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Sooners like to cheatWith the latest Oklahoma penalties coming down from the NCAA, CBS Sportsline ranked the top ten cheatingest™ programs of all time and the Big 12 is well represented. Our good friends the Sooners can’t quite top the list and fall in at number 3.

Even funnier, though the Aggies fall in at number 8 on this list they’re the school worst at cheating.

8. Texas A&M. The state of Texas, football and rules violations go together like ham, egg and cheese. Might deserve a higher slot, but the Aggies’ cheat-to-win ratio is low. In other words, it hasn’t been money well spent.

So essentially the Aggies are one of the NCAA’s worst cheaters and they still suck. If you’re going to do something, at least do it up like Bob Stoops and the Sooners and get a few national championships out of the deal. At least it looks like Dennis Franchione may have the Aggies back to their cheating and losing ways. Good job guys.


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  1. reply to  #1


    Did you just make up a word and trademark it?

  2. reply to  #2


    Ha. I was just too lazy to use proper English and wanted to make sure everyone knew I knew cheatingest wasn’t a real world. At least 1,340 people have used the word before, including a Texas Tech fan calling out OU in result number 5 there.

  3. reply to  #3


    I feel like I stay on top of A&M news but I’m curious as to what I missed that would make it look like Fran is cheating?

  4. reply to  #4


    Ryan, it was more of a snide dig than based on actual truth. Though of course there have been recruiting/academic rumors, but so far that’s just message board fodder.

    I guess you don’t dispute the losing part of that comment? 🙂

  5. reply to  #5


    If DFan has been cheating at aTm, with his 4 year record just over.500, I’d demand his immediate firing — if I had had the misfortune of being born an Aggie. Cheating is one thing. Sucking at it is something else.

  6. reply to  #6


    get real your just upset because we beat yall in austin fair and square and you know it! aggies never cheat so shut the hell up you freakin idiot! you suck at life! and you keep runnin your mouth about ou cheating its not like texas players didnt ever do anything wrong hello romance taylor? hes the biggest idiot of them all! worse than bomar and you know it! your just saying we cheat because ou and a&m are gonna kick your ass this year! you could hardly beat ark. st YALL SUCK!

  7. reply to  #7


    1 more thing. Keep runnin your mouth and see where your team is going to end up! the holiday bowl while ou goes to the NC and a&m goes to the cotton you know when ou beat north texas that was no bull **** game 79-10 shuts your *** up quick with your 8 point win in austin! you can’t talk because ou is higher than you and we get you at home this year so come november 24th when we own yall AGAIN! you will be cryin to your hippie momies while we eat bevo for dinner! we own you, you can’t say **** until yall win again we have the bragging right shut the hell up and deal with it!

  8. reply to  #8


    Wow. Someone’s a bit delusional. First off, Texas is 73 – 35 – 5 against the Aggies all time and has won 6 of the last 7, not sure how that means A&M owns Texas. I guess no one ever claimed Aggies were good at math or logic.

    And yes, Texas A&M has cheated a lot and gotten caught by the NCAA a lot. Maybe you’re five years old and just missed the 80’s and 90’s.

    You seem to also confuse off field issues with cheating. Rhett Bomar was getting paid to play at OU, that’s not the same thing as smoking weed. They both get you suspended, one gets you kicked off the team, and only one is considered cheating.


  9. reply to  #9


    well hey “genius” heres a effin fact for you. Texas has had 12 guys arrested in the last 3 months alone! from the team there now who has a team full of thugs? You tell me who was arrested from a&m in the last 5 years! and i’ll shutup and wait till november to check your ass again when we beat yall at kyle field! Grow up! all you do is run your mouth about a&m this and ou that and we are texas we are better than everyone else because our lawyers are so good at what they do! oh heres a link to aggieland outfitters of a shirt that explains why we owned your so great lawyers!

    put that link in and read the bottom of the shirt if you don’t feel like looking at it because you are gonna cry when you read it then heres what it says it has the horns broken off of course and then it says Betcha That Is One Mad Cow….We Beat The Hell Outta TU!! and their lawyers

    sorry you may show me alltime records but let me say this texas owns ou all time but for the past 10 years ou has won the majority of the time but texas won last year so they own ou because they won i’ll admit it until ou beats texas this year then i’ll say ou own tu so see unlike some people at least I can admit the truth that texas owns ou my second favorite team because of family tradish but a&m own tu right now but here ya prick you want me to say it then fine…t.u. owns a&m all time there ya happy? but yeah im 5 good one buddy nice comeback you loose!

  10. reply to  #10


    Wow dude, how uninformed could you be?

    Until the last 6 months or so A&M was far out pacing Texas in arrest count. See the fact that you had 9 players arrested in 9 month span back in 2004 or the good ol’ Tate Pittman situation.

    Again you’re confusing cheating and off field issues, this article (not written by me but by CBS) is about the worst cheaters in the NCAA.

    And AggieLand Outfitters lost the lawsuit. They were forced to change the logo. And again you claim because we have a few funny stories about A&M and OU we’re obsessed, but every A&M shirt I see has a Texas lgoo on it for some reason. Sigh.

  11. reply to  #11


    Oh and I missed your “12 guys arrested in the last 3 months” comment…

    Again, Aggie math at it’s finest. Former Horn Robert Joseph plus Henry Melton plus Sergio Kindle plus Andre Jones = twelve.

  12. reply to  #12


    are you sure thats it? I heard from an ou writer that it was 12 and what did Melton do to get arrested? geez! and thats actually funny about those 9 guys that got arrested because I have never heard of them..they don’t play no one cares! ok if you were just posting an article by the cbs then why did you post it? you didn’t have to its freedom of speech right? ok great! just like I have the freedom to say your finding as many ways as possible to find some dirt on ou and a&m right? am I right Brian?

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