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It could come down to which QB plays best. Who would you choose? McCoy or McElroy?

It could come down to which QB plays best. Who would you choose? McCoy or McElroy?

Here we go ladies and gentlemen. The king of college football for the 2009 season will be crowned tonight at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. In front of a every sports fan in the country, the #2 Texas Longhorns will take on the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide for all the marbles. In a few hours the winner of the Citi BCS National Championship Game will hold up the crystal football and have a moment they will never forget.

Predictions from the national media are all over the place. Some think Bama wins big and think Texas doesn’t stand a chance, others look at the entire body of work and think the game could go either way. Our predictions for the title game are below:

Brian Enough talk, time for some action. The Horns have heard they’ve got no chance to win for almost a month and it will motivate them to come out and play their asses off. Will it make them overly hyped or give them the burst they need to win? I don’t think it matters. Texas defensive coordinator [tag]Will Muschamp[/tag] has his goon squad ready and pumped to shut down the Tide and they’re going to do it. The defense and special teams give the Horns good enough field position all night to allow [tag]Greg Davis[/tag] to throw caution to the wind (a little) and score just enough points to beat a great Bama defense. Horns win in defensive struggle decided by special teams and turnovers.Texas 23, Alabama 13

Matt This season and game reminds me a lot of the 2005 National Championship run, but I love being the underdog and overlooked by most people in the nation. All I keep hearing about is how good Alabama’s defense is and how they dominated Florida. Well I have watched quite a few of Alabama’s games this year and I think some people need to go back and watch film on the Alabama vs Tennessee and Alabama versus Auburn games.

I think the key to the game will be if Texas can get off to a fast start. It seems in almost every game this season Texas just goes through the motions in the first half, makes some adjustments, and comes out on fire in the second half. That simply won’t work in this game. A lot of that responsibility will be on Colt McCoy. He needs to take over the game early and do whatever it takes to start off strong, even if that means running the ball more like he did in the A&M game.

Alabama does have a strong defense but I am severely unimpressed by their quarterback McElroy. He seems slow in the pocket and Texas has the speed on defense to give him some problems. I think he will have a couple of key turnovers which will be the difference in the game. I actually believe this game will be a little bit higher scoring than most people think. And because of the Texas Longhorn Rose Bowl history, I am going with a last second field goal to win. Texas 31, Alabama 30

Ross 13-0 in 2009. 25-1 over two years. This has been an incredible run by our Horns. Do you see where this prediction is going? I had the same feelings going into the 2006 National Championship game and it turned out pretty good. The UT coaches (Will and Greg) will have a lot to say about the outcome of this game more than any other game this year. The Horns have a daunting task against the most complete team that they have faced all year. I pointed out what the Horns need to do to win with the new year’s resolutions post. The Tide have the momentum from the SEC Championship game, but the Horns have the chip on their shoulder. I think Saban will have Bama wound so tight while Mack will have the Horns playing with nothing to lose. Horns will win a close one. Texas 26, Alabama 24

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    This is typical of UT fans. I’m not trying to pour salt on an open wound, I think poor Colt has suffered enough. But scanning your ‘predictions’ is astounding. Are Horns fans such homers they can’t even give credit to a team like Alabama? Texas bear NO ONE this year, NO ONE. Their schedule was the worst, lamest, easier FBS schedule ever. Alabama totally destroyed Florida! You know, the team that won 2 championships and had Heisman winner Tim Tebow? Yeah, that Florida. For all you UT fans to ‘predict’ the Horns winning like that is laughable! You’d think just one of you would know enough about football to know WHY Texas was the underdog…Alabama was better! If Saban hadn’t shut down his team in all the 3rdQ and 9/10’s of the 4thQ they could have routed you like dogs! Gilbert didn’t ‘fight back’ and UT didn’t come close to competing. Bama laid down and quit at halftime and didn’t start playing again until 2:00 to go in the 4th! They spotted you two turnovers, multiple penalties (all in the first 6 minutes) and you had the ball on their 1 yard line and couldn’t get it in using 3 tries!! You got beat, whupped, out classed and manhandled. You weren’t in your league (you know, the one where you play UTEP, Wyoming, USF, Stephen F Austin, etc). You finally played a good team and got dismantled like a tinker toy. I don’t understand why, more than any other fans, you orangebloods think they you should win just because you showed up! You think undefeated (against a bunch of 2AA scrubs) means your actually belong in the Nat’l Championship game!! I’m not a UT hater, but come on! Be realistic about your team, okay?

  2. reply to  #2


    @TexasRaider: Um. Wow. What game were you watching man? Outclassed and manhandled?

    Alabama played well and deserved to win but you do realize it was a 3-point game with 3 minutes left and Texas actually had more yards than Bama??


  3. reply to  #3

    alex hamilton

    Nice site. Brian seems to be a classy guy. I will say this much, however.

    I hope that Alabama never has to play Texas again. Not because of the Texas Fight, or whatever you people cheer. No, I don’t care to be around y’all again because on the grounds of the Rose Bowl my wife and sister were both called “whores” by your fans just for crossing their path. Mind you, nothing was said back to the UT fans. Had I been there, someone’s ass would have been kicked.

    Also, a lot of your fans are EXTREMELY arrogant. I mean, I know you’re Texas, but damn, you’re not the Cowboys. Aside from the chirping from random people under 35, it was an interesting game.

    I will give you this much, your worst are nowhere near as bad as Florida’s worst. They are the cockiest idiots in the country.

    Roll Tide. The best team won. And teach your young men to be more respectful. Austin isn’t the center of the universe.

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