Posted March 1st, 2006 by Brian
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As if deciding to attend Texas A&M wasn’t bad enough, Aggie forward Chris Walker and his friends decided to film themselves singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in their dorm room.

If they weren’t shirtless, it would only be really ghey but three shirtless dudes and puka shell necklaces put it over the top. Nice work guys but you have a long way to go to match these guys.

Update: And don’t worry, apparently Aggies can also rap. Hilarious.

Update 2: Holy crap, I should have clicked “More from this user” before. There’s a total of six videos from Chris and his friends including “Till I Collapse” and “Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong.” Their version of “What a Wonderful World” looks like it took way too much prep time but does prove they own shirts. I really think this all would’ve been okay if they had just worn shirts.

(Hat tip to Bradthehorn on Orangebloods)


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  1. reply to  #1


    LOL…………….UT is a joke, they cant even open their books and study. They seem to think that College is about sports and not academics. Only 40 points in a Basketball game from a team that in ranked in the top 10…………Heck their alum cant even stay off pot.

  2. reply to  #2


    As opposed to thinking college is about sitting around your dorm with a bunch of guys with no shirts and singing a song no guy should know the words to?

  3. reply to  #3


    What a homophobic, immature response. Good for them for not being uptight or insecure. Ignorant homophobia should not inhibit more intelligent people from being themselves.

  4. reply to  #4


    I figured these guys would be going to UT instead of ATM.
    Put some clothes on!

  5. reply to  #5


    That’s hot. Cool for them. At least they aren’t a bunch of bigoted rednecks.

  6. reply to  #6


    You watched this video and considered them “intelligent”?

  7. reply to  #7


    Ummmm… Tarheeldude get over yourself.

    And Charlie, I know it’s your thing to be completely wrong all the time but these are 3 A&M guys in their dorm clearly not studying. Also Texas is consistently rated higher academically than A&M in everything. And they’ve confirmed Ricky Williams didn’t test positive for marijuana and one rumor is that it was his prescription drug for his social anxiety that caused him to fail the test.

  8. reply to  #8

    Javier in DC

    I think the intelligent comment was related to the notion of using “gay” as an insult, not the actions in the video.

  9. reply to  #9


    There, I clarified it in my post so I wouldn’t offend any of the “holier than thou” people who read the post. Not that it matters, but as a UT grad I have several homosexual friends and the term stopped being offensive to them a long time ago. Can’t we just focus on how stupid the guys in the video are?

    (I do find it odd the WordPress language filter plugin says G-A-Y is an inappropriate word and stars it out.)

  10. reply to  #10


    Its funny that you say that UT has been academically better that UT. Put the money where your moth is and show us where the data is to back it up….If by chance you have it, I can say that it took you longer to get the grade. Because historically The Oldest and Finest higher education institution in the state has graduated more students on time then any of their less than equal counterparts…….gigem

  11. reply to  #11


    I love that the comments here went from being about a few guys having some crazy fun in a dorm room, to the integrity and academic grading of different universities.

  12. reply to  #12


    I barely understood that, but here…

    Texas #52, Texas A&M #60
    Our Business school is better
    Oooh… Engineering too!
    But we’re not a basketball school too are we?
    – I heard we were pretty good at baseball this year and last year

    It took all of two seconds to find that, it’s called Google.

  13. reply to  #13


    I’m just happy that you guys have this to think about right now. As opposed to thinking about how playing terrible, having a guard make bad decisions, losing, and getting fans get kicked out at the game…classy

  14. reply to  #14


    You Texans have your petty fights over whose best. Duke is better than either of you.

  15. reply to  #15


    Comment removed. If you want to argue with each other or us that’s fine, no personal attacks or name calling please.

  16. reply to  #16

    Tarheeldude's ghey lover

    Ya’ll leave tarheel alone. he just hasnt gotten any in a while and this video really turned him on.

    thinking aboot leaving him, only cuz he’s a tarheel fan and i am a wolfpack fan

  17. reply to  #17


    I think these guys are so hot! it’s irrelevant what school they go to because this kind of talent stretches way beyond educational accolades.

