Posted December 2nd, 2006 by Matt
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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith
2. Mike Hart 2. Darren McFadden 2. Darren McFadden
3. Darren McFadden 3. Mike Hart 3. Brady Quinn
4. Brady Quinn 4. Colt Brennan 4. Colt Brennan
5. Steve Slaton 5. Brady Quinn 5. Mike Hart
Our Thoughts

Brian – Not too much action in the Heisman race this week. If Brady Quinn had a huge game and upset USC all by himself he could’ve at least made this a decent discussion. Darren McFadden doesn’t have a chance to win this year but he’s certainly put his name at the top of any 2007 preseason lists.

Matt – If Troy Smith didn’t have such an outstanding year, Darren McFadden would have had a chance to win the Heisman. McFadden has been carrying Arkansas lately and is just putting up some incredible numbers. I moved Brady Quinn down with his loss to USC (0-4 by the way) and moved Colt Brennan into the #4 spot. Brennan has already thrown for 51 touchdowns and has a chance to break the all-time record. Ridiculous!


Posted November 29th, 2006 by Brian
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  Matt Brian Master Coaches
1 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
3 LSU Florida Michigan
4 Michigan Michigan Florida
5 Florida LSU LSU
6 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
7 Oklahoma Boise State Louisville
8 Arkansas Oklahoma Arkansas
9 Auburn Arkansas Auburn
10 Boise State Auburn Boise State
11 Louisville Louisville Oklahoma
12 Notre Dame Virginia Tech Notre Dame
13 Virginia Tech Texas Virginia Tech
14 Texas Notre Dame Rutgers
15 Nebraska Nebraska West Virginia
16 Tennessee Rutgers Texas
17 California West Virginia Nebraska
18 West Virginia Hawaii Wake Forest
19 Wake Forest Tennessee Tennessee
20 Rutgers California BYU
21 Texas A&M Wake Forest California
22 BYU BYU Texas A&M
23 Hawaii Texas A&M Georgia Tech
24 Georgia Tech Houston Boston College
25 Boston College Rice Georgia
Our Thoughts

Brian – USC hadn’t impressed me all season but they’ve had two good games in a row and I moved them ahead of Florida in my rankings. If the Gators can beat up Arkansas in the SEC Championship, they still have a chance to move back ahead of USC. Will the national media finally stop overhyping Notre Dame next year? Maybe we can wait till they beat a single ranked team or don’t get blown out when they played good teams before we mention them with the nation’s elite teams.

Matt – It truly pains me to put USC at the #2 spot, but I can no longer deny them that ranking, and I would much rather see them play Ohio State than see a rematch against Michigan. Can you imagine what will happen if another SEC Champion (Florida) gets left out of the National Championship game? It wouldn’t be as bad as the Auburn fiasco, but it still would get people thinking more about a playoff.


Posted November 28th, 2006 by Matt
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Vince is up for the Week 12 Sunday Stud. Let’s make sure he wins.


Posted November 23rd, 2006 by Matt
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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith
2. Mike Hart 2. Darren McFadden 2. Brady Quinn
3. Brady Quinn 3. Mike Hart 3. Darren McFadden
4. Darren McFadden 4. Brady Quinn 4. Steve Slaton
5. Colt McCoy 5. Colt McCoy 5. Colt Brennan
Our Thoughts

Matt –Mike Hart had a huge game against Ohio St, and is the only reason they were even close. It is too bad he doesn’t have any more games to play, as McFadden, Quinn, and Slaton will likely steal the spotlight. Troy Smith sealed the deal with his performance against Michigan, and that might as well just handed him the trophy right then. I would hate to be some of these other guys going to New York, knowing you don’t even have a shot.


Posted November 21st, 2006 by Matt
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  Matt Brian Master Coaches
1 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
2 Florida Florida USC
3 LSU USC Michigan
4 Michigan Michigan Florida
5 USC LSU Arkansas
6 Arkansas Arkansas Notre Dame
7 Notre Dame Notre Dame West Virginia
8 Wisconsin Wisconsin LSU
9 Texas Texas Wisconsin
10 Oklahoma Boise State Texas
11 Auburn Oklahoma Louisville
12 Boise State Auburn Auburn
13 Lousiville Louisville Boise State
14 West Virginia West Virginia Oklahoma
15 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech
16 Virginia Tech Nebraska Virginia Tech
17 Boston College Virginia Tech Rutgers
18 Nebraska Boston College Boston College
19 Rutgers Hawaii Tennessee
20 Tennessee Tennessee Nebraska
21 California California California
22 Wake Forest Clemson BYU
23 BYU Wake Forest Wake Forest
24 Hawaii Rutgers Texas A&M
25 Clemson Houston Clemson
Our Thoughts

