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I’ll be posting periodic updates, comments, and vulgarity as the game goes on. It’s kickoff time and I’m as fired up as I’ve been since early on in the season. Let’s see how the Horns respond to a little adversity.

First Quarter
  • 2 seconds in to the game and it’s clear Brent Musberger didn’t do any preparation. Brutally mispronounces [tag]Chris Ogbonnaya[/tag]’s name and then calls [tag]Lamarr Houston[/tag] the name of some random walk on. Houston takes the very short pooch kick off and the Horns start the game off with the ball out at the 50.
  • Looked like a bad read by [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] on the zone read. Picks up close to 10 yards though and the Horns have a 3rd and 3. Big play as the team really needs to get going early.
  • 3rd and short run that the line did a terrible job blocking on but [tag]Jamaal Charles[/tag] breaks it for a 15 yard game.
  • [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] is right. Charles was hit out of bounds down low and that should have been a penalty.
  • Bad awareness by [tag]Nate Jones[/tag]. He was wide open but let himself drift out of the back of the end zone. Announcers have good comment though about how the design of the end zone in the stadium could be confusing.
  • [tag]Greg Davis[/tag] is a gosh damn genius!!!!!!! WoooOoo! Touchdown [tag]Derek Lokey[/tag] for the touchdown!!! That a boy! Bill Belichick would be proud.
Arizona State 0, Texas 7
  • The team really looks fired up. Let’s hope that results in some inspired play, and no let down once that energy wears off.
  • [tag]Jared Norton[/tag], [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag], and [tag]Scott Derry[/tag] are the starters at linebacker. That might shut some Internet coaches up (for a few minutes.)
  • And Norton is already hurt. Damnit.
  • Defensive package on 3rd and long includes only 3 down lineman, [tag]Drew Kelson[/tag] and [tag]Deon Beasley[/tag] in there as extra pass defenders. Nice new look.
  • Designed QB draw play. I don’t mind McCoy scrambling (in fact he’s been darn good at it this season) but not sure we should be calling too many first quarter QB runs in the huddle.
  • As Musberger talks about [tag]Chris Hall[/tag] I just noticed that freshman [tag]Kyle Hix[/tag] is getting the start at right tackle and they’ve moved [tag]Adam Ulatoski[/tag] to the left side.
  • [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] on the reverse pass. Not really anybody open and Cosby does the smart thing and just throws it away. Or maybe it twas just a terrible throw. The play wasn’t blocked well and the receivers were all covered as well.
  • [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag] in there on this series. Norton back in there as well.
  • Fumble! Maybe. They called it a fumble on the field at least as corner [tag]Brandon Foster[/tag] appears to rip the ball out as the ASU running back falls to the ground. Looks like he had it out before his knee was down and doesn’t look like there’s 100% evidence of the contrary. Replay confirms, Texas ball!
  • Hot damn! Hey there [tag]John Chiles[/tag], I vaguely remember you buddy. The young dual threat QB is in there and on the first play Charles takes the zone read hand off close to 50 yards. On the very Next play Chiles keeps it on the same play off the left end for the touchdown! (Psst… where has this been all year?)
Arizona State 0, Texas 14

