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Texas Tech billboard[tag]Oklahoma[/tag] Sooners fans were furious with the officiating at the end of their matchup with [tag]Texas Tech[/tag] back in November. Several questionable calls in the final minute went against the Sooners, including the final play where Tech’s Taurean Henderson barely did/didn’t cross the goal line.

Well the Red Raiders aren’t going to let the opportunity to rub it in the Sooners’ faces one more time pass them by, and they’ll happily sell a few extra season tickets in the process. They’ve put a great billboard up in Lubbock with a photo of Henderson stretching the football across the goal line that says, “He’s in. Are you?” Of course they used a photo from his second effort that came after he was down, but it’s still amusing.

That billboard sure would look good here in Dallas or maybe smack in the middle of Norman.


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  1. reply to  #1


    techs a joke he wasnt in and the world knows it

  2. reply to  #2


    Actually, if you watch the video I linked to it’s impossible to tell.

  3. reply to  #3


    I say tie goes to the runner, so I count him in.

  4. reply to  #4


    Tech sucks. OU sucks. Aggy sucks. Texas rules.

  5. reply to  #5

    Mac Daddy

    Tech will get what is coming to them. As far as Texass, last year was a great run, but OU will bring you back to reality.

  6. reply to  #6


    Many sportswriters commented that it was the “Worst officiating effort in the history of college football.” No wonder that two of the refs were from Austin and Lubbock.

  7. reply to  #7


    Oh yeah, I agree that on the whole the game was hoirribly officiated. But the game’s final play really could’ve gone either way and based on every video of it I’ve seen I think I’m barely leaning toward it being a touchdown.

  8. reply to  #8


    Tech is a always a threat ‘any given Saturday’ – get over it

  9. reply to  #9


    The refs gave the game way before the last play. Tech got what they paid for…the refs

  10. reply to  #10


    Well Tech fans enjoy your fun. Too bad you couldnt capitolize on it and win the Cotton Bowl against a Alabama team that can’t outscore a soccer team. OU has bigger aspirations this year and um this time you come to Norman. Last 2 games in Norman
    28-13 in 04 and a whopping 60-15 in 02. Be prepared for the same.

  11. reply to  #11


    no need to bash Tech….they already have to put up with living in Lubbock

  12. reply to  #12


    What goes around comes around——–BOOMER SOONER—–Saw my first OKLAHOMA SOONER GAME IN 1957

  13. reply to  #13



    That would be really funny, if OU wasn’t in Norman.

  14. reply to  #14


    Where WOULD they be if they weren’t in Norman? Stillwater??? even worse…

    Go Away OU fan!

    I’ll take Lubbock over the entire state of Oaklahoma. I would even take Louisiana over OK.

    Oklahoma is NOT okay for me!

  15. reply to  #15

    Big Red Fan

    Yea, you’re right, Lubbock is so much more scenic than Norman……..NOT. You’re stadium is a joke, your fans are classless, heck I like UT fans more than Tech fans. And guys, it’s not the last play that was a joke, it was the first down call on 4th down that was obsurd to watch.

  16. reply to  #16


    I am pretty sure that the Sooners will let their game speak for itself this year!!!!!!!!!BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  17. reply to  #17

    Billy Jude Williams

    OU’s worst team of the Stoops era and Tech needed two controversial calls to go their way to win … at home. The truth is, Tech will never play in the Big 12 title game. lol

  18. reply to  #18


    May not be as good as the One-Peat billboard though.

  19. reply to  #19


    hmm??, I watch video multiple times. OU #42 tackles henderson with both butt cheeks on turf. Henderson never gets ball across end zone until #42 lets go and gets up b/c play was whistled dead.

    The ball is clearly dead at the one yard line.

  20. reply to  #20



    When Henderson’s butt hits the turf he already has the ball stretched out towards the goal line. You can’t tell for sure from any of the video angles I’ve seen (including the one linked to above), but the nose of the ball is right at the goal line. He’s either in by an inch or short by an inch, it’s impossible to tell.

    He’s certainly not a yard short.

  21. reply to  #21


    To be TECHnical Billy Jude is absolutely right, Tech will never play for a Big 12 title. And we all know the Cotton Bowl folks felt screwed as well. We all know they would have preferred an OU vs Alabama game any year.

  22. reply to  #22

    Jason Quintero

    Two Words – “Hollis Price”

  23. reply to  #23


    […] (HT: Bevo Sports) […]

  24. reply to  #24


    Lubbock is one of the worst places I have ever set foot in, and I had to live in New jersey for a few years as a kid.