Brian – With Texas out of the race and the top 5 or 6 teams behind tOSU being interchangeable, I was strangely bored by the Ohio State vs. Michigan game Saturday afternoon. If someone upsets the Buckeyes in January we could be looking at a split national title with one of the one-loss teams who didn’t make it in. The most interesting story for Texas fans to follow may be whether Boise State finishes off their schedule without any blemishes and earns a spot in the Fiest Bowl against the Longhorns.

Matt – Not really too much movement in my poll this week, with Rutgers and Wake Forest as the only real big drops. Do people really want to see a repeat of Ohio St/Michigan? I sure don’t. Hopefully Florida or USC will take care of business in their remaining games. And too bad Notre Dame got waxed by Michigan. If that game was actually close, Notre Dame would be sitting in a much better position.


Posted November 17th, 2006 by Brian
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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith
2. Mike Hart 2. Darren McFadden 2. Brady Quinn
3. Brady Quinn 3. Ray Rice 3. Ray Rice
4. Colt McCoy 4. Brady Quinn 4. Colt McCoy
5. Darren McFadden 5. Colt McCoy 5. Colt Brennan
Our Thoughts

Brian – I moved Colt McCoy down a spot since he didn’t play much Saturday, even though I think we all saw the big difference in the Texas offense when he’s not in there. Troy Smith and Brady Quinn will each have their opportunities over the next two weeks to state their claim over the trophy. If Ohio State beats Michigan this Saturday and Smith plays well the award is likely his, but if he leaves the door open at all Quinn will have a shot against USC next week to make a statement. Not nearly as interesting a race as last year.

Matt – Darren McFadden continues to have big games when their team needs it the most. In games against Auburn, South Carolina, and Tennesse this year, he has accumulated 512 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns. Troy Smith will lock up the Heisman this weekend if he has a decent performance against Michigan. I moved Colt down to the #5 spot, mainly because he didn’t play and he is questionable to return.


Posted November 14th, 2006 by Matt
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  Matt Brian Master Coaches
1 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
2 Michigan Michigan Michigan
3 Florida Florida USC
4 LSU USC Florida
5 USC LSU Arkansas
6 Arkansas Arkansas LSU
7 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
8 Wisconsin Rutgers West Virginia
9 Rutgers Wisconsin Wisconsin
10 West Virginia Texas Texas
11 Texas West Virginia Rutgers
12 Boise State Boise State Louisville
13 Wake Forest Wake Forest Auburn
14 Auburn Oklahoma Boise State
15 Oklahoma Auburn Wake Forest
16 Louisville Louisville Oklahoma
17 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech California
18 Virginia Tech Nebraska Georgia Tech
19 Maryland Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
20 Boston College Maryland Nebraska
21 Nebraska California Boston College
22 Tennessee Boston College Tennessee
23 California Hawaii Maryland
24 BYU Tennessee BYU
25 Hawaii Houston Texas A&M
Our Thoughts

Brian – Well Longhorn fans can at least root for who they feel like this week, no more worrying about strength of schedule or who we need to lose. I can finally root for Ohio State and their classless fans to lose to Michigan this weekend. I really have no clue who should be #3 behind Michigan and Ohio State, Florida, USC, and Notre Dame all have big flaws and I think there’s a chance all three lose before the regular season’s done. If Arkansas runs the table (which they might) and makes it to the BCS Championship game it would be one of the most amazing stories in college football in a long time.

Matt – Quite a shake-up this week as many top 10 teams lose, causing a lot of mess in most people’s polls. Everything is setting up perfectly for Ohio State/Michigan since they are the clear #1 and #2. This will be Ohio State’s second #1 vs. #2 match-up this year. I can’t imagine that happens often.

Cal took the biggest hit for me, losing to a team with only 4 wins up to that point. Tennessee also fell quite a bit, mainly because it was their second straight loss (LSU & Arkansas).


Posted November 13th, 2006 by Matt
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It pains me to see that the team who benefited most from our loss to Kansas St is, you guessed it, USC. USC jumps from the #7 spot all the way up to #3 in the BCS. And now it looks like they will control their own destiny when it comes to playing in the BCS National Championship game.

