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Apparently ESPN Magazine did not want to be left out of the mix with the college football regional covers (SI’s were a week earlier). For their August 28, 2006 issue, ESPN Magazine will be sporting 3 regional covers, including Texas, Notre Dame, and USC. I wonder why they used [tag]Frank Okam[/tag] and Lawrence Jackson for the cover?

Below are the cover images (click to enlarge photo), along with who is on each cover.

Texas - ESPN Cover

Notre Dame - ESPN Cover

USC - ESPN Cover

Texas Cover

  • Frank Okam

Notre Dame Cover

  • Brady Quinn

USC Cover

  • Lawrence Jackson

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    Jade Mabin

    Yes my comments on brady quinn, since being traded from the browns to denver broncos i must say that brady quinn is one sexy young man, with this sexy smooth voice, this sexy dark white complexion, those hot beefy legs Mmm, plus the sweat dripping all over that body. and yes espn am a gay 24 year old from the rocky mountains of colorado springs, thats half african american half jew who whats to have a gay romance with brady quinn, and lets be real people at espn the magazine how many sports, male not female fans do you know come out about there gay sexuality towards there sports heros, not to many cause there afraid to come out. but not me hell i put on cover girl cosmetics for women on my lips and eyebrows, plus white diamonds to smell good for the hot white men, i only go for white men only, so if you at espn don’t think brady would go for me picture this at the 2006 nfl draft he did not look all that happy with this blond girlfriend, maybe a little smile but still, i can show brady quinn a hell of a good time, and beat sorry ass, crybaby, god bless- tim tebow for the starting broncos job. so if brady whats to fine me am at the Hampton village apartments right of Fort carson,co base

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