vick ’em” on the front, and the back shows an image of a football player (Vick) hanging Reveille. While I guess you could call this “clever”, it will no doubt cause an uproar in the public.

I am thinking this won’t help with the perception that Tech has a bunch of classless fans. It’s also kind of funny that this comes just a few months after Texas Tech announced Raider Power, a campaign the university start to help promote “Honor, Respect, Pride, Tradition.”

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    Hook'Em Horns

    hahaha. why didnt we think of that?

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    Hook'Em Horns

    Its wrong, but funny at the same time.

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    man what is wrong with those guys in lubbock. it is hilarious, but man talk about taking it over the line.

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    There is nothing original or funny about it. It is however typical of the “college boy” mentality they have going on at texas tech highschool. Im sure when I was 18 I would have thought it was funny.

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    There is a “Vick ‘Em” shirt (and mugs and stuff) alot like this one for sale here:

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    I anybody really surprised by the shirt coming from Tech. This sounds exactly like something Tech people would do.

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    Please realize that this was the action of a very small percentage of Texas Tech students. While I know there have been past incidents that present Texas Tech in a bad light, the actions of that student & fraternity members who created that t-shirt do not embody the feelings of the Texas Tech community as a whole.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    The only part I like about the t-shirt is the reveille part. But even to a dog, mine just died last week, and to see someone hanging a dog that just aint right, forget my earlier comments.

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    Personally, I think they have probably crossed the line with this shirt, but I do think it is pretty creative.

    It does seem to me that some people are over-reacting about the shirt though. I am pretty sure if you walked around most college tailgates on gameday, you will see shirts that are more offensive.

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    Tech Fan

    I think your comment about the “classless fans at Texas Tech” is a little harsh. This shirt was made up by some stupid Frat boy and Theta Chi fraternity. This was solely their idea. They could not even sell that many and no way was it condoned by Tech. you want to talk about classless fans A&M are just as bad they have spray painted our mascot and make shirts too. The bottom line is it’s a shirt that was made by one or two kids so how can you lump the entire fan base of Texas Tech into a “classless” category?

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    Tech Fan 2

    you Texas people are so up your own ass. talk about “college boy mentality” UT thinks that they are so above everyone else stop thinking you are the shit! i am glad i go to a school where people dont have to pretend they are something they are not.

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    Tech Fan 2 you literally sound like a little girl. I realize the shirt was made by a few stupid kids and it does not reflect the views of all the students of tech. Just because no one really likes or respects tech doesnt mean you have to cry about it.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    Its not that we are up our own butt, its just alot of us think outside the box, and think before we do things, like ya’lls whole shirt thing for instance. And we cant help it our college is the BEST IN TEXAS!!! Hook’em

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    Game Ball Award

    Matt, I got spammed with Michael Vick-dog related t-shirts approximately 3 hours after he was indicted. All that tech student did was copy another persons idea. Thus, not creative.

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    Double T Fan

    Classless?? Animal cruelty?? Come on!!! It’s perfectly fine when the Aggies came up with the theme “Saw ‘Em Off”, but NO… that’s not animal cruelty!!!?? Go get some brains to all those UT and A&M fans that are “bothered” by this briliant T-shirt! Oh, and check out this website and watch the video at the bottom of the page:

    A student comments using the word “gay”, oh and that is not going to offend anyone right? HA HA… very smart AGGIE!!!

  16. reply to  #16

    Double T Fan

    For those UT and A&M affiliates that can’t figure out the word in comment #15, the word is…. G A Y.

  17. reply to  #17

    Double T Fan

    Andy… go on a date, get laid, and you’ll be cool.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    I watched the video and Double T Fan is true about them sawing off our horns, the whole time on the video they were like how could someone do that to an animal, HELLO BEVO IS AN ANIMAL!!! Idiot aggies. And one guy said, you can just tell they did it cause they know we are a better program than them” , SO I guess atm mean the same when they try to saw off Bevos horns, atm knows that WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM!!! What goes around comes around,atm! Our horns get “cut off” and your dog gets hung. Another person said, how could they do that , she was our first Reveille. anyways suck it up the whole country does it to us, and one school does it to ya’ll and ya’ll are tripping out cause someone finally came up with something to degrade both schools.

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    Everyone… Just chill out, what double T said is right “Saw em’ Off” not animal cruelty? I am a big pet lover, this is funny, after what Vick did he deserves all the trash he gets. Tech is gonna VICK EM’ on saturday… and I am a huge Longhorn fan

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    Hook'Em Horns

    I actually do agree with Ian. “VICK’EM”. GO TECH!!!

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    not an ag

    lol double t and hook em. cutting off a bull’s horns is not inhumane u morons. arent ya’all from tx???? have u ever been on a ranch????? lol unreal.

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    Hook'Em Horns

    Actually, im from NEW YORK IDIOT. And God made the bull’s horns for a reason and its not to cut them off. so hang reveille all night long.