  • In case you hadn’t noticed, yes I’m about 5 minutes behind live on the DVR. I’ll be caught up after one or two commercial breaks.
  • Wonder what the wind situation is like. [tag]Hunter Lawrence[/tag]’s kickoffs have all been pretty short.
  • Has Roger Clemens hired investigator to “discredit Brian McNamee” or two prove that he didn’t take steroids? Those are two very different things.
  • Not only did senior [tag]Robert Killebrew[/tag] not get the start at linebacker but I haven’t seen him in on defense at all yet tonight. Two series in a row where it’s nothing but the young guys and Derry is off the field as well.
  • [tag]Erick Jackson[/tag] got really burned on a deep pass but gets back just in time because of the underthrown ball (and maybe a little early) and the ball is tipped up and safety [tag]Marcus Griffin[/tag] has the ball come right to him for the interception.
  • I like the fair catch trash talk by the ASU punt returner. “Did you see the way I waved my arm and caught the ball. You can’t handle this!”
  • Killebrew, Derry, and [tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag] in there for this series.
  • Can Musberger get anyone’s name right? It’s Dick Tomey, not Toomey. Dufus.
  • Finally. McCoy scrambles and throws deep on the run and get its to his open receiver Cosby for a huge 55 yard gain. That a boy Colt.
  • And Charles runs tough and right through the Sun Devils’ defense for the 15-yard TD run. Heck of a run and refusal to get tackled by one guy. The Horns are now up 3 scores and it’s still the first quarter. Come on guys keep this up, don’t let an ASU score or anything swing this momentum.
Arizona State 0, Texas 21
  • Veteran linebackers in for second series in a row. [tag]Henry Melton[/tag] getting some early playing time at defensive end.
  • Bobino shaken up. Now both middle linebackers have needed to be helped up by the medical staff but both were able to walk off on their own power.
  • We’re bring multiple linebackers on every play and if we don’t start getting to Carpenter a step quicker we could be in trouble.

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Greg Davis, Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Ken RuckerThe Texas Longhorns held their annual football banquet Friday night (photos) where they honored team members for their accomplishments on and off the field. Though fans and recruits do attend, the event is definitely a night for the players to look back on the season and to honor the careers of the outgoing seniors.

Quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] and running back [tag]Jamaal Charles[/tag] were deservedly named the team MVPs. McCoy didn’t have as good of a season as he did his freshman year but he definitely is the player that made this team go (when it went anywhere). Charles was also named Darrell K. Royal Most Valuable Offensive Player while the Mike Campbell Most Valuable Defensive Players were [tag]Brandon Foster[/tag] and [tag]Marcus Griffin[/tag].

In a team vote [tag]Dallas Griffin[/tag], [tag]Tony Hills[/tag], and [tag]Derek Lokey[/tag] were honored with the D. Harold Byrd Leadership Award. Also, in a shocking development quarterback McCoy was given the Outstanding Quarterback Award.

In a move that infuriated Internet Coaching and Motivational Experts [tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag], [tag]Scott Derry[/tag], and [tag]Robert Killebrew[/tag] shared the honor of being the team’s Outstanding Linebackers. I’m not sure what else you can really do though as no linebacker really deserved the honor and it would be pretty embarrassing to not hand out an award for the position.

A list of all the award winners is after the jump.

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Nothing gets me more fired up than watching Ducks Unlimited TV before a big Longhorn game. Do you think Versus would show a show about hunting and killing ducks if Oregon was playing instead of Texas and [tag]Baylor[/tag]? That might be a little awkward.

If you’re not one of the many Texas fans who made the trip to Waco you’ll have to surf through about 1,000 channels before you’ll find Versus and you’re probably only getting it if you have satellite or digital cable. Versus is on channel 603 on DirecTV, channel 151 on Dish Network, and on 470 if you’ve got Time Warner digital cable in Austin.

