Senior safety/wide reciever [tag]Tyrell Gatewood[/tag] was arrested again last night on reckless driving and two counts of misdemeanor possession of a dangerous drug. A “dangerous drug” usually refers to prescription medication that he did not have a legal prescription for. The range of drugs that includes is huge and could be something silly or very, very serious.

The booking information from the Travis County Sheriff Inmate Population Reporting System is below:


Date of Birth: 9/27/1984
Booking Number: 0744322 Booked: 9/13/2007 00:36
Charges (3)

CLASS A MISDEMEANOR — Cause Number: C1CR07218651
Bond:$2,500.00 ANY TYPE OF BOND

CLASS A MISDEMEANOR — Cause Number: C1CR07218652
Bond:$2,500.00 ANY TYPE OF BOND

Bond:$500.00 ANY TYPE OF BOND

I’ll try to withhold judgment until we learn more about the charges, but this is not Gatewood’s first run-in with the law and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s gone before the weekend. With the other recent off field incidents, his history, and Mack Brown’s new tougher stance on these issues the punishment will likely be swift and severe.

We’ll have more on Gatewood’s status as details are released.

Update: Gatewood has been suspended indefinitely by Mack Brown.


Posted August 22nd, 2007 by Brian
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With the recent injuries to Limas Sweed and Billy Pittman, the Texas coaching staff has moved senior safety Tyrell Gatewood to the other side of the football.

From AAS’ Bevo Beat:

While the Longhorns’ coaches have been using freshmen to fill holes at receiver left by injuries, they also have moved over a veteran defender.

“We’ve also worked [tag]Tyrell Gatewood[/tag] some,” Brown said of the senior safety. “He’s been a receiver so we worked him back in that position where he’s playing both ways. He’s playing safety, he’s on just about every kick team and he also played a little bit of receiver. In fact he jumped up and made a great catch in the rain.”

In his five years on campus Gatewood has now been a wide receiver, tight end, linebacker, safety, and now receiver again. His name has come up a lot over the years and he’s seemed on the verge of making an impact at all those positions, but he’s yet to make news on the field. Even if it’s only on special teams, hopefully he can find a way to contribute in his last season in burnt orange.

This isn’t an earth shattering move since Gatewood was not expected to start on defense but it’s interesting news nonetheless. Depending on your outlook, this could be a good sign on our depth at safety or it could be an indication that Sweed and Pittman may be out a lot longer than the university has let on. Or it could be both.


Posted September 5th, 2006 by Matt
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Tarell is reporting that [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] has decided to sit out both [tag]Tarell Brown[/tag] and [tag]Tyrell Gatewood[/tag] for Saturday’s matchup against Ohio State. As devastating as this news is, it is probably the right thing for Mack Brown to do. With all the looking-the-other-way that goes on in college football these days, I applaud Mack for making the tough decision. Even though legally Brown may have been able to play, there is just too much uncertainty around the whole situation.

“As a head coach, No. 1 you have to look at the legal system and cooperate with the authorities completely,” Brown said. “No. 2, you must go through the university because that’s who we work for. No. 3, you are concerned about distractions for your football team. We want to move forward because it’s No. 1 playing No. 2 and it’s such an exciting game for all of us.

“No. 4, you care about the three young men involved and their families. We will try to help the families individually and move forward with our team for the ballgame on Saturday.”

Mack did not say whether or not the suspensions would last past Saturday’s game, but if they are going to miss one game we can probably stand for them to miss a few more.

Hopefully now we can all put this situation behind us and start focusing on the game.



Posted September 4th, 2006 by Matt
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Tarell Brown, Tyrell Gatewood, and Aaron Harris mugshots

Apparently attending the Ramonce Taylor School of Idiocy, initial reports coming out of Austin are saying [tag]Tarell Brown[/tag], starting cornerback for the Texas Longhorns, has been arrested along with former Longhorn [tag]Aaron Harris[/tag] on charges of possession of marijuana and unlawfully carrying a gun. Could the timing be anyway worse for the Longhorns? Probably not.

Brown and former teammate Aaron Harris, a linebacker on last year’s national championship team, were booked into Travis County Central Booking Facility at 4:55 a.m. Monday.

Brown was charged with a Class A misdemeanor of unlawfully carrying a weapon. He and Harris were both charged with Class B misdemeanors of possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana.

Longhorn football coach Mack Brown has been informed of the situation but has not yet spoken to Brown, a team official said.

This is about the worst thing that could happen to the Longhorns right now. Not only is Tarell expected to cover Ohio State’s deep threat Ted Ginn, Jr., but now the Longhorns have to deal with all of the distractions that are sure to come about from this. It is just a matter of time before the national media pick up on this story and ESPN will be blasting this all over their air waves. Hopefully the coaching staff can keep the players under control this week and maybe even move everybody into a controlled hotel environment.

Update: More details coming out show that three players are involved. Aaron Harris, Tarell Brown, and [tag]Tyrell Gatewood[/tag]. Aaron Harris was driving when they were pulled over and Tarell and Tyrell were asleep in the back. Hopefully Harris can take the fall for this and Tarell can play this weekend.

Update #2: The gun is reported to belong to Tyrell Gatewood. The story is that the gun was used earlier in the day at a shooting range. Then later while driving around the gun came out from under the front seat and Tarell grabbed it, put it in his lap and fell asleep. The cops came up to the car when Aaron Harris was pulled over and saw the gun in Tarell’s lap. According to Tarell’s lawyer, Tarell will be able to play in this weekend’s game against OSU. Thank goodness.

Update #3: It looks like Mack Brown is sitting out both Tarell Brown and Tyrell Gatewood for Saturday’s game against Ohio State.

Update #4: Now Brown and Gatewood’s attorney Jamie Balagio is saying that the two players were unnecessarily TASERED during their arrest. Man, this situation is getting weirder and weirder.

Update #5: The drug charges on both Tarell Brown and Tyrell Gatewood have been dropped. The gun charges still remain on Brown.

Read more to check out the arrest affidavit from Travis County.

(more …)

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