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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against UTEP.

Pregame – WTH Mongo?! – Steve McMichael was on the field to accept the honor of being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Steve, aka Bam Bam, was a tremendous defensive tackle for UT in the late 70’s. One of his funnier moments after his playing career was over came when he was ejected from a Cubs game in 2001 after he sang take me out to the ballgame and announced to the crowd that he was going to be waiting for umpire Angel Hernandez because of a disputed call against the Cubs.

1st Quarter (13:36) – WTH Sergio?! – Sergio Kindle’s penchant for violent QB sacks continued when he hit and separated the ball from UTEP Trevor Vittatoe. The play happened at almost the same place he crushed TT Tyler Potts last week.

1st Quarter (11:00) – WTH Monroe?! – D.J. Monroe has established himself has the only player in UT history to have 2 kickoff returns for a touchdown so early in the season. Speed does kill.

1st Quarter (8:43) – WTH Malcolm?! – Malcolm Williams hit on UTEP punter Greg Hiett made Coach Blood (aka Muschamp) giddy and wondering why you are not on the defensive side of the ball.

2nd Quarter (15:00 & 7:44) – WTH Davis?! – The Q package or Wild Horn that Coach Greg Davis puts in does not work with WR John Chiles when you exclusively run for 1 yard & -7 yards in the second quarter. Let Chiles pass the ball or run the option to get defenses guessing on what Wild thing we are going to pull.

4th Quarter – Not WTH but WHO the Heck are all of these players?! – Jeremy Hills and Jamison Berryhill contributed to the rushing totals as well as Trevor Walker took a few snaps as quarterback in the late stages for Texas. It was great to see so many players getting playing time from this very dominant performance by the Longhorns.

Final Score: Texas 64 UTEP 7

Next up is a Bye Week. Colorado is on the horizon at DKR Memorial on October 10th.


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Highlights from Texas’ complete thumping of [tag]UTEP[/tag] are below:

<a href=";from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_HP&#038;fg=gtlv2" target="_new" title="Highlights: UTEP - (2) Texas">Video: Highlights: UTEP &#8211; (2) Texas</a>

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Follow along live with 40 Acres Sports on Twitter and below for our thoughts and analysis during today’s game versus [tag]UTEP[/tag] on FSN. We’ll be live right around kickoff so join us to discuss the game right around 2:30pm this afternoon.

Feel free to leave comments and questions using the live tool, but not all comments will be published. Read below for more notes on comments and how the live blog will work. Hook ’em!

(continue to read full live blog …)


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One more game to tune up for the Longhorns before Big 12 play gets fully underway. The Longhorns are big favorites, but how to the editors of 40 Acres Sports see the game going?

Brian Is this the [tag]Tre Newton[/tag] coming out party? In the last non-conference game for the Horns I expect the Texas coaches to try to feature Newton and jumpstart the running game for the rest of the season. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] will start slow again but this time Greg Davis will go to hurry up in first quarter so he’ll play three good quarters of football instead of two. Defense comes up big against a UTEP offense that has been struggling against even average early season opponents. Texas 60, UTEP 14

Michael The 2009 Longhorns have yet to live up to preseason expectations, and there’s little chance of that changing this afternoon against an uncommonly weak UTEP team. However, the offense has a golden opportunity to show that they really are the dominant, well-oiled machine that Texas fans expected them to be. Look for a healthier Colt McCoy to establish his passing dominance, hopefully with more deep shots to Malcolm Williams to take some pressure off of [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag]. With Tre Newton as the starting back, I’d like to see more running plays inside the box as well to get our offensive line some practice in being aggressive. Defensively, there’s still room for improvement. Look for [tag]Deon Beasley[/tag] to make his return at some point this afternoon, and Muschamp will most likely be working to tighten down the zone defense to eliminate some of the bend in the “bend and not break” scheme. Texas 52, UTEP 10

Ross This game against UTEP needs to be the breather that all Texas fans have been hoping for. Colt McCoy had 4 TD passes last year against the Miners and we should expect the same this year. The emergence of Tre Newton as the starting running back should open up the middle of the field where opponents/linebackers have not respected the running game. This will be the momentum game that will help the UT players feel good going into the bye week. Texas 45 – UTEP 17

Predictions from Twitterverse


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The Texas defense will try to swarm Trevor Vittatoe and the UTEP offense.

The Texas defense will try to swarm Trevor Vittatoe and the UTEP offense.

A week after a tough Big 12 matchup against [tag]Texas Tech[/tag], the Texas Longhorns play one more non-conference game against the UTEP Miners before getting into the meat of their schedule. The Miners are 1-2 to start the season while the Horns are 3-0 and ranked #2 in the country.