Here we go…

First Quarter
  • I like the straight zone run play with [tag]Jamaal Charles[/tag] than the zone read or the counter. Gives Jamaal a chance to hit the hole fast and get going north/south quicker.
  • I like that a professional football announcer doesn’t know the difference between the zone read and a counter. Not even run out of the shotgun is a zone read.
  • Three attempts towards [tag]Jermichael Finley[/tag] already. One good completion, one ball he should have caught, and one that he and [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] had a miscommunication on.
  • And another pass towards Finley. Texas attempts a fake field goal after he goes out wide and uncovered but [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] can’t get the play off quickly enough and then can’t get the ball out to him before the defense adjusted. Versus missed the whole play because we were zoomed in on kicker Ryan Bailey’s helmet.
  • [tag]Erick Jackson[/tag] has been serviceable at safety this season but he is absolutely awful at adjusting to the ball in the air. He was there in coverage on a terrible Baylor pass but couldn’t make a play on the ball. Looked similar to the unnecessary pass interference penalty he picked up last week.
  • Baylor offensive lineman Dan Gay IV commits a holding penalty. How unfortunate is that last name? Especially with the IV after it. You can essentially put any noun after that and hilarity will ensue.
  • I’m surprised how empty Floyd Casey Stadium is. Enough Texas fans normally make that trip to fill up the place a little better.
  • Second time already that I thought the Baylor defensive back got there early on pass coverage. [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] doesn’t drop many passes, it looked like he got bumped early.
  • Great punt but Jackson can’t down it before it bounces into the end zone. The only good thing to come out of the Kansas State game is punter Justin Moore.
  • Versus really likes to use the camera angle from the roof of the press box. The damn thing is so high i can’t tell anybody’s number.
  • [tag]John Chiles[/tag] and the second team offense is in there for this series. I actually like the timing of this one better than last week. The first team offense didn’t have much momentum so it’s not really going to disrupt them.
  • Chiles has to be more careful with the football. First downs are important but not as important as holding onto the football. Don’t stretch the ball out in traffic on your own 40 yard line.
  • Smithson Valley sucks!
  • Big run by [tag]Vondrell McGee[/tag] up the middle. 18 yards on the carry is probably the second teamers biggest gain against first team defenses. I think as Chiles gains more experience running the zone read the whole offense opens up. Right now he looks a little like he’s keeping and handing off randomly and not doing a great job reading the defensive end. That’s a tough read and you can only really learn in live game situations.
  • Set your feet before you throw John.
  • [tag]Ryan Bailey[/tag] nails the 46-yard field goal into the wind. Right down the middle.
Texas 3, Baylor 0
  • How sad is Baylor that the announcers are talking about their defense getting a victory by holding the second team defense to only a field goal?
  • Not sure if this is their first series or not, but the young group of linebackers are in there now for Texas.
  • What did they rule that play on the field? I thought I saw an official pointing that he was down before the fumble. Looks to me like the ball is coming loose a little before the Baylor running back hits the ground.
  • Not sure how they ruled he was down after reviewing that play. Looked pretty clear from one angle that the ball was loose before his butt hit the ground.

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Looks like we’re definitely headed towards another situation where the early FSN game is going to interfere with the start of the Texas vs. [tag]Rice[/tag] game. Texas Tech and Oklahoma State have decided to forego defense and play a 9-hour offensive shootout. All is not lost however, if you’re a DirecTV customer the game will start on schedule on channel 667 and you can check out FSN Southwest’s contingency plan for the telecast over on the official UT football site. Plus I’ll post frequent updates on the game here on this post. Stay tuned…