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    12th Man

    ok truthfully at first i thought it was funny…but i dont condone hanging a dog at all…i understand we make shirts that make fun of other schools but you gotta understand that cutting a bulls horns off is not hurting them at all!! if you ever watched a bullride u’ll see the bulls horns cut off down to the base almost! so u longhorns need to quit cryin about that!! and tech fans…yall have been classless clowns for years you take stuff to a way extreme that you dont need to do…

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    House Divided

    UT: Come for an education, leave on probation…or worse. UT has no more class than any other university. These year alone you had more students arrested for being dumba** Longhorns. As a parent to both Tech and A&M, I found the shirt funny and cleaver. Even if it was copied, it was a great idea for the rivalry. Think about this, if today we give up a small freedom like our ideas and our ability to express them, what will we be giving up in 25 years. I for one believe in free enterprise and freedom of expression, verbally, written or expressing it with our actions. Long live Tech and A&M. Bevo lovers, get yourselves some class and students who don’t want to go to jail.

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    The Silent Majority

    Fight the power House Divided. In the meantime, we will run the country.

  26. reply to  #26

    Hook'Em Horns

    Ok parent of tech and atm, UT is not some classless school. Yes, the shirt is clever. And all these aggies are crying over that shirt from tech and ya’ll are acting like you dont cry and saying we need to stop crying over the saw em off shirt. Which my friend bought one the other day and wore it to church standing right next to me, if I were an aggie I would rock that shirt it is very, very clever, but im not no faggie so I hate the shirt. Go horns. atm comes up with all these clever things to make fun of UT about or to do to them, and yet we still dominate the lone star showdown.

  27. reply to  #27

    12th Man

    ok first longhorns are not dominating anything this year…so much for titty baby colt mccoy who cant take a hit. and lets see i want someone to tell me who one the a&m vs ut last year?? anyone…thats right a&m…and whos still tied for number one in big 12?? yea so who cares about all these shirts and stuff it boils down to who can play the best football…!

  28. reply to  #28

    Hook'Em Horns

    What matters is at the end of the season who is in the Big 12 championship game, and by the looks of it, if atm keeps getting beat 35-7(ha) they will be dead last. And how are you going to call him a titty baby, if he is taking all of these hits? Oh and Limas Sweed did not have no pass interference on ya’ll last year, so that took away a touchdown, 14-12, we would have won, but thats alright we play better in college station.

  29. reply to  #29

    House Divided

    You are still missing the point. The classless has to do with the number of football not to mention scholarship players at ut that have been arrested, probationed and even convicted and thrown away your ludicrous “championship” image.

    My main point is that no one, not ut, Texas Tech or Texas A & M can claim they have more class than the other when each shares the blame for “POKING” fun of each others mascots, fight songs or student body.

    Take your bruised egos and look at the facts. Neither Texas Tech nor Texas A&M have scholarship athletes acting like a bunch of hoodlums. That honor is squarely shouldered by the horns. I have each of the shirts, Vick ‘Em, Saw ‘Em Off and I even have one that says so darn simple even a caveman can do it even if he does play with 12 men. I wear each of them with pride and with the humor they were intended to provide for the general public.

    Get off you high and mighty we are better than everyone and accept that your recent history of convicts and past history of your infamous Ricky Williams, I would not want to admit I attended ut.

    Remember, either one of these institutions of higher education is supposed to promote that, higher education. After all is said and done, how does your school winning or losing a championship really tie into your future paychecks. Such shallow bruised egos come out of ut.

  30. reply to  #30

    The Silent Majority

    You are quite delusional House, and if you cant understand why the glorification of torturing a dog is wrong, than your an idiot too. The only question we should be debating is how you managed to produce offspring intelligetnt enough to attend tech and a&m.

  31. reply to  #31

    Hook'Em Horns

    I’m assuming you never went to UT! atm doesn’t have a city as big as Austin, so there are less things to do that would get you in trouble, so to draw some attention to atm their coach is making headlines of buying or selling info, Mack Brown is not no classless coach, he is probably THE classiest. And UT is one of the best in the Nation, so why wouldn’t you be proud to attend there. They are a better school than atm and tech, and is the best in the state of Texas, so I would be very proud to say I attended there.
    Look at the NFL, people are getting suspended for a lot of things that don’t revolve around Austin or UT for that matter. The football players at UT can’t help the fact that there are such bad influences up in Austin, they just go there to play football and they see all the peer pressure and get sucked into it. That hardly happens at atm or tech because the players go to UT for championships that’s why they don’t go to tech or atm, and for a big time football program!
    And what if I were to be a football player for UT one day? Then of course it would “tie” into my paycheck, because we know UT produces pro type talent, sad to say, atm doesn’t and tech rarely ever, actually its not sad at all. UT has always been the dominate of the three whether atm beat us by “5” last year or not. GO HORNS!

  32. reply to  #32

    House Divided

    Hook ‘Em Horns: You must be a real nimrod. Now Austin and the enviornment make people make bad decsions. You don’t even sound like you have graduated from high school let alone attend tu. People are responsible for their own actions. People are responsible for not finding themselves in a bad inviornment and the betterment of their school and or families.

