Posted June 21st, 2008 by Brian
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I’m at the mall with my wife and had a Big 12-related observation. Here in North Dallas in the big sporting goods store (Dick’s) there’s a ton of Longhorns gear and some [tag]Oklahoma[/tag] stuff, but there’s very little A&M apparel at all. There’s a whole wall of Texas and OU stuff with two Aggie t-shirts in the corner. There was more [tag]Texas Tech[/tag] and LSU stuff than that.

It’s even worse at the sports memorabilia store. Some very cool and very expensive Vince Young and Kevin Durant stuff and some Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell autographed prints and mini-helmets. The Sooners are represented solely by Adrian Peterson and the Aggies have absolutely nothing. Think about it, what Aggie memorabilia can even A&M fans collect? Six year old Dat Nguyen Cowboys jerseys?

Dallas is three hours away from Austin, College Station, and Norman yet there’s absolutely no Texas A&M presence here. Just thought that was an interesting real world observation about the state of the three programs.


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    this is a non story who cares about the stupid aggies. they suck as always, why bring them up. please put some real Texas Longhorns storys up how about the off season, or recuiting, maybe position break downs, or interviews. got to have more guys.

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    Yea…real stories about the no graduating dope smoking and DUI ing former running backs that add to the mystique of wearing the burnt orange.

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    Good ol’ Aggies. Bill, I’m sure you have just as many former players getting DUI’s and smoking weed, but since you have no famous former players we don’t hear about it in the national media. ESPN doesn’t exactly report if Jamaar Toombs is arrested. And yes, we had several stories on Benson’s arrests when they happened.

    By the way Texas’ APR (Academic Performance Rating) for the football team was the highest in the Big 12.

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    Carl Rasmussen

    I think people just associate with who is currently winning. When the Aggies were dominating pre Mack Brown era, Aggie stuff is all you saw.

    Went to Permian playoff game last year, and had to sit opposite the MOJO crowd. Looking for a few friends thru my binochs, I was amazed at how many UT shirts were in the crowd.

    Tech is exciting, and currently dominating the Aggies. They have beaten OU 2 of the last 3 games, just like Texas.

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    What about the practice roster QB for the Toronto Argonauts? The one who got busted for resisting arrest and having crystal meth in Houston. McNeal? I think he was an aggie.

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