First Quarter

  • Rice won the toss and will kick off.
  • Good deep kick and [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] takes a knee.
  • Chris Hall starting at right tackle again. Limas Sweed is healthy enough to make the start at receiver.
  • Colt McCoy misses Cosby on a 12 yard out.
  • [tag]Jamaal Charles[/tag] may never touch the football again. Another damn fumble. Rice football.
  • No surprises starting at linebacker. Same three veterans: Derry, Bobino, Killebrew.
  • Great penetration on the blitz by [tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag] results in a loss of yards.
  • [tag]Deon Beasley[/tag] got the start at cornerback over Brandon Foster.
  • How is that not grounding? Rice OL forgets to block Frank Okam and he gets a free run at the QB.
  • There’s a flag, they called it after all. Rice lining up for 50-yard field goal attempt.
  • Rice kicker misses wide left. My former coworker and former Rice kicker Derek Crabtree would’ve made that one. Or so he’d tell me.
  • Charles is still the running back. McCoy hits Jermichael Finley on a quick out for a 9 yard game.
  • Charles reverses field and gets a good gain. Kid has tons of talent, hold on to the ball and I’ll be your best friend.
  • Ugly option play and McCoy gets brought down hard. Guard Cedric Dockery got his ass kicked.
  • Great catch on a hitch by Cosby. Colt tried to get him killed. Short of the first down and Texas has to punt.
  • Texas sends out [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] with the rest of the punting team in some sort of likely fake but we screw it up and have to blow a timeout.
  • After the timeout we’ve got the regular offense out there for 4th and 2.
  • Lead dive out by Charles behind FB Atwan Cobb gets the first down.
  • Completion from McCoy to Nate Jones on a slant. 7 yard gain.
  • McCoy fumbles the shotgun snap but he rolls to his left and finds Cosby alone for a completion and a first down.
  • Terrible looking play where two Texas linemen are running laterally 3 yards deep in the backfield and Charles has to fight his way through them on the counter before he can get a couple of yards. Yikes.
  • Tony Hills with an obvious hold made more obvious by the fact that he threw his hands up in the air trying to claim innocence. Costs the Horns a first and goal opportunity.
  • McCoy and Cosby bail out Hills. Great pass and catch for the touchdown on 3rd and long. The inside receiver was even more open on the play.
Rice 0, Texas 7
  • About 1:30 left in the Tech/OSU game and OSU just scored to go up by four on a 54 yard TD catch.
  • Didn’t know Texas was using the Bill Bates air conditioned shoulder pads. Great technology.
  • Great job by Aaron Lewis to string out the play, Bobino flies to the ball and blows up the blocker, and Lewis is able to make the tackle.
  • The Rice receiver might have been bobbling that ball. Rice thinks so too and is running the no huddle.
  • Rice’s line is getting whipped right now. They’re doubling the two defensive tackles and that allowed the end to come and make the tackle untouched.
  • As I’ve said over and over again, that spread punt formation is the dumbest thing in college football. Texas gets the ball at their 33.
  • Colt is holding the ball a tick too long on the deep ball. Another underthrown bomb and another incompletion. He’s got a good enough arm if he gets rid of it a little quicker he’d be a lot more successful.
  • Long run by Charles on the single back counter.
  • Another ill advised deep ball. Come on Colt. Be smart. Interception but there’s flag on the play.
  • McCoy bailed out by the pass interference call. That could have gone either way. First down Texas.
  • John Chiles in the game. McCoy motioned left and Chiles ran the zone read. Nice idea but center Dallas Griffin got his ass beat and a Rice lineman blew up the play.
  • Two incompletions and Texas will have to attempt a field goal.
  • Ryan Bailey’s 44-yard field goal goes right down the middle.
Rice 0, Texas 10
  • If our corners are going to give 15 yard cushion they can’t miss freaking tackles. Beasley whiffs and there’s a good gain for Rice.
  • Ryan Palmer shows Beasley how to do it.
  • Sergio Kindle in the game. Texas defensive line is blowing up the zone read every time.
  • Looked like all the young linebackers might have been out there on that series. Rice has to punt.
  • Cosby fair catches a line drive punt at the 10 and Texas starts this possession with bad field position.
  • Charles lined up at wideout and McCoy puts a beautiful pass in his hands and Charles drops it. Would have been an easy 6.
  • Colt is leaving all these short passes up high. Doesn’t seem to have the zip on it he did last season.
  • The game is on regular FSN Southwest now so I’ll be doing less play by play and make more witty comments.

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With the first official depth chart released for the [tag]Arkansas State[/tag] we can officially do our first second guessing of the 2007 season. Let’s complain examine the defensive side of the ball first:

Position Player
DE (Quick) Brian Orakpo
Eddie Jones
I think everyone is expecting a big sack total from [tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] this season, I’m thinking he could be our breakout defender. I’m excited to see [tag]Eddie Jones[/tag] play, kid is a future star.
Nose Tackle Derek Lokey
Roy Miller
Ben Alexander
If [tag]Derek Lokey[/tag] doesn’t get hurt, Texas wins the Big 12 and ends up in the Fiesta Bowl last year. A healthy Lokey helps the entire defense.
Tackle Frank Okam
Roy Miller
Thomas Marshall
There were all-world expectations for [tag]Frank Okam[/tag] when he arrived in Austin and he’s yet to perform at that level. He’s still got a chance to be a high draft pick if he can be healthy and active this year.
DE (Power) Aaron Lewis
Lamarr Houston
Maybe the weakest spot on the defensive line but a couple of guys that impressed in limited time last season. [tag]Aaron Lewis[/tag] and [tag]Lamarr Houston[/tag] are both about a biscuit short of becoming defensive tackles.
Strongside LB Robert Killebrew
Dustin Earnest
Any chance [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag] comes in and takes this position over after his suspension? [tag]Robert Killebrew[/tag] needs to make more plays.
Middle LB Rashad Bobino
Jared Norton
[tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag] is consistent but has trouble getting off blocks, [tag]Jared Norton[/tag] will knock your teeth out but is inexperienced. We’ve got to find the right mix of heady guys and playmakers at linebacker.
Weakside LB Scott Derry
Roddrick Muckelroy
Keenan Robinson
[tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag] was our best linebacker before he tore up his finger against Rice and this season he’s listed as a co-starter. I think Muck ends up being on the field as much as any of the other guys.
Right CB Ryan Palmer
Deon Beasley
Chykie Brown
Uh oh. Now we’re into the area where fans are making a little noise. [tag]Ryan Palmer[/tag] has the makings of a solid player but he hasn’t performed well when he had opportunities. [tag]Deon Beasley[/tag] has a chance to take the starter’s job if he wants it.
Free Safety Marcus Griffin
Drew Kelson
Tyrell Gatewood
Everyone knew [tag]Marcus Griffin[/tag] was the starter but I was surprised to see [tag]Drew Kelson[/tag] the number two guy here and not at strong safety. Maybe Kelson plays in likely running situations.
Strong Safety Erick Jackson
Ishie Oduegwu
Glad to see [tag]Erick Jackson[/tag] earn himself a chance. Kid has some bad luck but he was has all the measureables and was highly rated coming out of high school. And [tag]Ishie Oduegwu[/tag] is named Ishie, you’ve got to root for him just for that.
Left CB Brandon Foster
Curtis Brown
Earl Thomas
Even more worrisome than the other corner spot. [tag]Brandon Foster[/tag] is about the same as Palmer but an inch and a half shorter. He’s got two true freshmen behind him so it looks like a experience versus potential battle.

It’s just Arky State so I’m not going to get to worked up over anything on this depth chart. It’s the first game of the year so I think guys who have been here longer are going to have the edge over the young guys who have only been on campus a month. It’ll be interesting to see if the freshmen and sophomores battling for spots can show enough against ASU to see increased time against TCU.


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I’m not even watching TBS yet, USC is about to get upset by Oregon State with seven seconds to go after the Beavers stop Booty and the Trojans on a two-point conversion. That would of course be huge for the Longhorns as a loss would likely drop USC well behind Texas in the human polls and behind them in the BCS as well. Definitely a big help since Nebraska getting spanked by Oklahoma State today probably going to hurt the strength of schedule.

As for this game, Texas is on the road for the second straight week against a tough opponent in [tag]Texas Tech[/tag]. Last week the Longhorns were solid but inconsistent. The offense has to punch the ball into the end zone and the defense has to stop the big play. Can the banged up Texas defense stop the Red Raiders offense? Should be a good game, hopefully Texas plays four strong quarters and wins in solid fashion.