Here are a few UTEP players to keep an eye on during Saturday’s game…

Trevor Vittatoe, QB #10

2009 Stats: 54.9% comp pct, 602 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

The senior quarterback from Euless Trinity has put together back-to-back 3,000 yards seasons out in El Paso. Last year he was both prolific and efficient finishing the year with 33 TD passes against only 9 interceptions. In last year’s matchup against the Horns, Vittatoe threw for 267 yards and 1 TD in the loss. He’s still trying to get in a rhythm in 2009, and [tag]Will Muschamp[/tag] and his Texas defense will look to make sure that doesn’t happen until next week.

Jeff Moturi, WR #6

2009 Stats: 12 receptions, 106 yards, 0 TDs

Like Vittatoe, senior wideout Jeff Moturi is a good player that is struggling early this season. He caught over 50 balls in each of the last two seasons and has 22 career touchdown catches. Moturi had 5 catches for 59 yards last year against Texas but he’s still looking for his first TD of the 2009 season. UTEP spreads the ball around between Moturi, Kris Adams, and several other backs and receivers so the entire Texas secondary won’t be able to focus just on one player.

Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, S #23

Stats: 42 tackles, 2 FF

Cromartie-Smith actually plays as a linebacker/safety hybrid that UTEP calls the “Miner” position. He’s allowed to run all over the field an make plays, sometimes in coverage and sometimes going after the quarterback. He’s a playmaker who has forced two fumbles and his 42 tackles on the season are up with the nation’s leaders.


Last year’s win over [tag]UTEP[/tag] was great and all, but the best part of last year’s Longhorn game against the Miners wasn’t the win it was a Miner player getting hit in the nuts with a practice deep snap. Watch and enjoy:

That’ll never stop being funny. I can’t wait until Mike Judge’s vision of the future comes true.


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Can Texas make it through their schedule and back to the Rose Bowl for another MNC?

Can Texas make it through their schedule and back to the Rose Bowl for another MNC?

It’s about that time to start sizing up the college football season, so here’s my rundown of games on the Longhorns schedule, in order from easiest to hardest. These rankings take each team’s projected strength, plus the location and timing of the game.

12. [tag]Louisiana-Monroe[/tag] (Sept 5)

Why they’re here: Because this is a gimmie game. Don’t kid yourself; this is the Glass Joe on our schedule. In their two games versus big-time teams last year (Auburn and Ole Miss) the Warhawks were outscored 93-0. Best of luck fellas!

Why they’re not higher: Because they finished 4-7 last year and the game is at home. Seriously, the Christians walking into the Coliseum to face Lions had more of a chance. On the bright side, this may be our first glimpse at the QB of the future Garret Gilbert.

11. At [tag]Wyoming[/tag] (Sept 12)

Why they’re not here: Okay, this team is also Glass Joe… but playing at home in what should be the biggest game in their history. Sorry that’s all I got.

Why they’re not higher: Because the got pounded by the “big boys” in the WAC last year (TCU, Utah, BYU) by a combined score of 129-14. Bite the curb, and tell us how it tastes. We’ll try and not make you look too bad in front of your parents.

10. [tag]UTEP[/tag] (Sept 26)

Why they’re here: Yes, they are a small conference school, but they have a coach who guided his previous team to two Rose Bowls. Don’t underestimate the importance of coaching in college football.

Why they’re not higher: Because when you move past the coach, this is still the same team we beat 42-13 in El Paso last year. And there won’t be any chicks giving their boyfriends hand favors on the mountain to distract our defense this year.

9. [tag]Central Florida[/tag] (Nov 7)

Why they’re here: They gave us a hell of a tussle in their place a couple of years ago. More than any “gimme” in the schedule, they probably believe they can beat us. Plus, given where they fall on the schedule (between Oklahoma State and Baylor) our boys could be due for a letdown.

Why they’re not higher: Because they lost to UTEP by 45 points last year. THE END.

8. Colorado (Oct 10)

Why they’re here: Because their coach is pretty damn good, and they play division one football there. Not intramurals brother…

Why they’re not higher: Because we smoked their ass last year, and this team traditionally is not great away from Boulder. Seriously, look it up: the school’s biggest three wins since joining the Big 12 have either come at home or on the a neutral site. Danger Dan Hawkins, danger!!!

7. At [tag]Missouri[/tag] (Oct 24)

Why they’re here: Because last year at this time, people were picking them as a National title contender. Sure they lost a bunch of talent, but I’m sure Pinkle has a bunch of talent ready to shine, right?