    Your questions about “what if you were to be a footbalpalyer for UT one day?” Based on your inability to accept responsibility for your “schools” weaknesses in the selection of classy students, I would have to say you stand a real good chance at being a convict…I mean player for the team. Pros have the same problems College students do, didn’t your boy Vince Young get suspended for a game for not being able to follow a simple rule like not going home the night befoe a game…that has to be that tu education. Again, Ricky Williams, I guess both of these instance have to do with their enviornments, because all tu ever does is make excuses for shortcomings, like losing to Texas A&M last year.

    And by the putz, I never said anything about Mack Brown, but since you brought him up, he is the only reason tu has any class at all. I only hope that he is smarter than Fran, cuz the idiot should be hung by his toes and left to think about his stupidity, maybe you can hire him at tu, because I’m sure his actions were due to the enviornment he is in also.

    You answer sounds like someone who has never been to either Lubbock or College Station. Maybe you should make the visit yourself before making such a ignorant statement as the city does not have anything to do there to get you into trouble, you should really spread your wings and find out for yourself. Pull your head out of Bevo’s *** and when you finally wipe the crap off your face, take the drive and then make a tu educated comment.

    I DID NOT and say it proudly graudate from tu, but I do have my Bachelors from Oklahoma and my Masters from Ohio State, and you can hardly say either one of these could be possible for you. Until you can match witts with the best of us, why not realize you are a loser and quite defaming the horn name as your sign on.

  33. reply to  #33

    Hook'em Horns

    Your right I am a high school student and II have traveled to Austin and college station. Austin is a way nicer city than that stupid college station town. And before you start assuming that I have no chance of getting a bachelor’s or a master, you should just keep your comments to yourself. I have had plenty of Texas schools offer me full ride scholarships for academics, which in the end I will attend UT not tu, because UT’s academics are the best in the state, oh and i do plan on getting masters degree or bachelor’s either or. So don’t start assuming because you graduated with those degrees that no one else can get them.
    Oh, and mta finds every way possible to make fun of UT, and when someone does it to them they start crying about it, What Pussy’s!!!
    Also, a loser? Thats such an immature remark, I can tell you graduated from ou or osu.
    And yes, an environment can make a people bad, its the choices they make in that city.
    So F*** off!!!

  34. reply to  #34


    that is really bad.
    its not funny at all.

  35. reply to  #35

    Hook'Em Horns

    whats really bad?

  36. reply to  #36

    ~MEME ~


  37. reply to  #37

    House Divided

    Actually MEME Texas A&M has a National title. Maybe you should do some homework before you speak so tu educated. The fact is that they have not had one in recent years, and the lonhorns were 35 years since their last one in 2005. And since Texas A & M has the bragging rights from last years embarrassing loss for your tu horns and baby McCoy, you should just stay quite until this year at Kyle Field. Gig ‘Em Aggies!

  38. reply to  #38

    Hook'Em Horns

    Ok (house divided) you really have no more room to talk either, mta won theirs about 70 years ago, and Of course UT still has the series record between us. oh and when vince was here, im sure you remember that very well, we beat ya’ll at your home too 40-29, i could go on. Beating us by 5 isnt that much to brag about, especially when there was a terrible touchdown called back, but we are Texas and I would brag alot about beating our great team too, but if those refs. would have made the right call on that “pass interference” on sweed, which we all know it wasnt, we would have won again, but we didnt so I guess ya’ll can call that a “victory”.

  39. reply to  #39

    House Divided

    Why don’t you leave the college talk to those of us who have been to college, not high school. You really don’t have a clue. Being accepted or offered a pathway to college is not the same as completing it. Until then, you should really just stick to drivers ed and high school football games and such. I will not enter into a battle with someone who would speak to a mother the way you talked/typed to me above, so take you homework and get mommy to drive you to the library so you can keep you gpa up and hopefully dream of completing college somewhere.

  40. reply to  #40

    Hook'em Horns

    Ok, I have every right to talk on here for one, another, my mom passed away 3 years ago, so before you just start assuming things like you are very good at, keep your mother comments to yourself. I will keep trash talking on here as long as I want, last time I checked Brian ran this deal not some aggie or tech parent. And your drivers ed comment is ridiculous because there are a lot of older folks that are still trying to get their license not just teenagers.

  41. reply to  #41

    Hook'em Horns

    And I thought high school kids were immature.

  42. reply to  #42

    Hook'Em Horns

    Oh and you already entered into a battle with me. And you sure do mention alot of UT’s education that you have no idea about, you probably didnt get accepted to UT so thats why you hate them. Oh and before you start assuming again about something, like UT’s education you too should do some research.

    I would be jealous too if I ONLY got a degree from ohio state and/or especially ou, bye the way I had no idea basket-weaving was a major at ou.

  43. reply to  #43


    Uh, did someone earlier say Bevo was a “bull” and cutting off his horns would be cruel. Bevo, sorry to say (he probably is too), ain’t no bull. Last I looked he was a steer. You say God gave him the horns for a purpose and they shouldn’t be messed with. God gave him a couple of other things too and they’ve definitely been messed with. Quite painfully I’d guess.