First Quarter
  • Scott Derry and Robert Killebrew both on the sideline early in a passing situation. Drew Kelson in at linebacker.
  • Defensive end misses a chance at a sack. Can’t let Graham Harrell step away like that and give him a chance to throw.
  • Red Raiders holding like crazy already. Got called for it on one play but getting away with it on the inside.
  • Mike Leach goes for it on 4th down and the Texas defense doesn’t make them pay. Gives Harrell all day to throw and he completes a long pass.
  • Tech RB takes a screen pass and there’s nobody around. Easy drive and easy TD for Tech.
Texas 0, Texas Tech 7
  • Texas offense has to respond and put together a solid drive. Get some points and give Gene Chizik some time to figure out what the hell to do the next time Tech has the ball.
  • A couple of good solid passing plays for the Texas offense to get started. Don’t forget about the running backs.
  • First running play is the GT counter and Selvin Young has to try to bounce it wide. Nothing there.
  • Colt McCoy really does throw the ball well when he’s moving around. Looks like Greg Davis knows that as he’s had a designed roll out or two already.
  • Couple of actual zone read plays and looked like McCoy had room to keep it both times.
  • Terrible call by the refs as none of them actually saw a fumble. Looked like Charles was clearly down. Then he recovered the ball himself while he was down again. Bad call.
  • How the hell does the replay booth not freaking replay that. I say it every week, but man is replay on college football the most worthless thing of all time.
  • Bad call. None of the refs actually called it a fumble till 20 seconds after the play. Charles recovered it himself, had control, and was down. Certainly close enough to review without forcing Mack Brown to call for the replay. Terrible job as usual.
  • Texas defense blitzing guys and not getting any pressure at all.
  • On the scoring play it looked like we sent about 7 guys after the QB and none of them got within 5 yards of him. Easy touchdown pass.
Texas 0, Texas Tech 14
  • Good drive before the “fumble” last series. Offense can’t panic. Put together solid drives and see if the defense can pull their heads out.
  • 3rd and 2 and we freaking throw the football. Get under center and run it down their damn throats.
  • Crap. Cheap shot on Mike Griffin and now we’re another damn player short in the secondary.
  • Griffin back in there. “How did Harrell get that pass off?” Because the officials don’t know how to freaking call holding. You can’t grab a guy’s jersey and hang on when he’s rushing the QB.
  • Ball clearly came loose. What the hell is wrong with the announcers? Pretty close play needing review of whether he had possession.
  • He bobbled the ball and never really had possession. Not sure they got the call right, but it was close. I like that all the replay guys are like 80 years old.
  • Announcers are making themselves look worse and worse. First they couldn’t see anything that happened and wanted to know why there was a review. Then they thought it was clearly a fumble. Every time you watched another replay you saw something new, so clearly there was nothing clear about it.
  • McCoy throws it right to Tech for a pick 6. Right freaking to him.
Texas 0, Texas Tech 21
  • Plenty of time left still against this defense. Let’s get 10 – 14 back before the half and then win the damn game in the second half.

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The Big 12 this year makes the Big 12 last season look like a juggernaut. Texas Tech spanked by winless Colorado, undefeated Missouri repeatedly throws the game away against the Aggies, and Oklahoma just lost Adrian Peterson for the year. The Longhorns will have to continue to win and win convincingly this year if they plan on holding off any one-loss teams from the SEC or an average Notre Dame team.

Today against [tag]Baylor[/tag] the Horns will have to battle through some injuries and beat an improving Baylor team. If the Horns play solid football and protect the football they should be able to beat the Bears on talent and depth alone.

