Posted January 3rd, 2008 by Brian
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Blue chip RB Darrell Scott is interested in wide open depth chart. Charles’ departure definitely is going to help.

Update: In a last minute surprise, Scott committed to Colorado. (2/6/2008)


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    i really hope he choosed ut, last time ut got a rb from california he won the heisman. i really see it coming down between ut and lsu. if he hates the cold, cu is definitely out, and with the florida you have to deal with the ball hogging tebow, and i do not care what anyone says. he did not deserve the heisman. my 6 week old son could rush for 22 td’s in a season if he took the ball every time inside the red zone, not to mention texas boy moody transferred there from usc and will be playing next year. i really think this one looks good. of course there is an entire month to wait it out.

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    Texas has everything Darrell needs, a wide open depth chart a killer running back coach and he will have his run at the heisman what else do you need. Texas would be a good fit for Darrell looks to me to be better than any other running back coming out of high school ever and he can have all the 40 acres to play on and dazzle us with. COME ON DOWN

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    Hope Scott ends up with my CU Buffs…..he will like Colorado more than Texas with Hawkin’s system.

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    How do you figure DJR?

    Texas is one of the best rushing teams in the country every single season. Despite running behind a rebuilding offense line last season, Jamaal Charles still rushed for nearly 1,700 yards and Texas as a team outrushed Colorado by more than 800 yards.

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    yeah djr the hawkins system. hmmmm….. boise state was not a rushing powerhouse under hawkins, nor has colorado been one since he has been there. colorado’s facilities do not even compare to what texas has and will always continue to build onto in the future. plus at texas you have the opportunity to win a national championship each year. i cannot even remember when national championship contender and colorado were even mentioned in the same paragraph. we do not need 5th downs and phantom clipping calls to win national championships.

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    Texas was worse last year than the year before. Colorado improved last year and defeated an Oklahoma team that no one gave them a chance of beating. Historically the Buffs are 7-9 versus the longhorns. From 1989-1999 the buffs beat the longhorns every time they played them. Texas has been on a run of late and they did kill us in the 2003 big 12 championship. These things run in cycles and it appears that Colorado will take control in the years to come. Hawkins talent as a coach will truly be appreciated as he combines talent with his thorough approach.

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