Two of my favorite things about Sports Illustrated growing up were the weekly “Sign of the Apocalypse” and “They Said It” bits in ever issue. They were a glimpse at the weird and interesting side of sports that we didn’t get to see much before we had access to the the ubiquitous freak show we call the Internet.

In this week’s issue (with “Up For Grabs” cover) two former Texas defensive linemen were featured, just another sign of the tons of Horns now playing throughout the NFL. Defensive end [tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] had an awkward quote about he’ll fit in NFL defenses, “a versatile guy is a guy who can be very versatile.” Very well put Brian. Meanwhile, in this week’s “Sign of the Apocalypse”:

The Browns’ [tag]Shaun Rogers[/tag] reportedly wants to be traded, in part because new coach Eric Mangini didn’t say hello to at the team’s practice facility in January.

I’m sure more there’s more to the Rogers/Mangini story, judging by his quick and unceremonious exit from New York he definitely appears to be a tough person to like. You don’t have to be friends with your coaches or teammates, but someone small and petty enough to intentionally walk past you without saying high doesn’t exactly earn much respect.


Posted June 14th, 2007 by Brian
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Athlon has released their preseason All-Big 12 team and there’s of course several Longhorns on it. Not too many complaints, though I do think receiver [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] deserves some third team love especially since Nebraska’s Maurice Purify might not even be on the team next year.

I hope they’re right about [tag]Tony Hills[/tag] and [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag]. Hills gets a lot of hype but didn’t perform consistently last year, he has a lot to prove to me before he’s mentioned in the same breath as other recent Texas linemen. If Muck and the other linebackers can step up their game this year the defense will be vastly improved.

Check out all the Longhorns on their list below:

First Team Offense

QB Colt McCoy 6-foot-3 205 So.
RB Jamaal Charles 6-foot-1 200 Jr.
OL Tony Hills 6-foot-6 305 Sr.

First Team Defense

DL Derek Lokey 6-foot-2 280 Sr.
DL Frank Okam 6-foot-5 320 Sr.

Second Team Offense

WR Limas Sweed 6-foot-5 219 Sr.

Second Team Defense

LB Roddrick Muckelroy 6-foot-2 230 So.
S Marcus Griffin 6-foot-0 202 Sr.

Third Team Defense

DL Brian Orakpo 6-foot-4 248 Jr.
LB Robert Killebrew 6-foot-2 230 Sr.


Athlon Sports has Longhorns as preseason #2. Hope they’re right about breakout year for Charles.


Posted February 13th, 2007 by Matt
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Kevin Durant - Sports Illustrated Cover

Ok, well obviously [tag]Kevin Durant[/tag] is not yet named the Player of the Year in college basketball, but Grant Wahl from Sports Illustrated is already saying that Durant should be. I agree with him 100%. And frankly, who are we to argue with Sports Illustrated? Let’s just give him the award now.

On a side note, it seems like there have been a lot of Longhorns on sports covers over the past year or so. I guess it is a good time to be an athlete down in Austin. So who will be the next Longhorn on a major cover? I will go with the easy choice, Colt McCoy.


Posted December 27th, 2006 by Matt
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Not that there was any question what the greatest sports moment in 2006 was, but ESPN has made it official. Vince Young’s performance in the Rose Bowl and the Longhorns beating USC was ranked #1 by ESPN as the greatest sports story of 2006.

And to top it off, [tag]Vince Young[/tag] got yet another cover of a magazine, the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine.

Vince Young, ESPN Cover

What is with all of this love by ESPN for Vince lately? The upper execs can’t be too happy about this. I expect them to return to normal West Coast love soon.

Update: Looks like Yahoo agrees that the Rose Bowl was the best sports story. But take a look at #5, I am pretty sure it is now a bigger deal that the Texans didn’t draft VY, not Reggie.


Posted August 24th, 2006 by Matt
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Houston came in at #18 and DFW came in at #27.


Posted August 21st, 2006 by Matt
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Apparently ESPN Magazine did not want to be left out of the mix with the college football regional covers (SI’s were a week earlier). For their August 28, 2006 issue, ESPN Magazine will be sporting 3 regional covers, including Texas, Notre Dame, and USC. I wonder why they used [tag]Frank Okam[/tag] and Lawrence Jackson for the cover?

Below are the cover images (click to enlarge photo), along with who is on each cover.

Texas - ESPN Cover

Notre Dame - ESPN Cover

USC - ESPN Cover

Texas Cover

  • Frank Okam

Notre Dame Cover

  • Brady Quinn

USC Cover

  • Lawrence Jackson

Posted August 15th, 2006 by Matt
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The new SI magazine for August 21, 2006 will be sporting regional Special Edition covers, with 6 teams who they think will be battling it out for #1. Below are the cover images (click to enlarge photo), along with who is on each cover.

I have put them in order of who I think are the Top 6. I almost put Ohio State #1, except apparently they have someone who thinks they can drink 30-40 beers per day. My theory is that it was probably O’Doul’s.

Texas - SI Cover

Ohio State - SI Cover

USC - SI Cover

Texas Cover

  • Justin Blalock
  • Jamaal Charles
  • Kasey Studdard

Ohio State Cover

  • T.J. Downing
  • Troy Smith
  • Doug Datish

USC Cover

  • Sam Baker
  • John David Booty
  • Ryan Kalil

Notre Dame - SI Cover

West Virginia- SI Cover

LSU - SI Cover

Notre Dame Cover

  • Tom Zbikowski
  • Brady Quinn
  • Travis Thomas

WV Cover

  • Owen Schmitt
  • Steve Slaton
  • Pat White

LSU Cover

  • Chevis Jackson
  • LaRon Landry
  • Ali Highsmith

It looks like ESPN is doing something similar, but is only using 3 different covers.


Huston Street on ESPN the Magazine coverFormer Longhorn and current Oakland A’s closer Huston Street is on the cover of this week’s ESPN the Magazine Baseball Preview edition. The article focuses on the A’s and how thanks to Street, Rich Harden, and Bobby Crosby this year the team has the makeup to make a longer run into the playoffs. They pick them to win the AL West and trump the St. Louis Cardinals in five to win the World Series.

Thanks to tougher sterioid testing/penalties and no (less?) juiced up players, it should be an interesting year in Major League Baseball.


Posted February 2nd, 2006 by Brian
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VY won their poll, but ESPN the Magazine tabs both him and Reggie Bush as NEXT anyways.

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