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Well, the rivalry is over…at least for some time. The tussle between the Aggies and the Horns ended this year which also put to rest the State Farm Lonestar Showdown between both Universities. The made for internet contest was 19 events across women’s and men’s sports where the teams competed head to head for a possible 19 points for a trophy as big as Texas (it was a gaudy trophy at that). If the schools tied at the end of the year (which happened twice), the team that won the series championship from the previous year would be awarded the trophy. Check out the complete history at

The contest went from 2004 until 2012 (8 years) where the Horns won 6 of these series over the Aggies. The two years the Aggies won were 2007-08 and 2008-09. Here are a few stats from this contest.

The biggest margin for the Aggies was 2 points in 2007-08
The biggest margin for the Horns was 10 points in 2004-05

Here are the teams that dominate during this 8 year span:

Texas Volleyball 6-2
A&M Women’s Indoor Track 6-2
Texas Men’s Cross Country 6-2
Texas Women’s Swimming 6-2
Texas Men’s Swimming 8-0
Texas Women’s Tennis 6-2
Texas Baseball 7-1

A&M won the following head to head battles during the 8 year time frame.

Soccer – Women’s Basketball – Women’s Indoor Track – Men’s Golf – Women’s Golf – Women’s Outdoor Track – Men’s Outdoor Track

Texas won the head to head battle on the following sports.

Volleyball – Men’s Cross Country – Women’s Swimming – Men’s Swimming – Men’s Basketball – Men’s Indoor Track – Men’s Tennis – Women’s Tennis – Baseball – Football

The two teams tied with a 4-4 record in Softball and Women’s Cross Country

A&M should feel proud about their sports program during this period because the program collected 8 of their 12 national championships during this time. (1) Men’s Golf (3) Men’s Outdoor Track (3) Women’s Outdoor Track (1) Women’s Basketball

Compare that to the Longhorns who secured 5 of their 48 National Championships during this series. (1) Baseball (1) Football (1) Men’s Swimming (1) Women’s Outdoor Track (1) Women’s Indoor Track

The Aggies will be quick to point out to that their football program since 1975 finished with a record of 19-18 against the Horns. We all know how the final game of this series ended to help Texas establish a decisive 76-37-5 record. During the Lonestar Showdown timeframe the Horns held a 5-3 record over the Aggies.

Isn’t it when you really want something bad enough, aren’t you suppose to get it? Many Aggies may have said that I need it, I really want it and I have to have it. You can possibly say that the Aggies wanted it more this year than the Horns, but as it turned out THE UNIVERSITY of the state took home the state title. Just don’t tell Baylor.


Cat Osterman throws no-hitter, K’s 13 as U.S. extends Olympic win streak to 16. 14 of the wins have been by shutout.


Cat Osterman shuts out Japan in World Cup of Softball. U.S. whens another championship.


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Cat Osterman

Under Armour has up a Cat Osterman commercial for their softball line. You can even download it and save it for your iPod. I’m not sure how new this is, but I hadn’t seen it before.

Cat doesn’t have any lines and the commercial is pretty short, but it does a good job of making her and softball look pretty cool. I wish she’d have yelled “We must protect this house!” at the end and then maybe tackled someone. Or at least pegged somebody with a softball. That would have been even better. (via)


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Cat Osterman

Well, since [tag]Cat Osterman[/tag]’s career is over at the University of Texas, I guess it is time for her to start promoting her professional career. Cat has launched her own website at, which includes all of her stats and records, as well as upcoming events she will be attending.

Overall the site is pretty cool and it seems like she has a lot of stuff going on in her post UT career. Here is my favorite clip from her Bio:

A left-hander, Cat stands 6-2, with hands so large she can grip a softball entirely with her fingers rather than having to cradle it in her palm.

It almost sounds like she is the Shaq of women’s softball, though her large hands don’t affect her pitching like Shaq’s hands affect his free-throws.



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[tag]Cat Osterman[/tag] was dominant today in Texas’ win over Arizona State in the opening round of the Women’s College World Series. Osterman recorded 18 of the 21 outs via the strikeout and her offense is able to provide just enough for the Longhorns to pick up the 2 – 0 win and head into the winner’s bracket.

Cat had the Sun Devil hitters off balance all game long. They swung at pitches out of the zone while watching strikes go right down the middle, they were intimidated and had no interest in being in the batter’s box. The Texas offense didn’t light up the scoreboard but Amber Hall’s clutch hit scored second baseman Chez Sievers in the fourth inning to go up 1 – 0. Desiree Williams then lead off the fifth with a line shot off the left field foul pole to put the Longhorns up two, an almost insurmountable lead with Osterman in the circle. Osterman retired the last 18 Sun Devil batters to finish off the game.

The team will face the Arizona Wildcats Friday at 5pm on ESPN2.

Share on the relationship between the Longhorn battery mates.


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I hope people don’t really believe crap on people’s Facebook or MySpace profiles.


Horns face Arizona State on Thursday at 2pm on ESPN2.


If Horns can even score 3 or 4 per game for Cat they’ll win the title.

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