  18. reply to  #18


    Hey Brian,
    Ricky Williams admitted he used marijuana! Texas A & M is….different. neither them nor texas are very smart, vince young can’t spell his own name.

  19. reply to  #19


    oh yeah…GO DUKE!

  20. reply to  #20


    brian…just wanted to throw out there that walker is a potential academic all-american, far from becoming academically ineligible…

  21. reply to  #21


    Mike, not this time he didn’t:

    “Previous positive tests were for marijuana, which Williams acknowledged using. But the latest test involved a drug other than marijuana, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press on Monday.”

  22. reply to  #22


    I have no idea why you said that Craig, no one said he was close to being ineligible. And you only need a 3.2 to be an Academic All-American, that’s not really all that difficult.

  23. reply to  #23


    Me I see more Diana Ross with Flo and Mary singing background (“Flo, she don’t know, ’cause the boy she loves is a romeo”). Can’t wait until these hot dudes are “BACK IN MY ARMS AGAIN” and I eat me some puka shell pudding.

  24. reply to  #24


    brian…i tried to relate the teams…and i didn’t know it was only a 3.2(he has 3.8 in computer science)…but who might be the one with a rough academic history causing ineligibility…

  25. […] up to Longhorn fans who found a wonderful rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart (click for blog of movie), Courtesy Ch […]

  26. reply to  #26

    Seymour Dupa

    I think these guys, especially Chris, are HOT HOT BABES! I would love to see them singing and swinging in the showers.

    Incredibly graphic sexual content removed.

    Ah yes… what a wonderful world.

  27. reply to  #27


    It is widely known that puka shell shops are all over
    college station. most tax revenue is raised there.
    exchanging puka shells between (male) freshmen
    is a way to break the ice before they take each other
    parking, shirtless of course.
    there they sing “i wanna know what love is”, “i want you to show me”, by foreigner.

  28. reply to  #28


    I don’t know anything about basketball but HE IS HOT!

    Is this the Old South where a girl has to protect her reputation? A lot of you guys are bigoted scum. Go judge yourself.

  29. reply to  #29


    UT fans talking gay smack…good one

    You are in no position to talk gay smack

  30. reply to  #30

    So What

    As a former football player, that’s nothing, other stuff goes on too behind closed doors. I liked the one on the left with the black shorts – he was the most masculine looking one. The lead singer was a bit queeny looking and he had somewhat of a gut. The one on the bed should be crying because he doesn’t have it.

    (When describing someone as homosexual, a queen is a fem, so don’t identify someone or something that one perceives that someone or something as being gay per se because it is fem or flamboyant. There are plenty of hetero fems, but they’re not gay. There are plenty of us totally masculine gay guys out there that would break your stereotyping scheme, which would cause you to reconsider your own sexual identity – oh no, crisis time – I’m gay. Lighten up and become who you are (be it masculine, in the middle, or fem > hetero or gay) – not what others want you to be.)

  31. reply to  #31


    As a former Aggie, I am elated to see someone there acting like a real, fun-loving human being at long last. These guys are very cute.

    I am disturbed by the homophobic tone of your comments, Bevosports. I thought Austin was more enlightened than the 13th century, but I guess I was wrong.

  32. reply to  #32


    Actually I was calling it incredibly dorky, their shirtlessness seems more narcissistic and lame than anything to do with sexuality. They seem like the type of guys who have a picture of just their abs on MySpace.

    And Jeezy, I’m guessing your an Aggie from your homophobia but you should know that every college has a GLBT organization. But like everything else, UT’s is better than yours.

  33. reply to  #33


    That’s Hot (thank you for your brilliant phrases Paris Hilton – who, ironically, is an A&M graduate).
    I’ll love to pull those three out of the closet!

  34. reply to  #34

    Donkey B0ng

    Awesome. How to respond? Point out the obvious Gheyness and your a homophobic redneck (and probably deep in the closet yourself). Call ’em ‘cool’ and forever lose yours?

    As an Aggie living in Austin I think I’l just say this: There’s a lot of worse things these guys could be doing. I think both schools could benefit from taking themselves less seriously.

