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Sergio Kindle intends to (re)introduce himself early and often to Sam Bradford Saturday.

Sergio Kindle intends to (re)introduce himself early and often to Sam Bradford Saturday.

The game Texas and [tag]Oklahoma[/tag] fans have been looking forward to and stressing about for 364 days is finally upon us. Saturday morning the two Big 12 powerhouses will face off in a game that has lost a little luster with the Sooners dropping two early games, but the rivalry always makes this the biggest game of the year. If Texas wins the path to a possible national title shot gets a little clearer, do the editors of 40 Acres Sports think it’ll happen? Find out below:

Brian After last year’s offensive shoot out (45-35!!!!) this year’s game should be a battle of two strong defenses. Texas’ secondary was just a bunch of pups last season but this year they’ve been one of the team’s biggest strengths. Those guys will be helped out against OU quarterback Sam Bradford by a surprising defensive line including end [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag]. OU’s offensive line is a weak spot so expect Mr. Kindle to be in Bradford’s head and in his face all game long. The Horns will also get a big momentum boost or score from either the defense or [tag]DJ Monroe[/tag] and the return game. Texas 27, Oklahoma 13

Matt Bottom-line, this game will be close. Texas’ defense has looked strong this year in my opinion, but they have not faced the type of athletes that Oklahoma will be putting on the field. OU’s running back duo is about as good as it gets, and after watching Sam Bradford play last week I am convinced that is shoulder is not bothering him at all. For the Horns, someone needs to step up big at running back. Last year it was Ogbonnaya. Who will it be this year? Expect Jordan Shipley to make a big play at wide receiver/punt returner, just like he has done all year and did last year in the Red River Rivalry. Texas 33, Oklahoma 27

Ross I compared every position between the Longhorns and the Sooners. The Sooners can boast a better running attack and a better defensive front four (QB play I felt was even). Which should lead me to a Horns win. One looming issue is the caliber of opponents that both teams have faced leading up to this game. OU has played a much tougher schedule and has not survived the trip. The Horns are still trying to put it all together (ie. UTEP game). I am concerned with Colt McCoy’s penchant for an early miscue (fumble or interception) and we all know that the turnover battle is a huge factor with this game. My prediction for the game is that it will be a close one. Texas 24, Oklahoma 23


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Big 12 play is now fully underway and only one week until the big matchup against OU. The Longhorns are huge favorites once again, but how do the editors of 40 Acres Sports see the game going?

Matt At the start of the season I would have told you I was a little worried about this Colorado matchup, especially with the big game against OU the week after. Thankfully Colorado has struggled this year and I don’t see them putting up much of a fight. They are outmatched in every way, and have to deal with playing in front of 100,000 opposing fans. Basically there is no chance for the Buffaloes week. Texas wins big and should cover the 33 point spread. Texas 55, Colorado 17

Ross Be ready for a little rust on the Longhorns after their bye week when they meet the Buffaloes this Saturday night. The Horns offense will be slow out of the gate since the offense is predicated on some much timing between Colt and his receivers. The Horns defense will step up in the first half to keep the Buffs in check. Get ready for the offense to up tempo to start the second half where the Horns will dominate a disappointing team from the North. Texas 38, Colorado 10


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One more game to tune up for the Longhorns before Big 12 play gets fully underway. The Longhorns are big favorites, but how to the editors of 40 Acres Sports see the game going?

Brian Is this the [tag]Tre Newton[/tag] coming out party? In the last non-conference game for the Horns I expect the Texas coaches to try to feature Newton and jumpstart the running game for the rest of the season. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] will start slow again but this time Greg Davis will go to hurry up in first quarter so he’ll play three good quarters of football instead of two. Defense comes up big against a UTEP offense that has been struggling against even average early season opponents. Texas 60, UTEP 14

Michael The 2009 Longhorns have yet to live up to preseason expectations, and there’s little chance of that changing this afternoon against an uncommonly weak UTEP team. However, the offense has a golden opportunity to show that they really are the dominant, well-oiled machine that Texas fans expected them to be. Look for a healthier Colt McCoy to establish his passing dominance, hopefully with more deep shots to Malcolm Williams to take some pressure off of [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag]. With Tre Newton as the starting back, I’d like to see more running plays inside the box as well to get our offensive line some practice in being aggressive. Defensively, there’s still room for improvement. Look for [tag]Deon Beasley[/tag] to make his return at some point this afternoon, and Muschamp will most likely be working to tighten down the zone defense to eliminate some of the bend in the “bend and not break” scheme. Texas 52, UTEP 10

Ross This game against UTEP needs to be the breather that all Texas fans have been hoping for. Colt McCoy had 4 TD passes last year against the Miners and we should expect the same this year. The emergence of Tre Newton as the starting running back should open up the middle of the field where opponents/linebackers have not respected the running game. This will be the momentum game that will help the UT players feel good going into the bye week. Texas 45 – UTEP 17

Predictions from Twitterverse


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It’s been a long, dry seven months since the Texas Longhorns last took the field to play some college football. The drought ends today as the team kicks off against [tag]Louisiana-Monroe[/tag] at 6pm to open the 2009 season. The Horns are 42-point favorites in the game, how do the editors of 40 Acres Sports think the burnt orange will fair in the season opener?

