Deadspin brings up a good point. Baby due in November. Leinart spotted leaving Paris Hilton’s in May. Hmm…


This is getting out of control. How many things can we be #1 at?


Posted August 21st, 2006 by Matt
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I guess the question now is what are we not #1 at?


Letter from the University of North Dakota to the NCAA over their nickname.


Posted June 13th, 2006 by Brian
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Team Baby LonghornsHave a toddler around the house and tired of watching The Wiggles? Ever babysit for an Aggie friend and feel sorry for their child? Entertain your tyke and create future Longhorns using Team Baby Entertainment’s DVD’s to brainwash introduce them to the Texas Longhorns.

Team Baby Entertainment titles allows parents, grandparents, alumni and friends to share their love, loyalty and passion for their university with their children. Our videos provide an informative, entertaining and educational way to introduce your child to the university and team you root for.

Each DVD is customized for a specific university and uses officially licensed footage of the university’s team sports, mascot, marching band, campus attractions and more to expose children to the university in an exciting and playful manner.

Videos also feature the music of the school’s marching band as well as original “Team Baby” footage of children enjoying the sites and sounds of the university you love.

The videos are about 30 minutes in length and sell for twenty dollars. Based on the preview video it mainly consists of baby-friendly inspirational/sports/team music playing over video of kids happily wearing Longhorn garb. There’s also clips of the football team and band interspersed, but I’m not sure how much based on the preview. Pretty cool idea, especially as a gift, but the price seems a little steep for only 30 minutes of entertainment. I think I’ll just force my future offspring to watch the Rose Bowl over and over again with me.



Posted June 9th, 2006 by Matt
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Support Dirk and the Mavs in the NBA Finals.


At 76, he claims he can leg press 2,000 pounds. Might make a great DT.


Hook 'EmFound a great photo on Flickr of just one more example that the Texas Longhorns have gone national and are headed towards world domination. Some hoodlum put tape over the middle fingers and the thumb of the crosswalk stop hand and now everyone who comes to that New York City intersection has to “Hook ’em Horns” before they proceed.

Okay, okay, I’m sure it’s probably just a sign of the devil but it’s still pretty cool.

Any Flickr users and UT fans should join the University of Texas group. Not a huge group (yet) but there’s some really fantastic photgraphers sharing their UT-related photos.


Important info just in case there’s any other alumni reading this.


Posted March 26th, 2006 by Brian
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Jason White’s hometown threatens to call the FBI because they couldn’t configure their own web server.

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