  35. reply to  #35


    And the thing that makes it even, um, gheyer, is that the version of “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong” that he’s using is Ewan Macgregor singing in the movie Moulin Rouge.


  36. reply to  #36


    Owe. My head hurts. Make it stop! Make it stop!

    You people are killing me. Why are we American’s getting so bent out of shape over EVERYTHING? C’mon, so a couple of roommates got bored one night studying, and after seeing the countless google videos thought they’re procrastinate and be stupid. Let’s ALLLL look back in our pasts since I’m sure we’ll remember we did things much worse (many nights of blacked out drinking in college come to mind.. ugh).

    As for the gay issue, who cares? Why do people care what someone else does with someone else? After living in Europe, Australia, even China, I don’t understand why this country is so bent on homophobia, abortion, religion when there’s a world full of environmental issues, killing in the middle east, AIDS in Africa…

    Time is better spent helping people than griping about some stupid video a bunch of guys did online… =)

  37. reply to  #37


    Fighting online is like the special olympics,

    Even if you win, you’re still retarded

  38. reply to  #38


    ”at least they arent a bunch of bigoted rednecks”? Just cause they look like surfer dudes? pleasssssse. fags AND faghaters come in all kinds of packages.

  39. reply to  #39


    Gig em A G G I E S!

  40. reply to  #40


    I’ve got to add my tuppence worth… from London, Uk… you guys in America are so funny, and seem to take everything so seriously. Lighten up!
    They are young, cute, and having fun… and whoever they sleep with is up to them… (I like the one on the left if he is free though) hehehe…
    Remember to wrap it up and enjoy~~~ be happy.

  41. reply to  #41


    Very good lip synchers. Great pic for the lead singer…the hottest of them all! They’ve been practicing too , I see. Good work guys! Keep up the good work and stay shirtless!

  42. reply to  #42


    “If they werenÒ€ℒt shirtless, it would only be really ghey” what moron posted that text? have you seen many gay men lately. i’ll let you in on a little secret, they usually have the best bods around. welcome to the year 2006 you genius, time to come out from under the rock…

  43. reply to  #43


    Wow! Such intensity! It leaves me with a few things to say:

    1. If they’re breeders and they don’t feel that their masculinity is threatened by having some fun on camera for the world to see (or, say, wearing a pink polo shirt with the collar turned up), AWESOME! More power to them!

    2. If they are not breeders and they don’t care what others think, AWESOME! They shouldn’t care about what others think (and, at the same time, others shouldn’t pass judgement against something that hasn’t hurt a single person or thing). Again, more power to them!

    3. If they just decided to cut loose and do something stupid to make other people laugh, AWESOME! They succeeded, because I laughed my rear end off!

    Keep going, guys, and let me know if you make some more classics. Oh yeah… NON-breeder here, masculinity certainly not threatened by this kind of stuff, think you guys are way hot, been known to do some videos like this myself, but still can’t bring myself to wear the pink shirt with turned-up collar. πŸ™‚

  44. reply to  #44


    id take em..

  45. reply to  #45


    This video was hilarious. You know what, I bet these guys got so LAID by their girlfriends for being so goofy.

  46. reply to  #46


    Thats HOT!! I miss you buddies, we sure had some HOT times when the camera’s were off Lets get back together and finish with the pants off :>O My mouth is ready for round two!

  47. reply to  #47


    Bill, you should read what the term “ghey” means. It just means they are lame…

  48. reply to  #48


    Great video – I chuckled out loud.
    Edmonton AB

  49. reply to  #49


    “If they were’nt shirtless” *smirk*

  50. reply to  #50


    I don’t know what’s funnier, the video or the chump who posted it.

  51. reply to  #51


    well, they are just enjoying themselves. i find them cute ,funny and sexy.

  52. reply to  #52

    Alexander Parker

    This is amazing! It’s hilarious. I’m only upset I can’t find the whole length vid. They’re having fun and goofing off, I’m a fan of the school and the team now.

  53. reply to  #53

    a gayboy in Louisville, Ky.