Why they’re not higher: Wrong. Sorry, but Chase Daniels was special (for Missouri at least) and Jeremy Maclin and Chase Coffman are NFL talents. So far, Missouri hasn’t shown the ability to reload and keep pace in the Big 12.

6. [tag]Texas Tech[/tag] (Sept 19)

Why they’re here: Because they beat us last year, and are always a tough out. Tech is the most hit-or-miss team in the country: when they’re off they can lose to SMU, when they’re on they can beat Oklahoma or Texas…

Why they’re not higher: at home. Sorry, I should have finished that thought. Look it up, Tech’s biggest wins in the last few years have come in Lubbock. Factor in that they will be working in a new starting quarterback, and the timing of this game is the final nail in the Red Raiders coffin. Don’t underestimate the “revenge” factor working in Texas’ favor.

5. At Texas A&M (Nov 26)

Why they’re here: It’s the Aggies; they have one good game in them a year and they always seem to save it for “t.u.”. They also will be playing at home and have the benefit of the 12th Man, plus they have a former NFL coach at the helm and a better-than-you-think reservoir of talent.

Why they’re not higher: Because the reservoir doesn’t run THAT deep. Look at the rankings, the Ags recruiting fell off mightily during the Fran tenure (or as they call it on “the Dark Ages”). Plus the fact that the Horns seniors are 1-2 versus the Ags will provide a little extra motivation. A+M will really need the 12th Man… hell, they might even need to grab a 13th and 14th while they’re at it.

4. At [tag]Baylor[/tag] (Nov 11)

Why they’re here: Because the Bears have the fastest collection of skill players in the Big 12 (no really!), and now their Freshman All-American QB Robert Griffin has a full year starting under his belt. If you recall, the Bears battled back to tie the score at 14 in Austin last year before Texas pulled away. I just have the feeling that Art Briles has one major upset in him next year… and A&M doesn’t count.

Why they’re not higher: Because playing Baylor on the road is only slightly more difficult than playing them at home. Waco is basically a stone’s throw from Austin, relatively speaking, so the crowd will be 40% Horn fans at worst. Plus, Colt McCoy’s girlfriend will be in attendance, so he’ll be extra motivated. Wouldn’t you be?

3. [tag]Kansas[/tag] (Nov 21)

Why they’re here: Because Kansas is good, that’s why… potentially REALLY good. Todd Ressing is a top 10 quarterback nationally, and Kerry Meier and Dezmon Briscoe form the conference’s best 1-2 punch on the outside. The Jayhawks’ falloff last year can directly be attributed to the defense, which should be much improved this fall.

Why they’re not higher: Because the game is in Austin and an improved Kansas squad is still a notch below what the Horns will line up with. The Texas D, playing without All-American Brian Orakpo, shut down the Jayhawks last season holding them to a season-low 7 points. Plus the timing of this game likely means the Horns will either be locked in on a BCS berth, or at the very worst trying to salvage the Cotton Bowl; regardless, it is unlikely they will have their guard down coming into this game.

2. [tag]Oklahoma[/tag] (Oct 17)

Why they’re here: This is always the game of the year in the Big 12 conference, but with all the late season debate and hoopla last year, this game’s intensity has been ratcheted up to another level. The Sooners are they only team quite in UT’s weight class on the schedule, and like it or not, they’re won the last three conference championships. The offense is manned by Heisman winner Sam Bradford and All-American Jermaine Gresham (who’s caught three touchdowns in his career versus the Horns), and their defense looks both deep and talented. Plus they have Ryan Reynolds back, who’s like the greatest football player ever!

Why they’re not higher: No, really he’s not. This is still the same defense that Colt hung 38 on last season, and Greg Davis seems to have Brent Venerables’ number. The Sooners’ also lost four starters on the offensive line along with their top two receivers, so Bradford won’t likely duplicate his numbers from last year. And to be honest, all the extra motivation is on Texas’ side: they beat OU, OU gets the BCS title shot and Bob Stoops crows and taunts by taking some less-so-subtle shots at Mack Brown. It’ll be a battle, but Texas looks to be a little stronger than 08, whereas OU looks to have taken a slight step back.

1. [tag]Oklahoma State[/tag] (Oct 31)

Why they’re here: 26. That’s the combined halftime deficits the Horns have faced their last two trips to Stillwater. I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what, but our boys always seem to stumble through the first half, only setting the stage for a thrilling comeback. This team is too good for us to spot double digits in the first half, plus the Horns will be coming off one huge game (Oklahoma) and one somewhat tough road game (Missouri) the two previous weeks; can they be at their best three weeks in a row?

A lot of things about this scenario bring back memories from Lubbock last year.