First Quarter
  • Selvin Young running down the field looking back at Quan Cosby instead of blocking on the kickoff return. Horns start off with bad field position.
  • Apparently the Baylor coaches watched some Texas game film this year. Every single time a team makes a play action fake our safeties bite hard. Good fake by Baylor’s QB and the receiver runs wide open for a long TD on their first offensive play. They beat the two backups in the secondary that are starting in Deon Beasley and Matt Melton.
Baylor 7, Texas 0
  • On the replay it looks like Melton didn’t bite on the play fake but just didn’t get enough depth. He flinched a little when he saw another receiver but it wasn’t the play fake.
  • Longhorns getting their ass kicked right now. No fire from the offensive line at all. A three and out on the second offensive series.
  • Finally a solid play for Texas. Both defensive ends got into the pocket quickly and Tim Crowder comes up with a sack.
  • Looks like Baylor’s picking on Beasley. He needs to make smart plays.
  • Nice call by the ref 200 yards away. Probably the right call but was way late and not from anywhere around the play.
  • Huge early play for the Texas defense. 3rd and 4 for Baylor inside the 20. Texas needs to force a field goal.
  • Brian Robison on the coverage as we bring a big zone blitz brings up 4th down.
Baylor 10, Texas 0
  • Let’s get under center and run it down their throats.
  • I don’t hate Greg Davis as much as most people, but that stat TBS just threw out there is probably a little misleading. I think the last ten years has probably been the weakest schedules Texas has ever played and they play more games and scoring is up all over the country.
  • Just like the first half of the OU game, Davis is trying to be too smart in my opinion. We just came and ran three straight pass plays when our strength is clearly our running game.
  • That may be the worst personal foul call I’ve ever seen. The Baylor punt returner drops the football and they call us for diving on the pile.
  • Beasley looked like he was in trouble there. He made a good play on the receiver but he never turned around and looked for the football.
  • It wasn’t exactly pretty but the Texas defense forces a three and out and gets the ball back. Let’s hope the offense figures out what the hell they’re doing quick.
  • Good block by Neale Tweedie but the Horns are probably lucky holding wasn’t called. Texas’ tight ends have been called for a ton of those this season and that was a close one.
  • Hey look what happens when we run the football?! First downs!
  • And we get cute again and McCoy throws an interception. Baylor football. We need a turnover and some momentum.

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Sure am glad I didn’t actually try to watch this whole thing. Longhorns were only on for about a minute, but still some good PR for the Horns with the female/unemployed market segment. A little bit of video of Matthew McConaughey and the team before the Rose Bowl and celebrating the win, and then some short stuff from Mack Brown, Rashad Bobino, and Limas Sweed. Bobino seems like a fun kid.

Video including Craig Way saying “the Texas Longhorns are college football’s national champions” in front of ten million television viewers is below.

Video removed by YouTube. The DMCA is dumb.


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Let’s see how this goes. I’ll post as often as I can stand to. Horns and Trojans are about to get underway.


Did we win the coin toss, defer, and USC chose to kick? Will we receive to start both halves? Nevermind, the official said it wrong.

First Quarter
  • Great deep kick and good coverage on Reggie Bush. Great start to the game for the Horns.
  • Bush stopped for a loss on the game’s first play. Now let’s do that 60+ more times.
  • Texas’ defense in the backfield with great penetration on the first 3 plays.
  • Holy crap! [tag]Aaron Ross[/tag] fumbled the punt. Crap crap crap. Come on defense step up. Crap.
  • Reggie Bush has no class. Hand the ball to the ref instead of flicking it up in the air after a 5 yard run. Let’s hope he actually gets ejected if he punches someone again this game.
  • Too bad helmet-to-helmet contact isn’t illegal in college football. Plus [tag]Cedric Griffin[/tag] hit him in the chest.
  • Stupid penalty by [tag]Robert Killebrew[/tag]. He seems to get one per game, let’s hope this is it. Come on D!
  • Turnover costs the Horns 7 points. Game started off fantastically and then suddenly went downhill from there.
Texas 0, USC 7
  • Let’s go Vince, get fired up.
  • Looks like no huddle for the offense to start things off again this week. I like it.
  • Poor spot on 2nd down leads to 4th and 1. [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] elects to go for it and Horns get nowhere. Turnover on downs at midfield. All the momentum is going USC’s way now. Defense has to make a big play here and get things back going Texas’ way.
  • Apparently guy in charge of the clock doesn’t realize it should stop after incomplete passes.
  • Freaking Rose Bowl and national championship and the clock breaks?
  • Horns go to 3 down linemen on a 3rd and long. Interesting look.
  • Texas makes the stop but a face mask on Michael Huff gives USC the necessary yards for the first down.
  • [tag]Drew Kelson[/tag] in the game early instead of [tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag] (I think that’s who isn’t in there.) [tag]Gene Chizik[/tag] getting more speed on the field.
  • [tag]Tarell Brown[/tag] has a pick go in and out of his hands.
  • Reggie Bush gets about an extra 2 yards thanks to the generous spot. These simple plays need to be reviewed as much as any others.
  • Another generous spot for Matt Leinart on the 4th down QB sneak but I still think they’re short. Come on!
  • Horns stop them and get the ball back. Let’s go let’s go!
  • Meanwhile ABC is on commercial break #26 after like two minutes of football.
  • Bad play design or something as [tag]Billy Pittman[/tag] and [tag]Jamaal Charles[/tag] end up next to each other on pass routes. Complete to Pittman for the first though.
  • Another freaking fumble. Charles bumps into David Thomas and just drops it. Crap. Lost 5 yards. Kills the offense’s momentum.
  • Bud Light commercial featuring the “daredevil” are dumb.
  • Lost takes such long hiatuses that they have to have recap shows by the time they come back.
  • Interesting counter play from USC. Kind of a WR and FB counter instead of a GT counter.