    Those guys are gorgeous.

  54. reply to  #54

    Bernie Day & Cass Harvey

    cute and funny…not to mention they are hotties!!!

  55. reply to  #55

    Aggie Man

    i honestly cant disagree with how ghey this is…this is the reason why people from other schools laugh at us..

  56. reply to  #56

    Horns Rock!

    OMFG! LoLz!

    How ghey! A&M sucks and should be shut down, bcuz the longhorns pwned them. His hot, muscular body is just too much!

  57. reply to  #57


    i think you are the funniest thing ive ever seen in my life. my roommate and i think you guys rock! keep em coming!

  58. reply to  #58


    i love chris walker…hot stuff.

  59. reply to  #59


    how does a post just making fun of retarded aggies turn into a conversation about gay people? i think aggies just arent very secure with their sexuality.

    oh and this guy what an idiot.

    Its funny that you say that UT has been academically better that UT

    if your gonna try to crush someone at least know wtf your trying to say.

  60. reply to  #60

    Greg Jackson TAMU '93

    No need to try to defend this one Aggies. We might demand an apology from Walker.

  61. reply to  #61


    Dear God this crap is old. Those guys made that video their freshman year when I lived in that dorm. Way to get riled up over a bunch of bored college guys. This is like politicians trying to scrounge up old dirt on their opponents…which I guess is appropriate for TU. Nice loss the other night, GIG ‘EM

  62. reply to  #62


    its a couple of guys being idiots in a dorm room… and i bet girls went nuts of them too… make fun oh him if you want but hes about to go work for IBM and make probably $60,000 starting. Gig’em Chris

  63. reply to  #63


    Thats great…………. and old:((

  64. reply to  #64


    shoot hes hot. id hope the boy is gay, not just ghey.

  65. reply to  #65


    oh and where are the other vids? you said there were 6

  66. reply to  #66

    Gay MAN

    Too skinny… put some meet on your bones, boys.. and then give me a call. I like real MEN.

  67. reply to  #67

    Person with time

    Who cares what school they go to, who cares what their sexual preference is… The point is they were just having fun on an obviously boring day… Who has not done that one time or another? I think we all need to think that we wasted time arguing about this and time to watch it…. GROW UP!!! Praise them for having a sense-of-humor… Obviously some of you need one of those.

  68. reply to  #68


    whats up with all these dudes wanting to mount chris?

  69. reply to  #69


    HOT HOT HOT HOT I hope they did the nasty


  70. reply to  #70


    First of all, UT, A&M, and Duke are all decent and some better in other sports. UT is good in every sport but has bad games like everyone else. A&M is decent in all sports though baseball is their best sport. Duke rules the hardwood but sucks in everything else. It’s as easy as that.

  71. reply to  #71


    They should have done the Dan Band version…what they did is pretty damn gay

  72. reply to  #72


    LOL, look at all these guys above drooling over these Aggies…some culture over in Travis County! That place isnt the pride of Texas its the pride of San Francisco.

  73. reply to  #73


    So…I go to Texas. I love it. It’s a great school.

    But I wouldn’t mind having more guys who look like that here. πŸ˜‰

  74. reply to  #74


    Funny videos. People tape stupid/funny s**t all the time. There is a ton of crap in the world/country to be concerned about…. these guys goofing around isnt one of them. Lighten up and laugh or find something REAL to worked up about. Later

  75. […] o one cares about. Their biggest contribution to the world of college basketball was this video of three basketball player singing “Total Eclipse of the […]

  76. reply to  #76


    Heck! I sent this to all my friends! Nothing a girl likes to see more than shirtless hot guys having a good time! Now, if only I could get them to do that in my room………………

  77. reply to  #77


    First off aggies arnt bad sports heck texas wouldnt even come out to get there 2nd place trophy after they lost a couple years ago. 2nd we just beat syrucuse. 3rd chris walker busts his but 10 times harder than any player on your tsip team he may not get drafted but heck hes smarter and a hard worker. dont go attackin him. 4th people from the north shouldnt be in this conversation

  78. reply to  #78

    At least Baylor doesn't have to compensate for tiny penises like y'all do!

