Posted August 22nd, 2006 by Brian
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We learned about the 2006-2007 Texas Pom Squad yesterday and today I give you proof that Longhorn cheerleaders are more than just good looks, they’re intelligent and amusing as well. It’s amazing the wonderful things you can spell with the letters T, E, X, A, and S:

Longhorn cheerleaders spell what we're thinking

What does it say about me that I noticed the ‘S’ was upside down? American Pie taught us about band camp, I wonder why no film has given us a peek into what I’m sure is the purely educational world of cheerleading camps. Maybe that’s in a different section of the video store.


Posted May 10th, 2006 by Matt
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UT's New ScoreboardIf you are a fan of High Definition television, then you better make it to a Texas Longhorns home game this season. The Longhorns will be unveiling a new 134 ft x 55 ft (that is 7370 sq ft folks!) HD LED scoreboard, replacing the current 70 ft x 70 ft currently in place. And this is coming just a month after the Dolphins announced their new HD scoreboard, which at the was the world’s largest HD LED screen. Too bad for them they are about 400 sq ft short.

This addition is part of a large overhaul of DKR Texas Memorial Stadium, including $8 million in audio-visual improvements and $150 million to renovate the north end of the stadium to allow for 90,000+ in seating capacity.

Unfortunately the Longhorns will not be able to hold the title of having the world’s largest HD screen for very long, as a horse track in Tokyo has plans of installing a 197 ft screen sometime this year. Though I guess we can say we have the largest screen in the Western hemisphere.

Update: TexasSports now has a live webcam up of the construction of the scoreboard.



Hook 'EmFound a great photo on Flickr of just one more example that the Texas Longhorns have gone national and are headed towards world domination. Some hoodlum put tape over the middle fingers and the thumb of the crosswalk stop hand and now everyone who comes to that New York City intersection has to “Hook ’em Horns” before they proceed.

Okay, okay, I’m sure it’s probably just a sign of the devil but it’s still pretty cool.

Any Flickr users and UT fans should join the University of Texas group. Not a huge group (yet) but there’s some really fantastic photgraphers sharing their UT-related photos.


Posted April 3rd, 2006 by Brian
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Great shot of Myron Hardy’s diving catch and more.


Posted March 23rd, 2006 by Matt
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As you probably know, Texas is playing West Virginia tonight in the Sweet 16. But what you may not know is that WVU’s Kevin Pittsnogle is a snazzy dresser. Seriously, what can be going through your head to decide to wear a suit like this to your wedding? This could be worse than Chris Walker’s videos (ok, maybe not).

Kevin Pittsnogle is a Snazzy Dresser

Who knows, maybe he is just a big Jim Carrey fan…

Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber

More images after the jump.

(more …)


Posted February 11th, 2006 by Brian
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Future expansion of Texas Memorial StadiumThe Statesman has illustrations of the proposed changes to DKR – Texas Memorial Stadium. The $150 million in additions will include closing the North end zone with seating and a new veterans memorial plaza. It’s also going to make it really rectangular. The new end zone seats will be pretty close and should be a pretty decent view.

The changes should be completed by the 2008 season.


Texas players & coaches seeing the sights and at practice.


Posted November 28th, 2005 by Brian
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Vince Young on the cover of ESPN the Magazine…the Longhorns only hope to retain him.

Pretty good article and a cover for Vince Young in last week’s (it came Friday) ESPN the Magazine. Definitely a lot of love for his skills with the football and his character on and off the field. Maybe that’s why he had such an un-Vince performance against the Aggies, an “ESPN the Magazine” cover jinx!

The article has some comments on Vince’s fun, confident, and fearless attitude as well as his leadership ability. That’s a great quote. Interesting stuff on Vince’s relationship with his mother, Mack Brown, and Greg Davis and the lack of one with his father. You’ve got to love the passion and emotion Vince seems to have about Texas and his teammates, “Being QB of this team is what God put me on Earth to do.” You can see why the family atmosphere Brown has created would be hard to pass up for so many top high school athletes and their families.

One slightly scary quote though from Vince on his future near the end…

“It depends on the season, then I’ll sit down with my mother. Right now, I’m just playing.”

First time I’ve heard him say anything other than that he was definitively coming back next year. As Longhorn fans, let’s hope he knows he probably needs another year in school to improve his skills, even if it might not change his actual draft slot.


Posted November 7th, 2005 by Brian
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Henry Melton rushes for a touchdownA great Saturday for Longhorn fans started off with a sound Texas victory of the improved Baylor Bears. Though the game was in Waco, it was a decidedly burnt orange crowd (photo #20) and I was one of many UT fans to make it down to the game from Dallas. I took as many photos of the game as I could before my camera batteries died midway through the third quarter. The extra batteries I brought don’t help much when they’re left in the car.

Overall a great game by the Horns, especially coming off last week’s disappointing showing against Oklahoma State. The offense started off fast and never let up, racking up an amazing 645 yards of total offense against a pretty good Baylor defense. Ramonce Taylor was the game’s star. Playing running back full time for the first time this season, he displayed the brilliance that has had me clamoring for him to get more touches all season long. The defense gave up a few yards early on but settled in nicely and ended up shutting out the Bears’ offense. A total team effort and the Horns’ most complete game so far this season.

Highlight of the game was definitely Matt Nordgren’s 15 yard, Australian rules football inspired, touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

View the gallery.


Posted October 10th, 2005 by Brian
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Vince Young hands off to Jamaal CharlesA new photoset has been added to our galleries section of this weekend’s Texas/OU game. We have 46 photos of pregame warmups, in game action, and the some great shots of the victory celebration. There’s a classic shot (photo #43) of Will Winston waving the big Longhorn flag while Kasey Studdard is congratulated by a very grateful cheerleader. Nice to see the big guys having some fun in more ways than one.

Be sure to check it out and leave us some feedback on both the photos and on the gallery feature itself. Also, please let us know if you have any trouble viewing the gallery, this is a new set up and we’re still working out a few kinks.

View the gallery.

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