  44. reply to  #44

    12th Man

    ok hook em horns…my brother went to t.u. iv been to Austin a thousand times…all it that is there is a bunch of queers that live in that town…i bet you if you sent like lets see um the president to both of our towns i bet you a thousand dollars that he would say College Station is a lot classier place! texas has had what like 6 or 7 players arrested this year already?!?!? i mean come on what is it a bunch of convicts playin football for yall?? tell me how many times you’v heard of an a&m player gettin arrested for like aggrevated assault?? o yea and yall sayin that we put a cheap shot on Colt last year pretty much BS…if he cant take a hit then he doesnt need to play football! u may think yall play good in college station…the aggies play even better, trust me!

  45. reply to  #45

    Hook'Em Horns

    Oh yea I guess they do play better in college station, especially this year when they got KILLED by Kansas.ha. Oh and when they Barely beat Fresno St. which if the idiot for F.ST. would have held on to the ball ya’ll would have lost. Oh andColt can take a hit, he has taken plenty of them, except for last year when you faggies gave him a CHEAP shot. It was Clearly a late hit and everyone knows it.

  46. reply to  #46

    House Divided

    I don’t mind losing to a team with the record Kansas has everyone has lost to them this year, but what about your slaughter to Kansas State you ignorant, angry little boy. And a score of Kansas 19, Texas A&M 11 is not a killing, but that’s what you get from a Yankee wanna be Texan! However the score vs Kansas State and tu is a killing: Kansas State 41, Texas 21

    You have issues beyond just wanting to be a tu longhorn, but that is for another discussion group…maybe therapy for you Hook em Horns

  47. reply to  #47

    House Divided

    Proof Positive that TEXAS A&M plays better than tu in Kyle Field. By the way, you were right, the only right thing you said was “who is in the Big 12 championship game” That would be my alma mater OU, remember them, they beat you TOO! Bet you won’t be talking your hateful stuff for another year, no excuses no bs, tu lost and that is that!

    Gig Em Aggies!

  48. reply to  #48

    Game Ball Award

    Yeah you are right House, we lost to all the schools you claim this season. Too bad you are such a pathetic individual that you have no one to celebrate it with. Lol, you have to go on a University of Texas Fan Site to get any type of emotional reciprocation. You are quite pathetic.

  49. reply to  #49

    House Divided

    The pathetic one is you, because you have to come to a site that could would stroke your high and mighty emotional wounds you have been spending all weekend licking since the loss of your non-mighty longhorns. In case you missed the point, hook em horns has been talking a lot of crap and it was merely directed at him, don’t get into something you can’t back up, especially with the embarassing loss to the Aggies!

  50. reply to  #50

    Game Ball Award

    I think it’s pathetic that you admit a loss to your team is “embarassing”.

  51. reply to  #51

    House Divided

    That just shows how stupid you tu fans are looking for any reason to make up excuses about how you lost to the AGGIES again! The “embarassing” part is that you fans actually though you could do it in Kyle Field. The “embarassing” part is that you want to twist words since your players can’t win at home or Kyle. “Embarassing” is calling yourself a fan but not really talking about the game…because tu never had a lead nor a command of the game. “Embarassing” is have an intelligent conversation with an idiot like you!

  52. reply to  #52

    Game Ball Award

    It’s obvious you can’t hang with me intellectually, so now you are just making $H!T up House. It would be funny if it were not so sad, but keep posting please. I like making you look stupid.

  53. reply to  #53


    Are you ags completely retarded. You guys cannot just enjoy the win. House are you, so stupid to think that UT cannot beat a&m in kyle field. UT has been doing for years, just look at the overrall record of the series. Texas holds like a 40 game lead in the series. For you sooner fans it is pretty much the same thing. Before you guys start taling trash you kind of need to do your homework on what you are studying. And a&m is the school that is the most overrated in the Big 12. For like the last 7 seasons people were talking about how great the aggies were suppose to be, but I have seen a lot of 7-5 seasons and getting blown out in bowl games. The only game you aggies get up for is the UT game, ya’ll could be 0-11 and beat Texas and think you are going to win a national championship. Sounds like the way Lou Holtz talks about Notre Dame every year. Just enjoy the win, because in about 3 weeks you will probably lose by 40 in your bowl game, and please if you think Spurrier would ever go to college station you people are freaking crazy. You guys would have better luck digging up “Bear” Bryant and having him walk the sidelines of kyle field again, than ever getting Spurrier in your little “cow college.”

  54. reply to  #54

    House Divided

    Josh you must be the retard because you can’t talk to talk, you have to insult. tu would be doing the same bragging IF they had won, but since it has been 2 years, and since The Aggies hold a 16-14 lead over the last 30 years you all have nothing to say.

    As far as only the Aggies making a big deal about this game, I guess the Hex ralley is just made up of mindless tu fans that don’t care if they beat TAMU?

    Your the one who needs to do homework.

    As for as OU, Oklahoma has won the last five meetings and tu makes as big a deal about that game as it does the TAMU game.

    Don’t kid yourself, or atleast you should admit you are not as loyal a fan as you would like everyone to read you are.

    It is not just what have you done, BUT what have you done LATELY! I guess you all would just say it is a rebuilding year…one excuse after another, just like one loss after another.

