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Things are heating up this week for Texas/OU weekend here in Dallas. You have already heard some great OU Sucks songs, and now we have a rap battle for you to listen to hosted by QuickDFW.

“Two of Dallas’ finest MCs, Steve Austin and Knesecary, battle it out for Quick’s Red River Rap Battle crown. Stream or download the Hydroponic Sound System-produced track, then vote for Steve or Knes.”

Red River Rap Battle

Red River Rap Battle

So head on over to QuickDFW and vote for you favorite MC (it better be Steve Austin).

Continue reading to check out the lyrics.

OU’s off the hook, makin’ you cats yield
Something furious with Peterson in the backfield
The defense is brutal, we really do hurt teams
Back in ’03, we smashed y’all 65 to 13

It’s later for the Sooners, you losers takin’ a “L”
Ya whole team is suspect boozers, take ’em to jail
Longhorns will strong-arm ’til you punks are tuckin’ your tail…
Have you runnin’ back to Norman, we scorin’ without fail

It’s better Sooner than later, so the Sooner the greater
Get ready for an “L”, they gon’ print ya do in the paper
We’re burning ya defense, our offense too quick
Too slick, ’bout to turn ya Longhorns to toothpicks

The Red River Classic is tragic for Oklahoma
It’s magic, we attack with a passion, we put it up on ya
Bevo is stampedin’, we leave you broken and bleedin’
With Colt McCoy leadin’ it’s championship season

Y’all know who the truth is, you cats ain’t tough
You boys really useless without Vince or Mike Huff
Hang it up, OU about to bang and bust
And we ain’t worried ’bout the ranks, we gon’ change it up

Your whole squad is Charmin, we drop, wipe and flushin ’em
We beat ’em ’til the fans scream, “Please stop crushin’ em!”
The ‘D’ is dominant, Marcus Griffin is stickin y’all
Your goose is cooked, look for the fork to stick in y’all

Y’all our of place like freshman in a room of juniors
So we gonna stomp over you losers to “Boomer Sooner”
We spread quicker than rumors on the field of football
Ain’t no more hook ’em horns, ’cause we about to hook y’all

Our receivers are vicious, your cornerbacks’ll get broke off
Old school whuppin’ y’all like Nikolai Volkoff
You got nothin’, we stuffin’ Adrian Peterson
We’re breathtaking, makin’ it hard for foes to breathe again

Stormin’ outta Norman, swarmin’ at alarmin’
Speeds to stampede, ya frontline’s softer than Charmin
With piss-poor performance, the Sooners here to torment
You Longhorn kids ’bout to get left dormant

We cut y’all short like a bob, never stoopin’ to y’all’s level
We are Bobby Boucher: “Mama say y’all is da devil”
So we ain’t playin’ with y’all, we brawl, batter and bruise you
Treat you like some redheaded stepkids and abuse you

We long-range missiles, pit bulls to you poodles
And we want it all, the whole kit and caboodle
With no intent to confuse you, the team is awesome
We gon’ set fire to Dallas, send y’all fleeing to Austin

We’re the Bruise Brothas, Sooners just suckas singing the blues
Mack Brown got the Mack truck and stuck it in cruise
Sooners are deer in the headlights, smashin’ y’all is inevitable
SportsCenter highlights of us winnin’ are incredible

Go hard or go home, get stuck in the “O” zone
Rufus ’bout to leave Colt McCoy with broke bones
So if it’s one thing you must know that’s so true
Now you know fa-sho, there’s only one OU

We took it last year, this year is a repeat
Steve Austin and orange champs, Knes and Sooners we defeat
Brick-wall you every time, you ain’t runnin’ or throwin’
Y’all a buncha girly men, when ya play us ya panties showin’


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  1. reply to  #1

    UT Fan

    How can I get this on my ipod?

  2. reply to  #2


    OU is tha best && texas just suckss

  3. reply to  #3

    red ghost

    Your whole squad is Charmin, we drop, wipe and flushin ‘em

    dis **** was tuff…

    knesecary was better, Austin sound like a ***** ass *****. Knes had a better flow

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