Mike This is a special season for the Texas Longhorns. In years past, this is the type of game the Longhorns coast through, but not 2009. The team has too many leaders on the field, and on the sideline, to not go out there and crush an over matched Louisiana-Monroe team. I think [tag]Vondrell McGee[/tag] establishes himself as a potential 1300 yard back, [tag]Malcolm Williams[/tag] becomes a legit big play threat and [tag]Alex Okafor[/tag] becomes everybody’s favorite young Longhorn. Texas 63 – Louisiana-Monroe 10

Matt To me this is the perfect type of game to start the year. Everyone will get plenty of playing time and get a good warm-up before their big match-up in a couple weeks against Tech. My big question mark this year is Vondrell McGee. I have always been a huge supporter, but he has yet to really deliver up to his expectations. I am also excited to see how this defense has matured with another offseason with Muschamp. This one will cover the 42 point spread in the first half. Texas 59 – Louisiana-Monroe 7

Brian The Longhorns lost a few weapons on both sides of the ball pregame, but that won’t change the outcome of this one. The Texas coaches have the team ready and believing this step on the way to a national title and the players are going to come out and dominate to start the season. I expect a heavy dose of the running game (hopefully forcing the running game works better than last year) and defensive coordinator is going to at least partially unleash The Predator, aka [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag], on an overmatched ULM offense. Find a rhythm, get up big, and stay healthy. Texas 56 – Louisiana-Monroe 3

Predictions from Twitterverse


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Will McCoy be able to pick apart the Buckeyes' D?

Will McCoy be able to pick apart the Buckeyes' D?

The Texas Longhorns have a lot to prove tonight when they face the tenth ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Texas fans have been screaming for months that they, not [tag]Oklahoma[/tag], deserved the chance to play for a national title and if they need to win tonight to help their case. The Buckeyes are the best defense the Horns have faced all season and if they can win and put big points on the scoreboard there’s still an outside shot of a split national title.

Check out our predictions for the game below…

Brian Texas hasn’t faced a defense as tough as Ohio State’s all year long but there aren’t any Big 10 offenses in the same league as the high-powered [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] led Longhorns. OSU’s young quarterback Terrelle Pryor will make a few plays but the Texas pass rush should also force some huge mistakes. I think [tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] is headed for a huge performance in his last game in the burnt orange. If the Horns slow down running back Beanie Wells than they win, it’s that simple. Texas 34 – Ohio State 21.

Matt The rubber match between these two teams looks like it could be another instant classic. If you look at the major factors here, Texas clearly has the advantage. You have Colt McCoy versus a freshman, an offensive line that should dominate, and a defensive line that puts serious pressure with just their front four. Pryor looks like he will be a good qb, but he just doesn’t have the experience right now. I think [tag]Will Muschamp[/tag] will have a field day with him and Texas will control this game. Look for a close game early and then Texas will pull away late. Texas 38 – Ohio State 20.

Mike Texas isn’t where they want to be. The team has to feel like they should be playing [tag]Florida[/tag] in Miami for the BCS championship. In years past the possibility of playing flat would be on everybody’s mind. The combination of the makeup of this team and the coaching staff has most believing the Longhorns will come to play Monday night. The game won’t be as easy as some are making it out to be because of Ohio State’s power running game and their defense which will be the best UT faces all year. Texas has too much speed and Will Muschamp will do everything he can to keep the Buckeyes true freshman quarterback off balance. It will be tight early, but expect the Longhorns to pull away late. Texas 31 – Ohio State 17


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Will the Longhorns avoid a 3rd straight upset?

Will the Longhorns avoid a third straight upset?

