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The last scrimmage/practice of the spring is about to get underway on Fox Sports Southwest. The Orange-White Game is most fans’ first look at a lot of players and it’s always interesting to see who is playing where. We won’t see much (if any) new scheme or plays, but it’s football and gosh darnit I like it. The most important thing in this type of event is always that nobody gets seriously injured.

I’ll be posting my live thoughts and opinions below.

First Quarter

Nice to see we tackled more this spring, much more so that we did more full contact drills than in a scrimmage like this.

Here’s the spring roster off the official site. Definitely going to be needed today.

[tag]Tray Allen[/tag] gets the start today at left tackle with [tag]Adam Ulatoski[/tag] out.

I thought [tag]Brandon Collins[/tag] had dropped that pass but on the replay cornerback [tag]Deon Beasley[/tag] made a nice diving play to break it up. Collins probably needs to use his body better though to prevent the defender from being able to do that so easily.

I don’t know about that interference penalty on Beasley. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] threw a nice pass but put it over [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag]’s wrong shoulder. He had the position and Colt should have been able to put it in a more catchable position.

Not a good job on the [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] reverse by [tag]Henry Melton[/tag]. As the backside defensive end his responsibilities are RCC (reverse, counter, or cutback) and while he held his spot for a moment he started to pursue too quickly. Not a good job by the corner/safety over there either, the moment they saw Shipley going back the other way they should have been screaming at the top of their lungs.

[tag]Ishie Oduegwu[/tag] is in street clothes on the sideline, I didn’t realize he was hurt. I assume that’s why true freshman [tag]Blake Gideon[/tag] got the start at safety for Team Tradition. Okay that’s the last time I’ll mention these lame team names.

[tag]John Chiles[/tag] and [tag]Fozzy Whittaker[/tag] screwed up the hand-off on their first play of the day. Zone read and Chiles tried to change his mind and keep it but they put in on the turf.

On his first pass attempt Chiles makes a decent throw to Collins but he looked like he was tripled covered. The pocket was still holding so I think John could have waited another tick, bought himself some time, and looked for a more open receiver.

Nice run by [tag]Vondrell McGee[/tag] ended with him delivering a blow to [tag]Earl Thomas[/tag]. Good play though by Thomas to hold on despite the big hit and make the tackle.

I hope we’re not planning on playing freshman kicker [tag]Justin Tucker[/tag]. We’ve already got [tag]Ryan Bailey[/tag] and [tag]Hunter Lawrence[/tag] and I want one of them to win the kicking job this year so we can afford to redshirt Tucker.

[tag]Russell Carter[/tag] sure looks like a football player. Big old sucker. Nice play by him bringing down Whitaker.

Second Quarter

Pass game isn’t clicking at all for either group right now. Have we completed a single pass yet?

[tag]Roy Miller[/tag] just whipped Allen (who is now at guard), but I think Miller will do that to a lot of linemen this year.

Not a good throw by Chiles on the scramble but freshman receiver [tag]Dan Buckner[/tag] has to make a better effort on the ball on that. Even if he doesn’t think he can catch it he’s got to keep it from being picked.

Wow. McCoy missed Shipley running down the middle of the field all by himself. The offense is really out of sync right now. I don’t usually put much stock in these games but this is not looking good.

Third Quarter

“Disconcerting the snap count,” I’ve never heard that penalty called that before.

Running back Fozzy Whitaker has been the most impressive player I’ve seen so far today. Lots of good looking runs and able to break stuff even on the runs up the middle.

Chiles definitely does a good job of moving in the pocket and escaping pressure, but I’ve yet to see him do it and turn it into a successful passing play. If he can do that he’s going to be tough to defense.

Fourth Quarter

Great job that time by [tag]Sherrod Harris[/tag]. Had defender in his face quickly after a bootleg and was able to pull up and find [tag]Blaine Irby[/tag] open for a good gain.

And [tag]GJ Kinne[/tag] in now. He and Harris are both being rumored to be transferring, as long as one sticks around the QB situation should be fine. If they both leave we’re in trouble.

[tag]Dustin Earnest[/tag] needs to take better angles going after the QBs in the open field. It seems on every good scramble it was Earnest trying to run them down from behind.

Good strip of [tag]Jeremy Hills[/tag] by linebacker [tag]Keenan Robinson[/tag]. Not sure if he was down or not but it was a good play by Robinson. Hills better do a better job holding onto the football if he wants to see the field.

Kinne was probably sacked on that play but he just launched a great deep pass to Buckner down field. Probably not a smart pass but showed a good arm and might be one of the best throws of the afternoon.

And a nice scamper by Harris off the read for a touchdown. Not sure if it’s the defenses or what, but the two guys rumored to be gone both looked good.


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    You will regret calling Blake lame someday. He will be a great athlete.

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    Lj u r stupid he wasn’t talking about Blake’s name he was talking about the lame team names.

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    Um dude learn to read. I didn’t call Blake lame. I called the monikers “Team Tradition” and “Team Pride” lame.

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    Blaine Irby is the shit… Straight up!

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