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Pair of nutsAs if living in the state of Oklahoma wasn’t bad enough, you now have to wear protective undergarments if you want to go out at night wearing burnt orange.

Allen Michael Beckett of Oklahoma City grabbed on and wouldn’t let go of another man’s junk in a bar just because he was wearing a Texas shirt. Beckett held on long enough to tear Brian Thomas’ scrotum. He has been charged with felony assault over the incident.

Check out more on the story below from NewsOK:

Thomas said Beckett, whom he had never met, called him “everything under the sun” for wearing a Longhorns T-shirt into the bar. He said he and his friend sat at a table in the corner and tried to ignore the other man, but other man — who apparently is a University of [tag]Oklahoma[/tag] fan — kept screaming at him.

Thomas said he decided he’d had enough after about 20 minutes of Beckett’s abuse so he went to the bar to pay his tab. When he turned around, he said Beckett grabbed his crotch and refused to let go.

Thomas hit the other man several times before several bar patrons intervened, but Thomas said Beckett didn’t let go until Thomas heard his scrotum tear and blood ran down his leg. Thomas, who grew up a Texas fan, said it took more than 60 stitches to close his wound.

There may be more to come on this story but for now the only conclusion to come to is that people from Oklahoma are insane and like to grab other guys’ balls. At least Aggies keep their hands to themselves and only squeeze their own. This whole story is nuts.


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  1. reply to  #1


    That headline is priceless.

  2. reply to  #2

    I love the University of Oklahoma 1st

    I do feel sorry for the Texas fan Brian Thomas. However Brian, there is no reason to stereotype the whole population from the state of Oklahoma. Thats just ridiculous. There are stupid people in every state and this Beckett guy is one of them. Do you see what I’m saying? There are f$cked up people everywhere. BOOMER SOONER!

  3. reply to  #3

    I love the University of Oklahoma 1st

    But I guess if you’re a Texas fan, you have a one track brain and you’re too stupid to realize that there are people who commit cruel acts of violence in every state. BOOMER SOONER!

  4. reply to  #4


    I hate OU, I know not all OU fans are ball grabbers. But exaggeration and sterotyping are fun, don’t take it so seriously.

  5. reply to  #5


    Actually, I have empirical evidence showing that while ALL OU fans like to grab dudes’ balls, not all of them will engage in that activity. The study shows that the vast majority of OU fans enjoy licking them as well. Rice U ftw

  6. reply to  #6


    Of course an oklahoman is gonna cheap shot you! They never learned to fight like men because they are too busy wrestling with boys in TIGHTS.

  7. reply to  #7

    Hook'Em Horns

    That is ridiculous. Why would someone ever do such a thing. And OU lover! WERE NOT STUPID! just look at our acedemics! We are a smater school than O who.

  8. reply to  #8


    Priceless blog comment from yesterday, courtesy of FanNation at from Max_M:
    “With UT’s great offensive line….. that’s the only sack OU will get from UT this year.”

    Coming in second, from the same site and post from CPA_4_ Real:
    “What kind of bean bag would require 60+ stitches?!?”

    Yeah, south side of OKC, apparently rough for any and all UT fans. Now, they have the proof.

  9. reply to  #9

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Derek, from what I took from your statement, I’m guessing your age is somewhere between 15-18. Chris, I bet money you couldn’t last in a collegiate wrestling match, but go on and keep running your mouth. Do you watch UFC? You know, a large number of those fighters used to be wrestlers moron. Hook’Em Horns, I’m guessing that “we” does not include you. Daniel, don’t be surprised if Oklahoma makes a statement and takes home the win in this years Red River Shootout. You’ll be eating those words come October. Now why don’t you all hurry up and go buy your retarded looking “The Real McCoy” T-shirts. Oh, and those of you who are fans of Kevin Durant will actually enjoy yourselves in OKC’s Bricktown if you all make the trip to see Durant play in his new future home state, Oklahoma! BOOMER SOONER!

  10. reply to  #10

    stone thrower

    Like an Austinite actually has balls.
    The Longhorn punched the man & he still got his balls torn off?! I bet they had to stitch his wrist back on as well.
    Sissy 10 gallon hat ca’boys better stay in Austin or you might get hurt.

  11. reply to  #11


    Haha, Derek used bigger words than the OU fan can understand.

  12. reply to  #12


    Is this some sort of alternate universe where OU fans outnumber the Horns fans on a UT football site? BTW, I love the University of Oklahoma, get my name out of your mouth, fool. I wasn’t directing anything your way. When I want dialogue, I will pull your string…and that is nowhere near your scrotum. Giggity.