  55. reply to  #55


    The aggies treat a win over Texas like a superbowl victory, lol. No one I know ever makes a big deal out of beating A&M. Here is a short list of people who do not care either: 1.BCS, 2.AP Poll, 3. USA Today Poll. I am very upset that we lost, but if we had won that game, I can honestly say I would not be very excited. I will take my lumps against OU, but A&M should never beat us.

  56. reply to  #56


    house you are still retarded buddy. first off you want to call the hex rally a stupid tradition, last time i checked it did not kill 12 students. whoops, i went there with that one. texas has won 2 of the last 3 games against ou. that would be a nice record for atm, if the series was only 30 games long. but the texas/atm rivalry has gone on for i think at least 115 games. and except for these last 2 years, texas had won 5 straight games over atm. so i do talk the talk and do know what i am talking about. and i believe all you farmers were the ones that came on here being insulting. obviously i am the one that did do my homework. and i am quite a loyal longhorns fan, i do not know how many longhorns fans woke up at 430 in the morning in IRAQ, to cheer for the longhorns on their way to a 4th national championship. hey you guys can celebrate your one national title that happened back in 1940. but i bet you probably did not even know that. nice try, but you are still a retard. must be that good cow college edumacation!

  57. reply to  #57


    house you wanna keep doing this, i have a lot. i know college football history buddy, and i will prove you wrong over and over again. your best bet, is to stay off a LONGHORNS WEBSITE, and shut-up. ok maybe i was a little wrong, it was the 114th meeting last friday, not the 30th. you said texas cannot win at kyle field. did you know that until last season atm had not won in austin since ’94. and the did not win in austin for like 30 something years until bear bryant showed up. texas owns the series 72-36-5. that adds up to a lot more than 30 years on interstate rivalry between the two schools. oh and sorry atm’s national championship year, was in ’39 not ’40. but hey i am not an aggie, but i am sure i probably know more about the traditions and history of atm than you do. if you would like some tutoring on them let me know. i am sure i can help.

  58. reply to  #58


    oh yeah, one more thing. the “house divided” is between alabama/auburn. not atm/texas tech.

  59. reply to  #59

    12th Man

    sorry but all u t-sips just go for texas because they won ONE national championship since what like 1964? cant do too much talkin…and im pretty sure it was just a one man team at the time with a bunch of convicts and still are a bunch of convicts! i mean what did yall do pick them up outside the gate after they made bail?? come on like a handfull of longhorns got like marijuana charges and assault charges. now tell me how many texas a&m football players have u heard that have had any of those charges…?? right thats NONE!

    Who won again this year? A&M 38-30…u brag about the long series that texas has above us ags…thats nothin because tell me who has won the last two years…with people sayin that we won last year out of luck?? lets see that didnt happen this year with McGee throwin over 360 yards and with almost 200 yards rushin for the team! idk if i didnt read it right but i think we held the ball for almost 41 minutes and t.u. held it for just a measly 19 min.

    half of you t-sip fans havent and never will go to the university!!! and u couldnt get into a&m because yall are too stupid! PERIOD!

    so keep makin fun of a&m…because yall have Arizona St. in yalls bowl game (which yall are gonna get yalls ass’s handed to u) so GO ARIZONA ST. BEAT THE HELL OUTTA T.U.

  60. reply to  #60


    great another retarded aggie. 12th man, texas’ last national title prior to 2005, was 1970. remember atm last and only title came in 1939. how come people want to give ut hell for getting in trouble. was it not sports illustrated that ranked the all time cheatingest programs. was it not atm that was #8 on that list and oklahoma that was #1 on that list. oh yeah, as for people being stupid at atm, did you know they rank only second to harvard with national merit scholars, also didn’t ut lead the big 12 in academic all-americans while atm was dead last. sorry to tell you fighting farmers, but i learned how to farm and ranch at my grandfathers. i did not need to spend $20,000 a year to learn how to farm. so that pretty much tells me that you ags are the just downright retarded.

  61. reply to  #61


    What did you say 12th man? I have a little trouble hearing people ranked outside of the top 25.

  62. reply to  #62

    Hook'Em Horns

    Wow I completly forgot about this page, but my Longhorns sure did prove the retards wrong once again. Hey 12th man, its funny how you say it took us 19 measly minutes to hold onto the football, and we scored 30 points, to ya’lls 41 minutes and 38 points. Ya’ll probably got lost on where the endzone was and had to ask us for directions. I think that little tu thing ya’ll do is pretty funny. It makes no sense, SHAMU( tamu, if you didnt catch on to that ).

    And House divided, seriously your going to pick out of the last 30 years, all I hear from ya’ll is, “thats the past this is the future, looks whos winning”, and crap like that and yet you bring up 30 years ago, you might as well just bring up the whole 114 games we have played.

    And 12th man, the reason why you dont see atm retards getting arrested in that crummy place, Is cause there is nothing to do out there.

    Whoever made the little “Yankee” remark, New York was awesome, but I was concieved in TEXAS. I am proud to be a Yankee and a Texan! Texas is better, the only bad thing about Texas( the state) is the aggies, ya’ll make it all boring feeling.

    Talk smack to ya’ll later, gaggies, or faggies, or just retards.