It isn’t the standard high brow content you’d expect from Bevo Sports, but a guy getting hit in the groin with a football will never stop being funny. [tag]UTEP[/tag] was having major issues getting the ball back to the punter so they were working out new guys on the sideline. Apparently one of them was very accurate, because he absolutely nailed his target. Watch and enjoy:


Mack Brown’s Monday press conference video is now up for your viewing. Talks about some of the key players from the [tag]UTEP[/tag] game, who they want to get on the field more, and what the team has to continue to improve on before the [tag]Arkansas[/tag] game. Watch it below:


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Quan Cosby kneeling after scoring a touchdown

Quan Cosby kneels after scoring a touchdown

I wouldn’t say that I ever thought the game against [tag]UTEP[/tag] was in jeopardy, but I will admit I was a little worried and/or disappointed that we only carried a 15 point lead going into the 4th quarter. It seemed pretty obvious that Texas was dominating the game, but they just couldn’t put it away until late in the game. And once again we showed our weakness lies in the young secondary, which didn’t really show much improvement from the previous game against [tag]Florida Atlantic[/tag]. Luckily we still have some time before we have to face OU.

Now let’s see how each position fared.

Quarterback – Overall Grade: A-

[tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] had another outstanding game, throwing for 282 yards and 4 touchdowns. Colt’s one interception came in the 3rd quarter when wide receiver Dan Buckner was not able to get off the line against the smaller cornerback. I can’t really blame Colt on that one. Colt spread the ball around well, completing passes to 7 different receivers. I really like the confidence Colt is playing with so far this year and it doesn’t look he will be slowing down anytime soon.

Backup quarterback [tag]John Chiles[/tag] did make a brief appearance in the game, but did not attempt any passes. He did run twice for a measly 5 yards. He was a total non-factor. [tag]Greg Davis[/tag] needs to get him more involved.

Running Backs – Overall Grade: B+

The highlight of the running back group is the emergence of a possible future star, [tag]Fozzy Whittaker[/tag]. Fozzy missed the first game with a knee injury but showed no signs of that against UTEP. Fozzy showed off his great lateral speed and ability to get around the corner in a hurry. He is the perfect compliment to the downhill slasher, [tag]Vondrell McGee[/tag]. Fozzy ended up with 72 yards on 12 carries for an impressive 6.0 yards per rush average. Vondrell ended up with only 6 carriers and 18 yards. He better watch out, the way Fozzy ran Saturday, he better improve his production if he wants to see more action on the field.

Receivers – Overall Grade: A-

If you remember last week I was a little disappointed with [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag]’s performance. Well you can throw all of that away, because this week he had the game of his life against UTEP. Quan caught 8 passes for 154 yards, including one where he completely burned the cornerback for an easy touchdown. Tight end [tag]Blaine Irby[/tag] found the end zone again with a nice leaping touchdown up the middle in the second quarter. [tag]Dan Buckner[/tag] also scored a nice touchdown off of a Colt scramble, but his inability to get a push off of a much smaller corner ended up with Colt’s only interception. Dan has the size, he just needs to learn to be more physical around the goal line. [tag]Chris Ogbonnaya[/tag] continued to show he is always a threat coming out of the backfield and is definitely a nice luxury to have on 3rd downs.

Defense – Overall Grade: C+

So how do you give up only 13 points and still get a C+? By letting a team move the ball on you the whole game. Well ok, maybe not the whole game, but at times UTEP moved the ball down the field with ease. Texas allowed 3 drives over 65 yards, 4 field goal attempts, and 1 touchdown. The young secondary again looked average at best. [tag]Earl Thomas[/tag] is supposed to be the one all of the coaches were impressed with in practice. Well somehow he needs to figure out to translate his success in practice to the field.

The defensive played a decent game, but only started to dominate late in the game when they had finally worn out the UTEP offensive line. [tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] did end up with 2 sacks, but with their size and speed they should have dominated the whole game. Linebacker [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag] had a ridiculous game, racking up 14 tackles and returning a fumble 26 yards for a touchdown. Overall the linebackers played pretty decent.

Special Teams – Overall Grade: B+

Quan Cosby had an impressive game at the wide receiver position, but he also made an outstanding play on special teams. Quan caught a missed field goal right on the edge of the endzone and alertly returned the ball all the way to the UTEP 35 yard line. Texas scored easily and basically put away the game right there. The kick-offs were much improved from last week, but that is probably due to the high altitude in El Paso. We’ll see how that goes next week.

Overall – Overall Grade: B+

I give Texas the same rating as last week. Not too great, not too bad. They definitely need to sure up some things in the secondary, but luckily there is some time for them to improve. And besides, right now Colt is on fire and the offense is rolling, so let’s save the worrying for a few more weeks.

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