With Texas’ loss, the Horns fall all the way down to #13 in the BCS, their National Championship hopes lost. Rutgers also makes a huge move after beating Louisville and now claims the #6 spot. They are still a long shot to make it to the title game, but with the way this season is going, who knows what can happen.

    Harris Poll USA Today Computers BCS
1 Ohio State 1 .1.000 1 .9994 3 .930 .9765
2 Michigan 2 .9600 2 .9606 1 1.000 .9735
3 USC 3 .8779 4 .8717 4 .860 .8699
4 Florida 4 .8718 3 .8768 6 .800 .8495
5 Notre Dame 5 .8096 5 .8083 5 .840 .8193
6 Rutgers 7 .7229 8 .6870 2 .950 .7866
7 Arkansas 6 .7979 6 .7924 9 .680 .7567
8 West Virginia 8 .6657 7 .7067 11 .600 .6575
9 Wisconsin 11 .5993 10 .5892 8 .740 .6428
10 Louisville 10 .6111 12 .5613 7 .750 .6408
11 LSU 9 .6593 9 .6692 13 .480 .6028
12 Boise State 13 .5254 13 .5270 10 .610 .5541
13 Texas 12 .5821 11 .5886 16 .380 .5169

Posted November 9th, 2006 by Brian
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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith 1. Troy Smith
2. Mike Hart 2. Colt McCoy 2. Brady Quinn
3. Colt McCoy 3. Ray Rice 3. Ray Rice
4. Brady Quinn 4. Brady Quinn 4. Colt McCoy
5. P.J. Hill 5. Darren McFadden 5. Colt Brennan
Our Thoughts

Brian – I’ve been saying no one could catch Troy Smith since Adrian Peterson went down, now I’m not sure. He’s still the leader and is putting up solid numbers, but it’s been a while since he did anything outstanding. Colt McCoy passed Vince Young and Chris Simms in the record books against Oklahoma State and he passes Brady Quinn on my Heisman poll today. McCoy has better stats and has played against better defenses than Quinn. McCoy didn’t have a stellar game in Texas’ loss to Ohio State, but at least he didn’t choke big time like Quinn against Michigan.

Matt – Finally Colt McCoy is getting some love in the Heisman race. I think he has proved that he is the second best quarterback so far this season. And if you look at the numbers, he has more yards and touchdowns than Troy Smith. I obviously don’t expect him to win, but it sure is impressive what he is doing as a freshman. I added McFadden as my darkhorse after his ridiculous performance against South Carolina. I wonder how the Arkansas/USC game would have been different if he was healthy.


Posted November 7th, 2006 by Matt
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  Matt Brian Master Coaches
1 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
2 Michigan Michigan Michigan
3 Texas Texas Texas
4 Louisville Louisville Louisville
5 Auburn Auburn Auburn
6 Florida Florida Florida
7 California USC USC
8 LSU California California
9 Notre Dame LSU LSU
10 USC Arkansas Arkansas
11 Arkansas West Virginia Notre Dame
12 Rutgers Notre Dame West Virginia
13 Tennessee Boise St. Wisconsin
14 West Virginia Rutgers Tennessee
15 Boise State Tennessee Boise State
16 Wisconsin Oklahoma Rutgers
17 Oklahoma Wisconsin Oklahoma
18 Oregon Wake Forest Wake Forest
19 Wake Forest Georgia Tech Georgia Tech
20 Georgia Tech Oregon Oregon
21 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
22 Maryland Nebraska Nebraska
23 Boston College Maryland Texas A&M
24 Texas A&M Oregon St. Boston College
25 Nebraska Texas A&M Maryland
Our Thoughts

Brian – Texas has been slowly climbing the polls since the loss to Ohio State back in September and they’re now in a spot to pounce on any mistake by Ohio State, Michigan, or Louisville. If the Cardinals go down to Rutgers Thursday night on ESPN, it could mean Texas would get a chance to defend their title in January. I think the Horns, Florida, and Auburn are all better football teams that have played tougher schedules than Louisville, so anything resembling a slip up will have them vaulting ahead of even an undeafeated Big East champion. The Big East isn’t the terrible conference it was in years past, but it’s still a pretty darn mediocre one.

Matt – LSU had an impressive win at Tennessee, where they have won only twice now in I think their last 15 match-ups; so I have moved them back into the Top 10. I still don’t think Louisville is the 4th best team in the nation, but with the win against West Virginia I have to put them up there for now. If they don’t look good for the next couple of weeks, I may have to drop them below Florida.

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