  63. reply to  #63

    12th Man

    HAHAHA wow one time since 1970 and big deal all it was is a one man team when yall won!! haha and remember ramonce taylor who scored a touchdown that game?? i went to school with him and he wasnt the smartest cookie in the jar! yea where is he at now?? like tyler community college right?? and i was actually at the party he got arrested at for havin like 5 pounds of pot and u can T.U. people smart? he called the cops himself because he was about to get his ass wooped by some big ass country dudes and ended up getting himself arrested haha now wow yall must be real smart!!!

    now lets see how many of ya’ll actually go to the university of texas??? thats right NONE! and u can call us faggies and all that stupid sh!t yall do…cuz i would love to take a poll of how many more faggot ass homo’s yall have in austin compaired to college station!!! and im pretty sure yall have WAY more than we do buddy!!

    big deal over 114 games we havent won as many as yall…truthfully nobody cares at all…its the future now buddy and its about who has won lately and doesnt look like ur convict t.u. team isnt winning! and wow u think u have some great football team…check out ur titty baby QB…hes the biggest dam sissy in the world!! if he cant take a dam hit them he needs to get off the field…atleast when Steven McGee gets hit hard he doesnt stay on the ground cryin and get takin off on a stretcher, no he gets back up in their faces and woops there ass’s!!! OH and for ur so called amazing running back, i’m pretty sure he got his ass stopped that game!! he had like a total of what like 90 yards?? shit Goodson had more than that after the catches on his two touchdown runs

    f*ckin t-sips go suck each others d!cks…pretty sure if you put up any defensive player in front of Jorvorskie Lane he’d run all over yalls asses just like when he drug one of yalls players for like 7 yards!!

    so why don’t yall get yall selves a gf or a bf w/e yall prefer and go get a life…because it seems like yall have nothin better to do then try to jump our asses on here

    Texas University
    Where the girls are girls and the boy’s are too.

  64. reply to  #64

    Hook'Em Horns

    gays are gays, they just happen to be alot in Austin. Colt Mccoy isnt a sissy, dont know where you got that from, he takes shots everygame, and late hits by some of the stupid big 12 teams, atm, tech, ou. UT is a smarter college and football team, it proves it with ya’lls “7” big 12 academic players to our 23, and 7 of them were on the second team. Anyone that is on drugs is stupid, of course romance was stupid, he did that not me or the whole University.

    Oh, and frank Okam would knock the hell out of Javorski lane. And future, since 2000 we have the lead in the series 5-2.

    Im not your buddy! Hook’em Horns, aggies suck!

  65. reply to  #65


    12th man i am not even going to waste my time with your ignorance, why don’t you check out all the national title, conference titles, and everything else that atm is severly lacking behind in UT. the thing is, texas’ dominance over atm is easily going to continue. the best thing that atm for the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS was hire a pro style coach for college. just look at nebraska at how great that one worked out. not to mention mike sherman is not exactly a coaching genious. so, there is the future for you right there buddy.

  66. reply to  #66

    12th Man

    i couldnt give less of a sh*t if you didnt waste ur time or not…yall think yall are tough as hell and stuff…y did p*ssy baby colt get taken off on a stretcher then?? and for the f*ggots in austin its cuz everyone there are f*ggots…y wouldnt they go there i’m glad they arent here we dont need homos…and what do yall have like no lives?? seems like all yall do is get on here to try to prove people wrong and research the stuff cuz yall dont know sh*t about it…i bet u iv been to more college footballs games than you ever have…no body cares about the past douche bags…no body around here or anywhere else gives a crap about yalls championship ill come down there and take a sh*t on top of it…thats about how much i care…its about reality guys get to know that yall suck and cant beat us now…we can beat yall there and we can beat yall here doesnt matter where we go we can beat yall! so y dont u hook em and josh go circle jerk each other with the rest of the f*ags down there in t-sip town. cuz yall aint gonna do anything about it yall dont even go to texas so what does it matter!!! u just act like u could go there when yall NEVER will so when u actually get into college then u can talk to me…

  67. reply to  #67


    wow 12th man, way to show that aggie intelligence, seems somebody got butt hurt. if you do not like it dumbass, then stay off of a LONGHORNS FAN”S WEBSITE. man that is just to funny, you thought you were going to come on here and start talking shit and getting all of us UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS fans all riled up, when you are the one who got himself all riled up. it’s ok buddy it is probably nappy time for you, you want BEVO to come tuck you in.

  68. reply to  #68

    Hook'Em Horns

    12th loser, You also brought up some things from the past. The reason why you dont care about our National Championships( that is plural, for more than 1) is because ya’ll have rarely heard of winning it all so your not used to it. I would be jealous too. And usually when you choose a school/team, you should know everything about their history anyways, so if you want to gripe at us about doing the research, you can just shut up, cause I guess that means you know nothing about that your trashy school/team. Both teams have already proved who can beat who at home, obviously both teams can, another dumb comment by the uneducated gaggie.

    And when ya’ll do the Horns down, the next thing a steer does from picking His Horns up, is Hook the hell out of you.

    Aggies suck! I will be going to UT next year and will be looking forward to next years win at home to ya’ll. It will be a good game though.