  13. reply to  #13

    Hook'Em Horns

    No, as in “we” , i meant me and myself ! Stupid, what else does ”we” stand for? And why there are people like you on this website , is cause your nosy, and intimidated by our team, yea your right come fall we will see who the winner is, and if you were a Longhorn fan you would think this ”Real Colt McColt shirt ” is pretty cool. In my opinion , I HATE ALL O WHO SHIRTS! THEY ARE ALL BORING AND NOT TEXAS! so of course you will ”hate” our shirt. And not that long ago, we had an argument about who was going to win it all this year, and you were talking trash too, so i guess i could tell you that you will eat your own words too, and we could go on and on about who is going to eat there own words this year! AND THIS WAS ALL DIRECTED TO THE ou LOVER. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  14. reply to  #14

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Hook’Em Horns, keep talking. I remember our arguments well. You’ re the only Texas fans I had a reasonable converstation with. I notice you said “why there are people like you on this website , is cause your nosy, and intimidated by our team.” Hook’Em Horns, notice the whole “from NewsOK:” part at the top of this web page. Now, the question for you is am I really as nosy as you say? I mean after all, this website got its info from Who is really nosy?? Just a thought. But hey, go ahead and continue to call me names, because it obviously gets you off. GO SOONERS!

  15. reply to  #15

    I love the University of Oklahoma

    Daniel, I guess I’m a fool. You really got me there. You simpily posted an opinion “With UT’s great offensive line….. that’s the only sack OU will get from UT this year.” I simpily post my opinion in response to yours. And I will continue to do so whenever I please. You see, you DO NOT intimidate me. You can post as you’re some hard a$$, but I am not phased. I enjoy debate. Its interesting to see Texas’ fans mindset towards the Sooners. Its quite sickening actually. You all have a good weekend and maybe we’ll chat sometime in October. How bout them OKC Supersonics! BOOMER SOONER!

  16. reply to  #16

    Hook'Em Horns

    Its not like you can do anything anyways(” keep talking”). And there have been more than one OU fan on this website, hence the nosy part. And i love to debate with you sooners too. You can sit there on your computer and talk trash just like the rest of us, and i guess this website would be pretty boring without debating against another school fan. And as of right now , the whole supersonics thing isnt final, and when it is thats when you can represent them. And thanks for the complement( reasonable texas fan) i suppose your a reasonable sooner fan.

  17. reply to  #17


    Oklahomans like to wear spandex and wrestle with boys. I rest my case.

  18. reply to  #18


    Here’s the problem. That quote I pulled from my original post was NOT my quote. If you check the link, you will see the post was from some dude on the FanNation site. I don’t mind a spirited debate either. But I am a bigger fan of people knowing how to read.
    Quick lesson:
    ” ” are quotation marks, used to indicate another person talking, as in this example:
    …from Max_M:
    “With UT’s great offensive line….. that’s the only sack OU will get from UT this year.”
    SEE POST #8 (eight).
    Now, as far as not being intimitated, you shouldn’t. It’s the Internet. You can talk you propaganda behind a lame screen name all you want…which I have no problem with. But, if you think the quoted statement was mine, then you need to go back to second grade and comprehend the nuanced and riveting storyline of the book, “See Dick Run”. Now, onward and upward towards (hopefully) smarter reposts and discussion.

  19. reply to  #19

    Reggie B.

    Did I mention that Oklahomans like to wrestle with boys while wearing tights? Spandex tights.

  20. reply to  #20


    Well, everyone knows there is nothing in Texass except queers & steers, so I guess this guy was trying to figure out which one he was! OH, and did the stupid texacan ever think about hitting the guy in the face? Or did he sit there thinking he was back at the gay bar? ONE LAST THING, this is how STUPID the webmaster of this site is….LOOK at the bottom of the page,,,it says “longhorns” upside down and backwards! CLASSIC! As usual, you are your own worst enemy….

  21. reply to  #21


    Um dude. That’s what an end zone looks like from that end genius. Wow.

  22. reply to  #22

    Hook'Em Horns

    yea that was really stupid!!!

  23. reply to  #23


    GEE, your so smart to point that out. I never put together the yard markers along the side … I KNOW WHAT IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE YOU ANAL HEAD!

  24. reply to  #24

    Hook'Em Horns

    ok then if you knew it was a football field then why did you have to be a smart a$%, and be like,” the longhorns side is upside down.” there was no point in doing that. You know whats stupid, is when aTm says TU, in my opnion , i could care less whether they called us UT or TU, thats just like us calling them, shamu instead of tamu.

  25. reply to  #25


    Let’s face it. The guy who commited this crime is a loser and makes me think that, “isn’t this just a game played every year in Big D?” You know just a football game ? Why assault someone with a football T shirt. What a dumb ass.
    Of course, if he does not get a fair trial then it’s going to cause OU some bad PR that they don’t want to have but maybe they should ?. Let’s avoid going to OK. But then again this is totaly stupid and should have never happened. I can’t fathom no one breaking this up sooner. Were all the other people there just getting off on this ? They should all be charged as well. I mean come on. How many time do you see someone grabbing balls in a bar ?
    This guy needs jail time to get his balls rung in the can. Maybe that will teach him a lesson. Who cares that he worked as a Federal Auditor and was in the Military. That’s no excuse. I hope he get’s 5 years.

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