    I am guessing all of the tortilla throwers bashing Norman don’t realize that dust storms are like sand paper on hemorroids, and those clumps of brown stone houses they call neighborhoods are like large cow patties on the numerous slaughterhouses near the outskirts of town.

    Absolutely awful. Norman is no Charleston by any means, but it looks like the city of Atlantis compared to that dung pile in west texas.

  25. reply to  #25


    Um… Charleston? What a strange city to reference. And Atlantis is in ruins at the bottom of the ocean.

    Norman and Lubbock suck equally, at least Lubbock isn’t in the state of Oklahoma. It’s got that and Buddy Holly going for it.

  26. reply to  #26


    Lubbock is in Texas…

    Norman is in Oaklahoma…

    Sooner fans, your entire state stinks like Lubbock.

    I will always pull for ANY Texas football team over you guys…

    Go home Sooner fan

  27. reply to  #27


    I am an OSU fan……but i’ve been to the “Great” state of Texas and you can keep it! GO POKES!!!!!

  28. reply to  #28


    It doesnt matter at this point, He wasnt in and everybody knows it. The only reason Tech has improved is because of the coach (from OU) and as far as Texas, Vince is gone and you suck again.

  29. reply to  #29


    why all the fight? i just don’t get why you tech fans can’t figure it out you suck and its always going to be that way!! get over it!! BOOMER SOONERS!!!

  30. reply to  #30


    Suck is a little harsh isn’t it LOGAN?

    I know grammar ‘ain’t no important thang’ in OK, but I had to respond to the lack of thought in your post.

    One day us Red Raiders will crawl out of our world of mediocrity, but until then, it sure has been fun beating all of you ‘power houses’ randomly throughout the years.

  31. reply to  #31


    Bama beat Tech and would have beat OK also.
    So don’t even bring it up.
    Lubbock or Norman?
    Is there a third choice like Kabul?

  32. reply to  #32


    Here’s video of a Texas Tech fan screaming like an idiot after the OU game.

    You can check out the 2005
    Teaxs Longhorns Highlight Video
    while you’re at it. Just to get the blood flowing.

  33. reply to  #33

    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabadoo

    You can’t guarantee that Bama would have beaten OU, especially after the win over the Ducks. Texas may be nicer than Oklahoma, but West Texas is not. And you guys owe the rest of the country an apology for W!

  34. reply to  #34


    “It’s got . . . Buddy Holly going for it.”

    Didn’t Buddy Holly leave the first chance he got and never look back?

  35. reply to  #35


    Tech did not get the first down, nor the T.D. Raiders lost!

  36. reply to  #36


    Bottom line the OFFICIAL record has it as a W for Tech.
    all other opinions are like butts, everyone has one and they all stink.

    To the whiney Sooner fans. Over the years OU has benefited from so many bad calls it is absurd. To whine about one going against you is pathetic. If the game film was reviewed then numerous calls that should have been made against BOTH teams could be seen. Just like any other game. Quit whining

    And the best view of West Texas is in the Rear view mirror.

  37. reply to  #37


    wow… the record books show a victory for Tech… It’s amazing how these OU fans can’t let a single controversal call go…. which basically amounted to what crap bowl either team was going to… If I was OU I’d be more worried about how we played for the National Championship game one year(disgraced themselves & the conference they came from), and then struggles against Baylor the next season… Yea that call against Tech is a biggy..whatever… call Toby Keith for some help and count the few teeth you have while you wait for your mortal Stoops to pull his visor out of his ass and figure out how to beat TCU….

  38. reply to  #38


    Here is the deal. The final play was questionable “yes”. But what people are forgetting is that Tech shouldn’t have even been allowed to run that play. The 4th down call that they received a 1st down was ridiculous. NO WAY he picked up the 1st. The game was over right there. Can’t wait for those Raiders to come to Norman this year. Leache’s offense might score (1) touchdown…..MIGHT!!!

  39. reply to  #39


    The play shouldn’t have even happened. The guy didn’t get the first down earleir in the drive.
    Can’t wait for revenge in Norman on Nov. 11th… BOOMER SOONER.
    Your time is coming Red Raiders (Cheaters)

  40. reply to  #40


    I cant stand OU as I grew up and Okie State fan, but OU got screwed that game and everyone knows it. I liked seeing the “L” on the Sooners record, but no one deserves an “L” like that!

  41. reply to  #41


    There are so many okie fans talking about the 4th down play, but none of them remember the Adrian Peterson TD that never got flagged when the O-line held in the backfield. Bad calls happen. Somebody other than OU finally benefits from it. OU did dig deep and pull one out against Tulsa though, so you can hang your hat on that one!