(more …)


Posted September 6th, 2005 by Matt
Filed under: Football

In a nutshell, Texas had their way with Louisiana Lafayette, which is indicated by the 60-3 score. Texas did pretty much anything they wanted to on offense, including rushing for 418 yards. The defense was also stout, and you could tell right from the start that Louisiana Lafayette was going to have trouble doing anything. I guess the only real down spot is Saturday’s game is the special teams, who missed 3 extra points! Now let’s move on to a position-by-position look at how the Longhorns graded out on Saturday.

Quarterback – Overall Grade: A

After [tag]Vince Young[/tag]’s 5 touchdown performance in the Rose Bowl, there is no surprise that he entered this season as one of the top contenders for the Heisman Trophy. With all of that pressure, I was interested to see how he would perform. I think it is safe to say that Young did not disappoint. Young finished the game with an efficient 13-17 for 173 yards. He looked to be very comfortable throwing the ball and you could tell he has gained a lot of confindence this past off-season. [tag]Matt Nordgren[/tag] played for most of the second half but did not attempt a single pass attempt. He did scramble a few times, showing off an interesting technique of gaining more yards when going out of bounds.

Running Backs – Overall Grade: A+

Texas appears to have a full stable of speedy and powerful tailbacks to compliment quarterback Vince Young this year. Freshman running backs [tag]Jamaal Charles[/tag] and [tag]Henry Melton[/tag] had a huge impact on the game, with Charles running for 135 yards and 1 score and Melton running for 65 yards and 2 scores. I swear it looked like Melton couldn’t be tackled. A bigger and quicker [tag]Selvin Young[/tag] added 65 yards and speedster [tag]Ramonce Taylor[/tag] also added 65 yards. With a total of 418 yards, I would say things are definitely looking good for the Texas running game.

Receivers / Tight Ends – Overall Grade: B

[tag]David Thomas[/tag] was up to his usual self, making big plays and scored 2 touchdowns on 3 catches. With his 2 touchdowns, David Thomas moved into fifth place all-time at Texas for a tight end with his 51th career reception. Senior [tag]Brian Carter[/tag] also help out by setting a career high with three receptions against the Ragin’ Cajuns for 65 yards, matching his previous career total of three receptions in only the first half. [tag]Nate Jones[/tag], [tag]Limas Sweed[/tag], and [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] also performed well, with Nate Jones scoring his first career touchdown. It was nice to see some consistency in this group and I look forward to seeing them improve this year.

Offensive Line – Overall Grade: A+

Considering that Selvin Young, Jamaal Charles, Henry Melton, Ramonce Taylor and Vince Young averaged 9.5 yards per carry, I would say that the offensive line did pretty well on Saturday. [tag]Justin Blalock[/tag] (fellow Plano East grad) led the offensive line who just totally dominated Louisana Lafayette. Hopefully they keep the same aggressiveness next Saturday against OSU.

(more …)

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