  69. reply to  #69

    12th Man

    haha bevo tuck me in?? no i think steven mcgee double lassoed him while we sawed yalls horns off and im pretty sure i saw bevo between both of my hamburger buns today…o yea can u tell me who has the winning advantage over the last 25 years between us?? i think its A&M with a 14-11 lead buddddyyyy!! thats right and has a higher winning percentage of 69% to yalls 68%…and im pretty sure since 1985…we’ve had 7 conference championships to yalls 5 championships…so yea not too much talkin yall can do…why im gettin so worked up is cause how stupid yall tsips are i mean come on y not be more tag-a-longs than everybody else in texas…i mean give me a break people think texas is soooo great…y havent they gone to any big bowls or anything since vince young?? hmm maybe its cause yalls quarterback sucks…or maybe its cause yalls defense sucks or maybe its just because yall just plain suck! sorry kid but yall arent goin anywhere anytime soon i can tell yall that! ur team is just gonna suck worse and worse…and when we get jerrod johnson starting im pretty sure yall wont even touch us! k…so have a nice day and try not to get but raped by all of yalls homos down there in austin

  70. reply to  #70

    Hook'Em Horns

    I dont live in Austin for one, not yet. You clearly just said in a couple of comments earlier that its not about the past, but yet you are mentioning the past 25 years. Our QB doesnt suck if he gave our team 9 soon to be 10 wins to ya’lls 7 with your awesome QB, NOT! And Texas is sooooo great. And since “85” we have more National championships which are better than conference championships. am I not right? And ya’ll talk about us as Longhorn fans is get on this website and get info to prove eachother wrong, but you are getting series records from 85 to present.ha.

    And since Vince Young? That was 2 years ago. And ya’ll want to talk about bowls? If you consider the bowl that ya’ll are in right now, WE were in it last year so I guess that bowl sucks if we suck. We also had the #10 rush Defense this past year. The Holiday bowl is a good bowl so I guess you think that bowl sucks to and if that bowl sucks then so do ya’ll cause ya’ll were in it. You hit a dead end on that one. And the year with Vince was the Rose bowl the year before was the Rose bowl too. So yea your right we havent been to and good bowl games in a while. Has atm been to the Rose bowl???? We are used to being in big bowl games, ya’ll arent.

    The whole world is full of gays, I know they are in college station too!

    Just get over it, we will always be better than that stupid school!

    We are the best TEAM/SCHOOL in Texas! FACT!

  71. reply to  #71

    12th Man

    wow big deal u won a one national championship…nobody cares take a look at like LSU and ohio state there the better teams than any of us…nobody cares about texas everybody has forgotten about ur stuff…trust me! and ur so called great defense yall have and how everybody talks about michael griffin…HE SUCKS!!!!! jorvorskie lane ran all over him last year and this year!!! and mike goodson burned his ass everytime!!! so dont even start with yalls great defense….and if ur sayin ur so great about goin to bowls and sayin that all the bowls weve gone to suck…ur goin to the same one as we did last year!! but it doesnt matter cuz yall are going to get beat!!! arizona state is goin to run all over yalls asses!! have a nice day tsip

  72. reply to  #72

    12th Man

    o yea and u sayin our QB sucks…pretty much put the game of his life up against yall…now tell me did mccoy do anything good that game?? um NO! nor he did last year too!!! he blows hes a freakin sissy…i mean what kind of pussy gets taken off on a stretcher just because he pinched a nerve in his neck!!! good lord hes a loser!!!

  73. reply to  #73

    Hook'Em Horns

    The whole bowl scomment, you said we havent been to any good bowls lately, yet we have and the bowl ya’ll are and were in this year and the year before, we are in the same ones, so if those bowls suck then I guess both our teams suck. You made no sense. Griffin doesnt suck that is why he is in the pros. Name 5 aggies that start in the pros, I have a whole list of Longhorns that do!

  74. reply to  #74

    12th Man

    sorry i guess i mean marcus griffin?? idk and dont care about longhorns…there are aggies in the nfl…melvin bullit plays for the colts and idk who else but who cares…atleast our players can graduate…have u seen the pick for the bowl games?? pretty sure yall are gonna lose…

  75. reply to  #75

    Hook'Em Horns

    Thats what I thought. I have never heard of him before. I know there is a good punter for atm in the pros, and Steve Mckinney for Houston, He is injured now. And UT has more graduates than atm. Proven fact. Ya’ll are going to lose to penn state, I am not going for atm,but I want the big 12 to win all there games, so atm better win. Ya’ll basically have home field advantage also.

  76. reply to  #76


    hey 12th man, where you at? i guess you made yourself look like an a$$ as always buddy. you might want to worry about your little aggies getting beat by about 40 tomorrow night. i know our beloved longhorns came out and kicked asu all over the field thursday night. oh yeah way to go to those homo’s you guys call yell leaders. joe paterno is arguably the biggest legend of all time in college football, and yet the classless aggies figured out a way to try and be funny and i emphasize the word “try” because i have no idea what was going on in what i think was a skit. i do not even think the aggie fans knew what was going on. you guys are an embarassment to the state of texas and football, why don’t you guys pack up and take it up to oklahoma where homosexuals and their sheep are allowed. you are no longer wanted and are not allowed in the state of texas. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS is headed up to college station to bend you classless sorry excuses of human beings over our knees and give you little farmers the spanking you deserve, and then we will escort you to the state line.