  42. reply to  #42


    Face it people. All of the OU haters here are just jealous. ANY OF YOU GOT 7? I didn’t thinks so. How many does the state of Texas have total? At the current count isn’t it 7? 4 for Texas, 1 for A&M (1939), 1 for TCU (1938), and 1 for SMU (1935).
    Face facts. OU knows football.
    Jealousy is a great motivator. I am an OU fan, and you haters just want what I have.
    The attacks on the good people of Oklahoma (call Toby Keith for some help and count the few teeth you have) as an example are terribly inaccurate and are what small minded, inadequate people come up with to make them feel better about themselves.
    Hey, aren’t we all Americans? I refuse to pass judgment on the people of Texas. In my opinion, as Americans we’re all great people.

  43. reply to  #43


    Well Bill, it’s obvious by your poor handling of the comments here that you suck at fun. That must be an Oklahoma thing. You also suck at math. Princeton has 18 national football titles, Yale has 17, and in the modern football era Notre Dame has 11. I will spare you the pain of doing math…11 more, 10 more, and 3 more national titles than OU. You also said that OU knows football. I will agree that they know where to find football. Over the course of this last decent run that OU has made, their roster has been over 60% Texas and California players. If they aren’t careful, OU will have to change it’s name to University of Texas at Norman!

  44. reply to  #44


    Once again, it’s the jealousy. You boast of all of these “Texas” players at OU. Maybe we should rename the University of Texas to “The University of I wish he’d have stayed HERE to play footballâ€?
    Texas is like that huge slaughtered longhorn hanging in the meat locker, and OU gets the choice cuts of meat.
    I was referring to the haters who, (judging by these posts were OBVIOUSLY Texas fans) But I must have forgotten that YOU. Stuckinok in particular are so smart that I knew you would get that…. Oh well.
    I know it hurts to admit that OU has as many national championships as the entire state of Texas (and if you compare championships to total land area, then Texas is lagging very far behind)
    Maybe your lady was right about you Stuckinok “Bigger is not better”.
    See, I know how to have fun!

  45. reply to  #45


    Actually Bill, pretty much every post on here is from a Tech or Okie State fan. And UT has beaten OU in pretty much every head-to-head recruiting battle the last year 4 years, except for two really big ones (Peterson and Bomar). And Bill, NO ONE is jealous of Oklahoma… except maybe Arkansas.

    By the way, please learn to use paragraphs.

  46. reply to  #46


    So, Brian. What is Texas record vs Oklahoma the last 4 years?
    I think the common statement from HS football players in Texas is; “If you can’t beat em, join em”

  47. reply to  #47


    let’s talk cheating ou….

    Oklahoma starting quarterback Rhett Bomar will not play for the Sooners this season following an investigation by the team & NCAA…cash in hand

    Sophomore J.D. Quinn, who was expected to start at guard, was also dismissed… cash in hand

    The school said in a statement that the players violated NCAA rules by working at a private business and taking “payment over an extended period of time in excess of time actually worked.”

    let’s hear it….

  48. reply to  #48


    If OU football was a bunch of cheaters, they would have covered this incident up rather than permanently kicking Bomar off the team. They kicked him and Quinn off as soon as they determined that these two had been paid for work that they didn’t do. The way that Tom Osbourne handled Laurence Phillips was dispicable. OU should be commended for not tolerating this sort of bs from its players. Also, the NCAA hasn’t said whether or not they will launch an investigation yet, but good job with overstating the situation.

  49. reply to  #49


    Yeah sure JJ, I’m sure just 2 of the 18 or so OU football players that worked at the car dealership the last couple of years got paid. And I’m sure that Adrian Peterson, who also worked there, was the only player who “borrowed” a Lexus from the dealership for weeks at a time for no money.


  50. reply to  #50


    Stuckinok – if you think that OU should thank the state of Texas for providing them with players, fine. Just realize that the state of Texas and the University of Texas are two separate entities. Maybe you and all of the Longhorns fans can thank the state of Oklahoma AND the University of Oklahoma for your first three national championships.

    Darrell K. Royal (born July 6, 1924 in Hollis, Oklahoma) played running back at the University of Oklahoma under Sooner coach Bud Wilkinson

  51. reply to  #51


    Let’s see your sources, Brian, for the other 16 OU players that worked there, including Peterson. I haven’t heard of this and want to see it for myself.

  52. reply to  #52


    You’re right JJ I was wrong about 18 OU players working there, it was actually closer to 25. From a story at

    “McRae, the former Big Red general manager, confirmed Bomar and Quinn had been employed at the dealership, though he said he wasn’t sure when they started. They were among as many as 20 to 25 OU football players involved in the last four years to wash and detail cars and to run errands.”