The Texas Longhorns are 35-point favorites on Turkey Day against the Texas A&M Aggies and they might need to win by even more than that to impress the voters and hold onto their number two BCS ranking. The two rivals face off on Thanksgiving Day for the first time since 1993 when one of the Aggies many transgressions landed them with TV restrictions due to NCAA penalties. This year the Aggies are again playing with nothing to lose, can the Horns avoid another upset? Will they come out and earn enough “style points” to win a Big 12 South title and a chance for a national title? Find out how bad the Aggies will lose below:

Brian Lots of poll watching and complaining by Texas fans this week but none of that will matter if the team doesn’t take care of business Thursday night. The last three seasons the Horns have been big favorites but didn’t come out strong and let the Aggies stay in the game. This year Texas needs to put some early points on the board against an overmatched team and never give them any hope. The Texas defense might give up a few points but the offense is going to have a field defense against a team that gave up 41 to [tag]Baylor[/tag]. Yes, Baylor! Quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] is looking for payback and his first win over A&M and he’s going to have a huge game in front of a national audience both passing and running. Texas 56 – Texas A&M 20

Matt A lot more than just the usual rivalry bragging rights are on the line this Thanksgiving against Aggy. First and foremost is the fact that Texas currently sits at the #2 spot in the BCS and is desperate need of some style points with an impressive win (I am thinking by 40 or more). [tag]Oklahoma[/tag] will likely jump Texas no matter what with a win, but we can use all the help we can get. Second is the fact that Colt McCoy has yet to beat Aggy in his ridiculous career at Texas (probably the only thing he hasn’t done). I think these two scenarios make for a huge Texas win, as they will be looking to dominate this game. I am thinking 50+. Hopefully they don’t eat too much turkey before. Texas 60 – Texas A&M 10

Mike Texas has every reason to blow out Texas A&M. The Longhorns enter the game with a slim lead over Oklahoma for the Big 12 tie breaker, and oh yeah, the Aggies have beaten the Longhorns for the last two seasons. At least one of the losses cost UT a conference championship and a BCS bowl. [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] is usually hesitant to embarrass an opponent by leaving in his starters and running up the score, but this week holds special circumstances. His team needs style points because it looks like who goes to Kansas City next week will be determined by who plays best this week. The Longhorns get the first shot to impress the voters on Thanksgiving night in front of a national audience. Texas needs to win dominantly from the opening snap to the closing one. In years past I’d be worried about how Texas would respond to such pressure but with the leadership on the team combined with the passion the coaching staffs brought to this squad I have no doubts this one is going to get ugly. Colt McCoy will have a huge day that will move him to the front of the Heisman race and the Longhorns will make it real tough for voters to put OU in front of them on Sunday. Texas 55 – Texas A&M 13


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Filed under: Football writer Stewart Mandel has written up his predictions for all the BCS and non-BCS bowls and has the Horns headed to the Fiesta Bowl. He’s predicting [tag]Texas Tech[/tag] will win out and make it to the BCS title game. The Red Raiders winning out would make football hell freeze over but is actually the clearest path for the Horns to make it into a BCS game. Mandel’s BCS and Big 12 predictions are below:

BCS Bowls

Orange: Maryland (ACC champ) vs. Cincinnati (Big East champ)
Rose: Penn State (Big Ten champ) vs. USC (Pac-10 champ)
Sugar: Alabama (BCS at-large) vs. Utah (BCS at-large)
Fiesta: Texas (BCS at-large) vs. Ohio State (BCS at-large)
BCS Championship: Texas Tech (BCS No. 1) vs. Florida (BCS No. 2)

Big 12 non-BCS Bowls

Alamo: Missouri (Big 12 No. 4) vs. Northwestern (Big Ten No. 4)
Holiday: Oregon State (Pac-10 No. 2) vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12 No. 3)
Toilet: Michigan (Big 10 No. 9) vs. Texas A&M (Big 12 No. 11)
Sun: Arizona (Pac-10 No. 3) vs. Nebraska (Big 12 No. 5)
Insight: Minnesota (Big Ten No. 6) vs. Kansas (Big 12 No. 6)
Cotton: Oklahoma (Big 12 No. 2) vs. LSU (SEC)


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Will Texas win (and with style) in Lawrence?

Will Texas win (and with style) in Lawrence?

Texas is still sitting in great shape in the BCS rankings but has to keep winning for any of it to matter. Up this week is [tag]Kansas[/tag] who put a big scare into Texas faithful the last time the Horns went to Lawrence. This week the Horns must overcome injuries and weather but they’re the better team and will be two touchdown favorites at kickoff.

Will the banged up offensive line be able to protect [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag]? Can the running game help negate the bad weather? Will the Texas defense keep Lake Travis’ own Todd Reesing scrambling for his life? Find out what the editors on the 40 Acres think below…

Brian Texas needs an impressive performance today in hopes of jumping [tag]Oklahoma[/tag] in the Coaches Poll, but with 20 MPH winds and wind chill of around 27° at kickoff points may be a little harder to come by. The Horns need to come out strong, let [tag]Foswhitt Whittaker[/tag] loose, and let the running game drive the offense for the first time all year. The KU offensive line has been pretty porous all year, so I expect a big game from whoever is healthy enough to play on the defensive line for Texas. Texas 35 – Kansas 14.