    Man, you’re all lame. This whole war of the “ghey” proves that Aggies are stupid (though “What a Wonderful World” proves that ags can hump something other than sheep–each other!) and UT’s tower really is a giant wang.

    Stop the whining. You all suck.

    –Baylor’s Tommy Lee.

  79. reply to  #79


    Very impressive comments Tommy Lee! Especially coming from a Baptist University that preaches “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.” I thought you guys were supposed to be a Christian University?

  80. reply to  #80


    That is the most homoerotic thing of all time. THose guys have definately kissed before.

  81. reply to  #81

    Puro Ag

    That was the most Brokeback thing I have ever seen. Gig ’em anyway, Chris.

  82. reply to  #82

    Phillip Stephenson

    Outstanding voice and dancing talents in this group. Reminds me of Diana Ross and the Pips without Ms. Ross. This group SHOULD be drafted for American Idol before it is too late.

  83. reply to  #83


    I thought the video was just funny…just some guys having stupid fun…don’t understand the big deal.

  84. reply to  #84


    Massively, homoerotically, HAWT! Turn-on factor: double plus excellent! Chris sweetie, you really should moonlight as a gay pr0n star. Just in case that NBA thing doesn’t work out… =)

  85. reply to  #85

    I watched the other video too, with them singing Love Lift Us Up from Moulon Rouge. Damn that dude in the ballcap is hot.

  86. reply to  #86


    $60,000 a year at IBM, as what a secretary, surely his degree is worth more than that? I would have thought $120,000 for the degree, plus an extra $25,000 for the team sport.

    who were the other guys, does anyone know?

  87. reply to  #87


    Jim, what on Earth are you talking about? A Computer Science major fresh out of college makes between $41,000 and $55,000 for an average of a pretty darn good $49,036 a year.

  88. reply to  #88


    They look damn good to me. Looks like they will use their college degree to work at Chippendales. See you there…

  89. reply to  #89


    If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? My hats off to you, fellas!

  90. reply to  #90


    These videos are absolutely hilarious. Although I am a casual UT fan from afair here in Chapel Hill and a UNC fan first and foremost this is the first time I’ve actually thought anything positive about A&M (way too conservative a place for my tastes). Congrats to these guys on having fun, being themselves and not caring what the world thinks. We need more uninhibited, fun-loving people in the world.

  91. reply to  #91


    Like I said to my girlfriend and she agreed..Dudes!!
    Where’s the Crime!!
    just guys having harmless fun… i hope they do more!!

  92. reply to  #92


    Fun is Good!!!

  93. reply to  #93


    I think these boys are pretty hot! The funny thing is though, these videos were made two and a half years ago and y’all are just now finding them?!? So, what, they’re having fun while giving everyone else a little laugh. What college student doesn’t have a night that they try to do anything they can to avoid studying?!? It’s all just good clean fun (at least they have nice bodies)! πŸ™‚ (I don’t think Chris Walker was a “college jock” at the time these videos were made).

  94. reply to  #94

    Marsh's Mom

    Bless his heart. I can see my own son doing this. It’s just so typical….well, typical college. The guys in the back are priceless, too. Hey, everybody who’s giving this guy a hard time: get over it and quit taking it all so seriously. He’s got a mom like me, too. And, boy, is she proud!

  95. reply to  #95


    Awesome. I have some friends that would do the exact same thing. Rock on.

  96. reply to  #96

    cliff hammond

    …this guy does a better job than Walker or the Japanese kids.

    It will take awhile to download but it is well worth the wait. Turn on your speakers!!!!

  97. reply to  #97

    English Girl

    Brilliant – cut loose, have a laugh, that’s what life is all about!! For anyone who even cares about their sexuality – grow up!
    Thanks for some great eye candy!!! Yummy!!

  98. reply to  #98

    Gay Boy


  99. reply to  #99


    The one thing that really struck me about all of these videos is how GRACEFUL these guys are! They’ve got great rythym and all the right moves. Any one of them could walk into a chorus line and strut their stuff. Fine testimony to the innate beauty of athleticism.