    I’ve also read it in other articles as well.

  53. reply to  #53


    Bomar and Quinn got punished, now I wish the same for the sleazy car dealer. It’s one thing for 19 and 20 year old kids to make mistakes but its quite another for a successful businessman to make one of this magnitude. I hope like hell that his place is boycotted and he has to go back to pitching snake oil at the circus.

  54. reply to  #54


    JJ relax. Brian is a know it all.
    If he thinks that these type of things don’t go on at the University of Texas, then he really is the moron here.
    I would be curious to see how Mack and UT would handle this if the shoe were on the other foot.
    I commend Stoops for taking aggresive action against Bomar and Quinn. I’m not so sure that all of the other D1 coaches would have done the same thing.
    I hope they would, but you never know.

  55. reply to  #55


    Yeah Bill, I guess someone who responds with actual facts is a know it all.

    Stoops only did made the move because he had too. That many players working at one company that just happens to be letting players drive expensive cars for free and paying 2 players tons of money doesn’t seem like a coincidence o me. They even announced back in April (at the same time they covered Peterson’s car issues) that they had looked into the players’ employment there and found no issues. Hmmm…

  56. reply to  #56


    Sorry, I don’t usually respond as you did in one of my previous posts. (By the way, please learn to use paragraphs.) but,
    “Stoops only did made the move because he had too.”
    Please learn how to write.

    Actual facts? I read the same article and there was no implication of any other athletes. It states that there were 20 to 25 workers there in 4 years. That’s about an average of 5 or 6 a year.
    You make it sound like the entire team was employed there.
    Way to take the facts and bend them in your favor.

  57. reply to  #57


    this game had to be yall remember that play just a couple of plays before the so called “touchdown” where the guy clearly caughted the pass out of bounds and clearly dropped it before taking 2 steps.those refs should of been fired right away after that was horrible

  58. reply to  #58


    and they called it a touchdown but then they switched it around after looking at it upstairs.that was crazy.

  59. reply to  #59



  60. reply to  #60

    Nicholas Racz

    Sooners had a good run, but it’s crashing down now. It’s gonna get REAL ugly as soon as NCAA comes to town.

    What pissed you off more, the officiating during the Tech game or the guy screaming GO RAIDERS afterwards?

  61. reply to  #61


    Great clip Nicholas. I forgot about that one.

  62. reply to  #62


    We all know Oklahoma sucks. They cannot let go of the fact Oregon beat you fair and square.
    Sooners are sore loosers. I am glad you got screwed out of a national championship run.
    Just remember, dont come back to Oregon. We will beat you again.
    Fact, Sooners suck.

  63. reply to  #63


    fact. Jon’s IQ=7(the same number of national championships that OU has)

  64. reply to  #64


    Whoa OU has 7 national championships??? You must be including the fake ones that one coach cheated like crazy to get…yeah i gotta stick with tech over OU..though im really a longhorn fan…and even though OUs probably grudgingly admitted better…techies and longhorns unite!!!
    and by the way that billboards hilarious hold on while i go lmao.

  65. reply to  #65


    Yes, IQ 7. It’s obvious for longhornian too.
    Now I’m laughing my *ss off.
    My 4 year old might say something like “including the fake ones” but he’s 4. Face it, you have only 4 championships..if you count the ones that the coach cheated like crazy to get…

  66. reply to  #66


    lmao at Oregon for losing to Oregon State and Mike Stoops’ Wildcats. lmao at Texas for losing to the Aggies. Have fun at the Holiday Bowl.

  67. reply to  #67


    Dang did OU win the big 12?
    What happened to the “stud” Texass teams?

  68. reply to  #68


    it got quiet

  69. reply to  #69


    Screw you guys, Tech is the best in 2007 and yall know it

  70. reply to  #70


    You know, i’ve been reading over some of these and most you are talking about the OU/car dealership situation and i’ve got one thing to say. The Texas Longhorns have 5 starting offensive players in jail right now for burglary, marajuana, and other reasons, so if you want to talk longhorn fans talk about that

  71. reply to  #71


    Actually we have zero starting offensive or defensive players in jail but thanks for playing. We had three young, non-starting defensive players arrested on some pretty serious charges though.

  72. reply to  #72


    Fact Oklahoma Sooners still suck, nuff said.

  73. reply to  #73


    Classless… which is the best you could expect from Texas Tech*.

    *the default school you go to when you’re ass is too stupid to get into A&M or UT.)

  74. reply to  #74


    I guess when your football team can’t beat us, you revert to our academics. Good thinking. It wasn’t even a close game though. . . we held you well below season averages, and the better team came out on top.

    Good Game. Theres always next year.

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