Matt Expect weather to be a factor, as a cold front is coming in so it will be colder and windier than usual. So far this season Kansas hasn’t lived up to expectations, but they have one of the top quarterbacks in the Big 12 and are always a threat to put up some points. Texas needs to keep winning in order to keep their National Championship hopes alive, so I expect to see their best effort this weekend. They have learned to not take any opponents for granted (aka the last time they played in Lawrence, KS). The spread here is 13, which is no where near enough. Texas will win by 20. Texas 40 – Kansas 20.

Mike This has all the makings for a trap game. The game is early and on the road, Texas is beat up physically and most likely mentally, Kansas can put up points, and it is going to be cold. The problem for Kansas is that so many people have been asking Texas about the possibility of a let down game that I think the team wants nothing more than to play football. The fact is Kansas is just not that good. Anything is possible on any given Saturday, but Texas is just plain better at every position on the field. The only way Kansas has is to force turnovers and make big plays. The Longhorns have been good at minimizing both of those aspects from this season. UT wins this one going away. Texas 51 – Kansas 23


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Can Colt McCoy continue his Heisman-worthy play?

Can Colt McCoy continue his Heisman-worthy play?

Coming off a loss to [tag]Texas Tech[/tag] that knocked the Longhorns from title favorites to title contenders, the team will look to rebound today against [tag]Baylor[/tag]. Sitting at number four in the BCS rankings if the Horns can take care of their business starting today they could easily climb their way back into things. Baylor is a better team than in year’s past so Texas won’t be able to sleepwalk through this one.

After a tough loss and a week of distractions, can Texas avoid the upset? Find out what we think below:

Brian This is a huge game for the Longhorns. There are so many reason the team could be headed for a let down against Baylor, coming off a ferocious stretch of games and also coming off a loss. Baylor, led by Robert Griffin, is a solid team that as they showed last week against [tag]Missouri[/tag] can play with anybody these days. Texas is still a class above them and I think the leadership of this team is strong. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] and [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] are going to get back on track. We’ll also see huge games for linebackers [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag] and [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag] as they try to keep Griffin from going off. Texas 48 – Baylor 20

Mike This game could go two ways. The hangover of last week combined with a dead stadium early Saturday morning against the year in and year out door mat team of the Big 12 could lead to a tightly played, poorly executed ball game. Or Texas could come out and dominate trying to prove a point that last week is in the past. Great teams rebound from a tough loss and while I’m not convinced this UT squad is a great team, I do think they are mentally tough enough to bounce back from a loss that would send some teams into a downward spiral. Texas is bigger, faster, and should be hungrier than a much improved Baylor team. It won’t be the laugher it has been, but Texas wins going away after a slow first quarter. Texas 45 – Baylor 17

Quan Cosby should have a big day against Texas Tech

Quan Cosby should have a big day against Texas Tech

The final game of Texas’ incredible four-game gauntlet is tonight at 7pm in front of a national television audience. The Longhorns will face off against the Red Raiders on ABC and with a win will become only the second team in college football history to beat four top 11 teams in a row. Check out how the Bevo Sports editors believe the Horns will fare tonight below:

Brian A week ago the national media talked about how overrated Tech was and undeserving of being in the top ten, now this week somehow the same people are predicting the Longhorns will be upset in Lubbock. Not me, I think the Horns go out there and win big. The Texas Tech defense is not improved from years past and this is the same Tech team that struggled against Nevada, [tag]Nebraska[/tag], and Texas A&M. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] continues to dominate and the defensive line doesn’t give Graham Harrell time to think on the way to another solid Texas win over a top 10 opponent. Texas 48 – Texas Tech 28

Matt I think what determines the outcome in this game is the Texas defensive front seven. Can they put pressure on Harrell and slow down the explosive Tech offense? I think think they can, and will do so in a dominate fashion. Everyone thinks this one will be close, but this one could get ugly quickly. Remember when we were all worried about the Mizzou game? Not sure we should be for this one. Texas 58 – Texas Tech 27

Mike I keep trying to get nervous about this game. I know, I know, the game is in Lubbock, it is at night, Tech’s offensive is explosive and the defense is improved, Texas has to have a let down eventually, and Colt McCoy can’t be this good. I’ve heard it all and I may agree with some of it, but I just don’t see any team beating this Longhorn team right now. This team responds better on the road than at home and I think all the hype in Lubbock is only feeding into this team’s mentality of us against the world. Tech’s defense isn’t slowing Texas down, and Will Muschamp’s group can at least slow down this group enough for Texas to win. I don’t think this one lives up to the hype either. Texas 45 – Texas Tech 30

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