  77. reply to  #77

    Hook'Em Horns

    atm still sucks, J.lane is a cry baby, and I dont know if atm will ever win a bowl game. The only thing atm cares about is beating UT, and somehow getting attention off the field since they cant get attention on the field, by making a fool of themselves at a stupid yell rally.

  78. reply to  #78


    OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH 12th man, where are you? are you and j.lane holding each other crying?

  79. reply to  #79

    12th Man

    i’m right here u [homophobic slur removed]…so what if we lost BIG [censored] DEAL!!! and u beat a sorry team WAY TO GO FOR YALL!!! wow no one cares…maybe he was crying because he actually has heart for his team…no one wants to lose…im pretty sure yall werent too happy when yall got yalls ass’s handed to u again by Kstate…didnt feel good huh?! id love to see you play jtrain he’ll run all over u just like he does every t.u. player…and yall are gangin up on me yall think yall are cool or sumthin yall are prolly two of the biggest [homophobic slur removed] in austin right now! [homophobic slur removed]…we’ll see who beats yall for the 3rd year in a row next year…yall aint nothin at all! so go ahead on talk all the [censored] you want because all it boils down to is who plays best we we meet and so far for [censored] baby cart mccoy hasnt been too pretty for yall meeting us! im glad yall won yalls bowl game that’ll just get us more money as for the other big 12 teams…

    [Editor’s note: Dude clean up your language or you’ll be banned.]

  80. reply to  #80


    Javorski Lane and 12th man “holding each other crying”… LOL, I can totally picture that!

  81. reply to  #81


    Ooooh gay bashing and lack of football knowledge!! I’m glad you’re able to use such eloquent prose and there’s almost 1 or 2 coherent thoughts and like one whole sentence where you don’t sound homophobic.

    By the way, Arizona State was the #11 team in the country. Hardly a sorry team and certainly better than the Penn State team that whipped your guys.

    Go you 12th Man! I’d say you were an embarrassment to Aggie fans if you weren’t such the typical Aggie.

  82. reply to  #82

    Hook'Em Horns

    Of course we are going to gang up on you this is a UT website and you just happen to be on it talking trash you cant back up. Or maybe he was just crying because he didnt get the ball cause he really isnt all that. He did not run us over like you say he did this year. And I am pretty sure since 2000 we have the better record and ya’ll were on a 6 game losing streak. ASU was a good team ,hence the number 11 next to their name.

  83. reply to  #83

    12th Man

    haha its funny how i can come on a [homophobic slur] ass website of the tsips, talk **** about everything yall do and everyone gangs up on one person…wow so he cried im pretty sure cart mccoy cried when we knocked the living dog **** out of him, and im pretty sure jorvorskie lane ran over yalls so called #1 tackler griffin if u watch the video from the game im sure u will see it…and for yall beatin ASU they could have been in the top 10 but it still doesnt mean there good…there was alot of screwed up games goin on this year and alot of teams that no one would have thought that would be ranked so big ******* deal…so how about everyone of yall go down to the football stadium stand around yalls [homophobic slur] ass little trophy and watch me take a fat **** on it cuz no one in the country cares about what yall did a long ass time ago!

    o yea and the editor… **** you ur prolly a [homophobic slur] too

    [Editor’s note: Nice homophobic rant champ and your inability to spell anything correctly or use decent grammar is awesome as well. You couldn’t even spell your swear words right. You’ve represented Aggies well and have now been banned.]

  84. reply to  #84

    Hook'em Horns

    Javorskie is also 300 pounds compared to 200. Good one on that comment. How do you know how to put top 10 in a sentence, it must be hard not being able to say that phrase in the same sentence as a&m.? Ya’ll are always looking from the outside in and it will always be like that. And one of those screwed up games happened to be the Fresno State a&m game, that was one more loss ya’ll had this year if the player could have held onto the ball. And about one of our FOUR National Championships, Ya’ll may not care about it, but I still hear them talking about it on TV. So I guess you could say noone cares about it anymore.???

  85. reply to  #85

    Christian Adams

    Everyone should find a nice hobby. I hear knitting is fun.

  86. reply to  #86


    Just Because most UT fans are boring and sit in their seats the who time doesn’t mean that all UT fans are boring. Not all Texas Tech fans are classless, we just like to bring excitement to the games and get our team all riled up. This is a T-shirt about a touchy subject if you are involved in PETA. But y’all are supposed to be football fans, so take the trash talk, because it’s part of the game. And it’s about the aggies, give me a break.

  87. reply to  #87


    Oh and the 12th man is an idiot

  88. reply to  #88


    yeah yeah yeah whatever!!
    your jusdt pissy cuz your school
    didnt think of it first!!

    its just a funny shirt

    we didnt actually go out and hang a dog

    trash talking is apart of the game
    and if you cant handle it then maybe
    you should turn your television off
    and quit attending the games

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