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Aggie Kool-AidI’m not one to hang out on Aggie message boards but fortunately there are Texas fans that do and then point out the great ones. Chargee over at Orangebloods found this piece of comic gold on TexAgs’ football board


Had an interesting conversation with my friend… He brought up the Ags by asking me how well I thought they would do this season. I told him I was very excited and beleived our team would finish with 10+ wins and a possible Big 12 championship. After hearing this he started to vehemently agree with my points, and even went so far as to say we had a decent chance of going undefeated. This really got me pumped up because he usually never gives A&M much respect, and he is usually right to not make any lofty predictions.

I can’t imagine a Texas fan on Hornfans or Orangebloods coming on and saying “hey my random friend thinks we’ll be good this year!!” Aggies have such a strange and sad longing for external validation, but I guess being little brother for most of the last 100 years will do that to you. And how exactly does one “vehemently agree” with a person? How in the world would that work?

Of course, like any thread on an A&M message board the responses to the original post are just as good:


We’re like a hot chick who doesnt realize how hot she is.

First off, no you aren’t. Aggies are more like the fat chick who every year claims she’s going to lose 100 pounds and get hot but when swimsuit season rolls around there she is still at a deuce and a half. And even if they were “the hot chick,” how exactly can you personally claim that you’re the hot chick who doesn’t know you’re hot? That’s like saying, “Not only am I the best looking person in the room, but I’m modest too.” It doesn’t work that way.


there is not a team on our schedule that we are not better than. Not only that but we will win convincingly against every team we play.

That’s a lot of confidence in a team that’s beaten one good team the last four years (unfortunately it was Texas) and struggled to get past teams like Army, Kansas and Baylor last season. The Kool-Aid in College Station must be even stronger this year, how else would someone come to the conclusion that they “honestly think we have a 33% chance to win the BCS Championship.” When is the last time the Aggies even finished the year in the top 25?

A&M will admittedly be better this year (though there’s still a lot of questions about their defense), but only an Aggie would make the leap from one 12-7 win over a team with an injured QB and a 35 point loss to an average Pac-10 team to undefeated and untested national champs. I love August.


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    Looks like the writers at BevoSports are digging deep to find worthy reading for their site that has noting to do with the felons on scholarship or former gridiron heros who ‘t make it in the NFL and have a fondness to get stoned in Canada.

    You have a gret site in regards to horn athletics…………..keep to what you are good at!!

    Bring your readers good stories on Texas sports and stay away from the crap.

  2. reply to  #2

    Easy now Aggie!

    See the little bar at the far right of the screen. If you drag it down towards the bottom of the page you will see there are more stories on this site. Just on the first page alone are stories a Andre Jones and Sergio Kindle. Remember this is ‘Bevo Sports’ not ‘Aggies Sports’, so get over it!

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    Hook'Em Horns

    lol, that is some funny stuff, Im sure its hard to get good reception out in college station, cause if so a&m would realize that they are not talked about winning a national championship or big 12 on television, like ESPN U , pepole are saying, ” there are 2 reasons why a&m wont win, Texas and OU. I believe that very strongly! And the most talked about guy that came from a&m from football is that punter ( shane lechler) or however you spell his name. im not big on a&m history or people that came from there in the pros , but that is the only one o hear of that is good, sad to say he is a punter. And Brian about the whole tradition im sorry for bringing it up , but that is how i feel , sorry i feel that way ,but its true. And I love UT with a passion.

  4. reply to  #4


    Rico, trust me, if you read this site during the football season, you will see plenty more of us making fun of Aggies, Sooners, etc.

  5. reply to  #5


    That blond on the right sidebar is making it difficult to read these posts.

  6. reply to  #6


    Gotta love that optimism.

    In August, everyone is a title contender.

  7. reply to  #7


    Actually there are 3 reasons aTm wont win the Big12.
    1. Texas
    2. uo
    3. Dennis Franchione

  8. […] Nice to see we’re not the only ones who can have a good chuckle at the Aggies’ expense. They may not be from another planet but they sure can drink the Kool-Aid in College Station. I love the note about their expectations and hopes to be as good as Texas, and of course pointing out their horrid all-time record against the Horns. […]

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