  100. reply to  #100


    I just wanted to be the 100th comment.

  101. reply to  #101


    I agree with number 1 guy. UT doesnt do crap all they care about is sports. Smart people go to A and M and get good grades and have nice jobs…

  102. reply to  #102


    Yeah buddy, screw all the stats, rankings, and reports that say UT is a better school academically in every way! Or that the Aggies basketball team was disciplined for their poor academic performance and will lost scholarships.

    Man, Aggies are freaking delusional.

  103. reply to  #103


    Anthony Zink (feel free to email him at wasn’t man enough to post his comment here and instead emailed me. I’ll go ahead and post his comments for him:

    The only thing that comes out of austin are steers or queers. So go suck a fat bevo [expletive deleted], [homophobic slur deleted].

    Nice job representing the typical Aggie Anthony.

  104. reply to  #104


    Ok, I dont care but the guys are HOT!! Enough said! Now go make some more videos with your shirts off, and well bring out some whip cream and …… :)~

  105. reply to  #105

    Big Poppa

    I wonder if Mr. Walker could pass the wonderlic test. Maybe they should have filmed themselves stealing TV’s!

  106. reply to  #106

    Straighter Than You

    That’s hilarious. And probably embarrassing for all of them. Guess I don’t get what it has to do with being gay, but then I was never worried anyone would think I was.

    Got something to hide, Name Callers?

  107. reply to  #107

    Ben Dover

    So What if they are gay?

  108. reply to  #108

    Tamu Reality Check

    Look at all the A&M people commenting. Why do they take up for everyone from their underachieving school? These videos are proof that College Station sucks and if you live there and want to stay busy you are forced to turn to homoeroticism. Good Texans didn’t die at the Alamo so you queers could lose at everything, all the while whooping it up, and then go home and make retarded music videos on your webcams. Have some pride and keep quiet until your school gets good at something.

  109. reply to  #109


    It’s posts like this that continues to make Texans look backwards, hateful and boorish to rest of the world and for what? It’s certainly nothing to be proud of.
    For the record using the words ghey or g.a.y to mean lame is itself lame and is in fact homophobic and hurtful.

  110. reply to  #110


    makes me want a hot dog reeeal bad!

  111. reply to  #111


    The posts/comments on this subject began in March 2006 and are still going strong! This is evidence enough that these guys knew what they were doing and did it right! Keep up the great work guys!

  112. reply to  #112


    Chris is so HOT!!!
    I’ve made a poll on him, Vote if you want πŸ™‚

  113. reply to  #113


    It’s not even Chris Walker you taco meat loving idiots!!!!!

  114. reply to  #114


    Actually it is Chris and has been confirmed by him so nice try moron.

  115. reply to  #115

    fah q

    maybe in high school doesnt even look like it.

  116. reply to  #116


    12-7, Hmm and i think we are Ranked 6 in basketball and a great shot at the final four. So he can sing about what ever he wants cause he helped turn us into a perinnial power, and we wont just be good this one year with recruiting Gillispe is doing. Saw EM off

  117. reply to  #117


    how do u get the background for the song cus i wont to do some singing

  118. reply to  #118


    theyr so hot!

  119. reply to  #119


    He’s HOTT and this doesn’t make him gay. Can’t anybody have any fun ? I think he is cool for doing this. Anyone know where he is nowadays ?

  120. reply to  #120


    i think he’s the new assistant coach at uk.

  121. reply to  #121


    WHen im older, I wanna be just like them…

  122. reply to  #122



  123. reply to  #123


    I have loved Chris Walker and his buds for a few tears now. IA few years back I was at College Station and had the chance to meet hottie Chris. I met him in the hall of the same dorm. I told him I saw the video and that I thought he and his buds were very sexy. He blushed and I put my hand up to ace and gave it a little rub. Chris is like 6’5 tall and muscular. As I did this he backed up, but smiled. As he turned to walk away I patted his nice round butt. He laughed and farted as he walked away. Damn it was so nice meeting this blonde, blue eyed, All American, white boy.
    Love you Chris!!

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